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Comparative Management Essay

Comparative Management


It is difficult making a decision on the country to move to and work in to the foreigners. This is due to lack of knowledge about other countries way of life. For example a US resident choosing between South Korea and Russia, needs to know the way of life in these two countries, their weather ,culture and also the working conditions. This will help him or her make the right decision. (Michael, 2006)


Russia is a country with good living standards and an extensive history and customs. People are learned and are used to live performances at the theatres which are found in all the cities of Russia. Their culture is non-individualistic; hence the influence of an individual is much less than in the western societies.

 Most Russians regard themselves as Christians, belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church. Most of the citizens are not true believers and religion is not part of their life. They value Christian ethical ideals but do not stick to them. They know the horoscopes better than they know the Bible. (Marjorie, Pg.310).

In Russia, Medical aid and education are completely free. For example for one to get free university education he or she needs to do very

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well in the entrance exams and pass. The country is the most educated in the world with university or college degrees being more than forty percent.          Because of these high levels of education, it’s not a big deal finding people with degrees working as secretaries’. (Orlando, 1992)

Despite its people being well-educated and skilled, many of Russian employees are not well paid. These employees do part time jobs to make more money to meet their daily expenses. Most women and youths in Russia are faced with the problem of unemployment. This is the reason why approximately one-third of Russia’s population lives below the subsistence level. Workers in Russia are paid their wages in Rubles.

Russian climate is very threatening with long periods of cold. Throughout the world, Russia can be described as a god-forsaken land, with fierce winds, covered by snow. Its climate ranges from arctic to subtropical with almost nine months of winter.


Korea is a fairly small country with a big and increasing population. Because of its size it is not common to find big apartments. Normally, people share semi-furnished apartments with a bed, range, fridge, TV, VCR and a few other equipments. The means of transport in Korea is very convenient. (Bradley, 2006)

 The country has unique weather with four seasons with unstable degrees of temperature and rain. The best seasons in Korea are spring and fall. Temperatures through this period of the year are moderate and there are only irregular days of rain. In the winter, the temperature ranges from around 41 to as low as 14 F° (5 to -10 C°). During summer the temperature ranges from 77 to 95 F° (25 to 35 C°).

In Korea, workers in the postal services, railways, telecommunications, and the National Medical Center are permitted to form unions. The unions provide for the right of workers to collective bargaining and collective action. There workers can seek justice in case of unfair treatment by their employers.

Workers in Korea have the right to go on strike, though it is not allowed in government agencies, state-run enterprises, and defense industries. The government has the authority to disputes by compulsory mediation in enterprises that are of essential public interest like public transport, public health, and utilities.

Forced and child labor is not allowed in South Korea, though the children who are below the age 18 can work under certain conditions. All they need for them to work is a special employment certificate from the ministry of Labor which is hardly issued as education is compulsory up to the age of fourteen.

The 1987 Equal Employment Act campaigned for equal employment opportunities between men and women in Korea. Women are discriminated against, and many women have been sexually abused despite the campaigns.. These abuses are common to the foreign workers, most of who lack legal documents allowing them to work in the country. In spite of the government’s trial to legalize the status of these foreigners they are still faced by different forms of abuse, like failing to pay them their wages and even withholding their passports. (Michael, 2006)

Multinational Companies

Multinational company is a company that does business in more than one country. For example petroleum industry is one of the US multinational companies. The total assets and sales of MNC’s are shown on an aggregated basis, in which parent and affiliate data have been added together. Employment of U.S. MNC’s declined in 1984, although at a slower rate than in 1983. MNC’s had 24,560,200 employees, down 0.9 percent; of these, U.S. parent companies employed 18,170,900, down 1.2 percent, and foreign affiliates employed 6,389,300, up 0.1 percent. A sharp decline in the petroleum industry, resulting from weak petroleum markets in both the United States and abroad, was partly offset by an increase in manufacturing, resulting largely from a strong recovery in the North American automobile industry. (F. Brereton, 1986)

Marriott hotel is a multinational company located in both Russia and South Korea. The services offered at the hotel by its experienced staff are intended to give a great experience to its guests by providing the travel and hotel deals deserved. The hotel has exceptional and very knowledgeable concierge staff.

Marriot hotels provide an incomparable tradition of warm and caring services, intended to make business as productive as it is comfortable. The hotels greatest objective is anticipating to the needs of a client. Its luxurious rooms are well set with all the facilities one would expect from a top level four-star hotel. The hotel also offers small but well designed conferencing and leisure facilities.

Marriot hotel the main and most fashionable shopping, dining, and entertainment complex in Korea is situated at the Central City in Gangnam, on the Southern part of Seoul, near the main national and International Corporations headquarters. It is only a thirty minutes walk from the COEX Convention Center.

The JW Marriott is well-known for its largest guest rooms in Seoul and the most comprehensive health club in Asia, with a real European-style spa. A diversity of bars and restaurants, as well as a grand ballroom, meeting rooms, executive floors and business centers make the hotel the logical choice for the many visitors to Seoul.

In Russia the Marriott hotel is located on Moscow’s historic central street known as Tverskaya Ulitsa. The eight -storey Marriott Hotel is only a short distance from The Kremlin and Red Square and is only a few yards away from Belorusskaya Metro Station. The  comfy hotel houses one hundred and sixty three rooms and suites offering a  combination of elegant interiors, modern amenities and the world-renowned Marriott service, with a slightly more relaxed atmosphere than the chain’s other Moscow hotels.

The hotel also provides coach services and complimentary shuttle to the world class shopping centers in Korea and Russia. The hotel also provides comfortable, plush and stylish bedding packages which are very clean. The package includes a bed skirt and bed scarf, feather and foam pillows, sheeted duvet covers and comfortable bed standard mattress.

The Multinational Corporation is however faced with political and economic problems. For example the blast in one of its hotels affected the number of tourists who visiting the hotel. The World Tourism Day’s which was to be held at the hotel was also shifted to the National Library, after its attack on September 27th 2008.The hotels are also faced by political problems brought about by the political instabilities in the two countries.

In Korea and Russia, the hotel is a world-class business hotel with over six hundred luxurious guestrooms. The guestrooms offer a quiet privacy, with sweeping views of Victoria Harbour and the thriving vegetation of The Peak. It also provides equipped business centres, and has constantly won awards on the meeting facilities it offers. Hence many people book the hotel for meetings because of its high quality services.

To work in Marriott Hotels Corporation in Russia, knowledge in English is very important. Normally the working day in Russia is 8 hours with one an half an hours to an hour lunch break this applies to all employers. Majority of the workers make roughly the same income hence no cases of high and low incomes.

For a person searching for a job with a multinational company like the Marriot hotels in Russia and South Korea, he or she has to look at the opportunities the hotels might have and also the general qualifications required. Despite the hotels being in different countries, they have the same job openings with the same qualifications except for the languages. For example, for one to work in Marriott hotel in Korea he or she needs to have well spoken English and Japanese while in Russia one needs to have well spoken English and Russian.

The hotel offers job opportunities to highly committed individuals with relevant skills and experiences for the following positions;

·         Marketing & Communication Manager

·         Sales Managers

·         Engineers

·         Guest Relation Officer (speak English & Japanese) in Korea

·         Guest Relation Officer (speak English & Russian) in Russia

·         Guest Service Officer

·          Garden Club Lounge Staff

·          Telephone Operator

·          Pastry – CDP

·         Waiter / Waitress

·         Beauty Salon Staff

The General Qualifications for one to work in the Marriott hotels located either in Russia or Korea are the following

·         Relevant Educational background.

·          Good Communication skills

·          High sense of customer service

·         Good Attitude

·         Able to work in a Team computer literates

·         Strong administrative skills


With the above information it is easy for an individual to decide on the country to move to and work in. Russia would be most preferred by a US resident who has done Russian as its way of life is not as difficult as compared to that of South Korea. Life in Russia is also very simple and easy to adjust to. Its people are also very friendly to one another. The means of transport in Russia is very convenient and one can use the public means which is always available for the commuters.

Russians are straight forward and polite people who love and are very proud of their country. They consider themselves citizens of the largest and the biggest country in the world, with a rich history and deep culture. Russia’s people are well-educated but comparatively inexpensive labor force has caused attraction for foreign firms.Academically, they are fascinating people to chat with and enjoy bottomless subjects. The higher the level of education, the higher the salary earned. (Lind, 2006).

For a foreigner thinking to move and live in Korea, he or she is supposed to learn Japanese the national language. In Korea an individual’s financial status determines how he or she will live in the country. For example the rich live very comfortable lives as compared to the poor. Life in Korea is generally cheap and it’s easy to save money.

Foreigners need to understand the way of life and the general weather patterns of the country they intend to be visit. For example they should know when winter time comes in Russia and how to deal with the cold weather. They also need to know the working conditions in the countries they would wish to visit.

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