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Communication Skills Essay


Communication skills are the ability to able to effectively dissipate information from others and to receive information from others. It is an important part in our daily life. A person with good communication skills will always have is work done and he will be understood by his colleagues.

Communication is considered to be successful if those people involved (the sender and the receiver) get to have information that both of them they understand. If someone can succeed in getting his or her message through, he will pass through her or his ideas and thoughts. If he fails to succeed then the information received will not necessarily shows what the sender think, thus causing a breakdown in communication. This may be stumbling blocks that may hold you away from achieving you personal goals and professional goals.

For communication to be effective the message passed should not be ambiguous and it should be as clear as possible. For communication to be effective the message received should not have any distortion if it has to be their distortion has to be as little as possible.

From the case study Jackie has bad communication skills. That’s why he cannot express herself well despite having the idea. Her colleagues also have a problem in interacting with her. Because of her poor communication some view her as being more of defensive something which she is not. The problem is worsening further by the fact that Jackie sees these poor communication skills as a technique to get is work done.


Jackie needs to ensure that when she is communicating to the people (Colleagues, Subordinates, and Workmate) she is not only effective but also efficient. She needs to put the following three things into considerations: Jackie must ensure her message is understood, Jackie should not only receive but should also understand the messages which are intended for her, Jackie needs to control the communication flow.

Planning his message:

Jackie needs to ensure that the message she want to pass over is well planned. She should look out for the main idea and to focuses on it. The message should come out from her in a language that she can understand. When expressing herself she needs to finish with one topic before gong to the other topic this will make her listeners to understand her better and it will also keep them focused.

Because of failure the people to understand Jackie at times the production will be down because either they got her wrong and ended up making the whole product wrong. So Jackie must make sure that her message is not ambiguous. She needs to plan her message well. Before dissipating it to ensure that she does not loose the meaning. (Garrard 2004 page 45)

Jackie needs to Be Expressive

She needs to realize that her style of speaking to other people have an influence on her ability to convince them. She needs to be eloquent was talking. Not only does she need a lot of confidence, expression but she also needs to speak with enthusiasm. By being expressive she will be able to convince her workmate and the will also be able to understand her better

Jackie needs to give her context background

When speaking to herself she can account for the mistakes that can occur by adding up more information. This will made the context to be broader and Jackie’s listeners will be able to understand her better. This will give her listeners a little room for interpretation because they will have understood it. When her colleagues are talking to her she should ask them question to ensure that she understand whatever they are thinking about or to clearly get there ideas. (Kay 2002 page 64)

Jackie needs to ask question in a skillful way

Incase Jackie feels that she does not understand whatever is being said she needs to ask question which are open minded. This will make her colleagues to participate in the conservation. Open minded question. (Kay 2002 page 64)

Jackie should be assertive

She needs to clearly state her goal, even if her colleagues are urging against it, he she should be strongly assertive. Jackie should indicate that she has understood the problem by replaying. She show a view point clearly (Gerrad, 2004 page 52)

Jackie needs to attend communication classes

Incase all those proposal fails to work for Jackie then she need to attend communication skills classes. This will greatly help her in communicating with the people.

Jackie needs to do away with the barriers in all communication stages

Jackie needs to break down all the barriers that are hindering her from communicating. Whenever he is passing a message it should not be too lengthy, it should be organized and should not have any error. By her using verbal or body language that is not under stable or that one which is poor can make the message to be confusing. Barriers in messages can usually originate from the person who is sending the message. Once she has understood the culture of her workmate and making sure that she can converse and be able to deliver message to different groups.


The people of Babel couldn’t communicate that’s why the tower collapsed. Nobody was able to understand the other person speech they ended up abandoning the project. Same is happening with Jackie she is facing problem with the management. She is no longer getting promotion, though according to her is because of the fact that she is a black and that she is a woman. This might not be the reason for her not getting the promotion but this might be Due to the fact that Jackie has poor communication skills.

Jackie should establish a goal, she should plan whatever she wants to do and finally make a follow up so as to ensure she has achieved her goal.


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