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comp and ben ch 9

In 2010, discretionary benefits accounted for as much as what percentage of an employer’s total payroll costs?
) 30.5%
Discretionary benefits are generally divided into which three categories?
services, paid time-off, protection programs
Which of the following is an example of a welfare practice
employee recreational areas
You broke your neck at work. The company called to inform you that they had to switch your benefits from the short-term disability account to the long-term account. That means you’ve probably been off work around how long?
6 months
Which of the following is NOT a condition manifesting short-term disability
recovery from illness
This is a mental or physical disability for which medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was received, during a designated period preceding the beginning of disability insurance coverage.
preexisting condition
Which of the following is a feature of short-term disability plans?
preexisting conditions
Self-inflicted wounds and drug dependency are generally considered as what in most short-term disability insurance plans
exclusion provisions
Long-term disability benefits usually pay employees which range of monthly pretax salary
50% to 70%
Companies that offer long-term disability insurance plans only require an elimination period that runs how long?
3-6 months
Employer sponsored disability plans supplement legally required benefits established by which law?
) What is the most common type of life insurance policy offered by companies?
term life insurance
By what percentage have total healthcare expenditures risen since 1960?
Unscheduled absenteeism has climbed to its highest levels in XYZ Company last month. In order to reduce the costs associated with unscheduled absenteeism HR professionals in XYZ Company decided to change their paid time off policy. This company used to grant each employee 10 vacation days, 5 paid days for sick leave, and 4 days for personal leave. With the new policy, this company combines vacation, sick leave, and personal leave policies into one single paid time off policy (i.e., 19 days). The management decided to keep funeral leave as a stand-alone policy. What is XYZ Company’s new policy called?
integrated paid time off
Which of the following is a characteristic of integrated paid time off policies?
Holiday, vacation, sick leave, and personal leave are combined
This policy allows employees to schedule time off without having to justify the reasons, and is more effective in controlling absenteeism than other types of absence control policies.
integrated paid time off
Which of the following is an aspect of voluntary leaves to meet business needs?
they are paid leaves
The giving of one’s time to support a meaningful cause is better known as this.
Which of the following is true about providing paid time off for volunteer services?
They often help promote the company’s overall image in the public eye.
XYZ Company provides a program for its employees who need help dealing with the effects of domestic violence. XYZ Company can offer this kind of service through which of the following programs?
employee assistance program
The approximate annual cost of employee assistance programs (EAPs) is usually no more than how much?
Referrals to on-site child care or elder care centers and company-sponsored day care programs are examples of which type of service?
family assistance programs
This type of flexible work schedule allows employees to work four 10-hour days a week.
compressed work week
Full or partial reimbursement of training costs is which type of benefit?
tuition reimbursement
Due to a recent merger with another major airline, ABC Airlines decided to layoff some of its employees. ABC Airlines offers training sessions to teach job search and interviewing techniques to those laid off employees. What kind of service was provided by this airline?
outplacement assistance
Outplacement assistance programs are best suited for which condition?
mergers and acquisitions
XYZ Company tries to influence employee food choices by stocking vending machines with nutritional food. They also offer programs to teach stress reduction techniques. What kind of discretionary benefit program does this company sponsor?
wellness program
Which of the following would be considered an act as part of a company’s wellness program?
offering anti-smoking courses
Smoking cessation, stress reduction, and weight loss programs are examples of which type of employee benefit program?
Which of the following is a strategic purpose fulfilled by discretionary benefits?
accommodating a diverse workforce
In the 1940s and 1950s, companies began offering ________ as an alternative to pay hikes in order to motivate employees through greater work benefits
welfare practices
________ replaces income for employees who become unable to work because of sicknesses or accidents.
Disability insurance
The ________ is the time between the initial date of hire and the time that coverage in a disability insurance program begins.
preeligibility period
An ________ refers to the minimum amount of time that an employee must wait after becoming disabled before disability insurance payments begin.
elimination period
________ life insurance gives protection to the beneficiaries of employees based on the insurance feature of term life insurance and a more flexible savings or cash accumulation plan than found in whole life insurance plans.
Retirement programs, or ________, provide income to employees and their beneficiaries during some or all of their retirement
pension plans
________ are paid time off for professional activities such as a research project or a curriculum development.
Sabbatical leaves
) ________ programs help bring employees to the workplace and back home again by using more energy-efficient forms of transportation.
Transportation services
________ are career and personal programs designed to develop the job-hunting skills and strategies of employees being laid off or terminated
Outplacement assistance
Employers sponsor ________ to promote employees’ physical and psychological health
wellness programs
What are the components of discretionary benefits? Provide two examples for each component of discretionary benefits
There are three types of discretionary benefits: 1) protection, 2) paid time off, 3) services.

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