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Computer 105 Ch 10-14

The vast industry involving the gathering and selling of personal data is
information reselling
One proposed law requiring employers to alert employees during monitoring with some sort of audible or visual signals was passed to prevent the abuse of which program?
Programs that are deposited on a user’s hard drive when they visit a Web site are called
A wide range of programs used to secretly record an individual’s activities on the Internet is called
This type of computer criminal creates and shares programs designed to gain unauthorized access to computer systems.
Which of the following is not malware?
Spy Doctor
A program that fills a computer system with self-replicating information thus clogging the system is called a
Free computer games and free screen saver programs are typical carriers of
Trojan horses
Which among the following is the most effective way to ensure the shutting down of an ISP or a Web site?
Denial of service attack
Theft can take many forms – of hardware, of software, of data, of computer time. White-collar computer crime frequently involves the theft of
According to which of the following laws is it illegal for an owner of a program to make backup copies for their personal use and resell or give them away?
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
A device that protects against a sudden increase in electrical power is a(n)
Surge protector
A common way to protect information being sent over a network, when long distance is involved, is
A _____ acts as a security buffer between a company’s private network and all external networks.
In a scenario where the city power shuts down, and backup supplies of electricity are insufficient, the most beneficial tool for a large firm involved in the completion of several important deadlines in such a situation would be a/an
Disaster recovery plan
The most important procedure to protect software and data is to
make frequent backups of data and store them in remote locations
_____ is concerned with protecting software and data from unauthorized tampering or damage.
Data security
There are three primary privacy issues: accuracy, property, and
This law gives you the right to look at your personal records held by government agencies:
Freedom of Information Act
It is highly likely that each one of us has an electronic profile created by information resellers.
Spy removal programs are designed to detect and remove cookies, Web bugs, and monitoring software.
Biometric scanning devices use fingerprint and iris scanners.
Cutting and pasting material from a Web site directly into your own report or paper without giving proper credit to the original source is unethical.
_____ system helps supervisors by generating databases that act as the foundation for the other information systems.
Transaction processing
Which of the following refers to a system that summarizes the detailed data of the transaction processing systems in standard reports for middle-level managers?
Management information system (MIS)
Management Information Systems are used by
Middle management
Which among the following presents information in the most highly summarized form?
Executive support system (ESS)
A transaction processing system is also sometimes referred to as a
Data processing system
The _____ keeps records of the number of each kind of part or finished good in the warehouse.
Inventory control system
Regional managers can compare their sales reports with that of the others by using
Periodic reports
A sales report that shows that certain items are selling significantly above or below marketing department forecasts is an example of this type of report.
This report is used to analyze data and its reports do not have a fixed format.
Decision support system
This decision model controls the work of the organization, such as financial planning and sales promotion planning.
Tactical model
These systems often can be organized to retrieve information from databases outside the company.
Executive support system (ESS)
_____ are used in managing documents, communication and scheduling.
Office automation systems
Project resources can be scheduled, planned and controlled using
Project manager programs
CAD/CAM would be most useful in what industry?
Automobile manufacturing
Top-level managers need information both from within the organization and from outside.
The management information system records day-to-day transactions, such as customer orders, bills, inventory levels, and production output.
There are three basic decision models used in a GDSS: operational, strategic, and financial.
Knowledge workers use specialized information systems called KWS to create information in their area of expertise.
Demand reports need not be produced periodically.
The executive support system helps top-level managers oversee the company’s operations and develop strategic plans.
Which view of data deals with how the data is actually formatted and located?
Physical view
A data field represents a(n)
Collectively, a person’s name, address, and age would be called a
A _____ in different tables can be used to integrate the data in a database.
key field
A credit card bill that is processed at one shot – say the end of the month – is an example of
batch processing
Having several instances of the same data is called
data redundancy
If Mr. Smith’s bike has been sent to his new address, but the bill to his old one, it can most likely be attributed to a
lack of data integrity
The data manipulation subsystem can use query-by-example as well as
The feature of describing the entry field in a data dictionary form as ‘text’ is characteristic of
data definition subsystem
This type of database is organized into many tables with common data items (key fields) linking the tables to one another.
_____ databases store not only data but also instructions to manipulate the data.
A common operational database is a type of
shared database
If all the data in a database is not physically located in one place, it would be a(n)
distributed database
Information collected by an organization from a variety of external and internal databases is stored in special type of database called a
data warehouse
The logical view of data focuses on meanings and content of the data.
A record is a collection of related tables.
Database tables can be related or connected to other tables by common key fields.
The ATM works on the principle of real-time processing.
A network database can utilize ____, special connections between nodes that allow multiple connections between records.
In the object-oriented database model, this term is the equivalent to a field in a relational model.
This commercial database offers news and information on legal, public records, and business issues.
Data redundancy results due to lack of data integrity.
The company database may be stored on a mainframe and managed by a database administrator.
A collection of activities and elements organized to accomplish a goal. This is the definition of a
In this phase of the systems life cycle, the new information system is installed and adapted to the new system, and people are trained to use it.
systems implementation
In this phase of the systems life cycle, new or alternative information systems are designed.
system design
A recent survey by Money magazine determined that out of 100 widely-held jobs, the top job classification, based on salary, prestige, and security, was a
computer engineer
In the preliminary investigation phase of the systems life cycle, which one of the following tasks would not be included?
gathering the data
In order to obtain financing for the analysis phase, the systems analyst must
prepare a preliminary investigation report
The relationship between input and output documents is shown by a
grid chart
Which of the following is used to show the rules that apply to a decision when one or more conditions apply?
decision table
Which of the following tools present data or information flow within an information system?
data flow diagram
These tools are also called computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools. They are used in system analysis to evaluate alternative hardware and software solutions.
Automated design tools
Which among the following would not be described in the systems analysis report?
the training requirements for the users
The final task in the design phase of the systems life cycle is to
write a systems design report
The first step in the systems design phase is to
design alternative systems
The costs versus the benefits of designs and the outlines of their effects is presented in the
systems design report
During which phase of the systems life cycle are users trained to use the new system?
Systems implementation
Problems arising in this approach would spell disaster.
Direct approach
This implementation approach is preferred when there are many people in an organization performing similar operations.
The final step of the implementation phase of the systems life cycle is to
train the users
Identify the sixth phase of the systems life cycle.
systems maintenance
Determining whether the new procedures are actually furthering productivity is part of the
systems audit phase
Although the development time is shorter, it is sometimes more difficult to manage the project and to control costs with
In the testing phase of the systems life cycle, processed information is evaluated to see whether the results are correct.
The organization can switch to the old system if the new system fails in the parallel approach.
Periodic evaluation is part of the systems maintenance phase of the systems life cycle.
Programming is part of the phase ____ of the systems life cycle.
systems development
The actual coding of a program is done by a(n)
software engineer
Program definition or program analysis is another name for
program specification
Program objectives, desired outputs, needed inputs, and processing requirements are all recorded in the
program specifications document
The program’s processing steps are grouped into logically-related programming statements called
This is like making a summary of the program before it is written.
Identify the programming tool that uses linked symbols to show the sequence of steps needed to solve a programming problem.
The logic structure used to perform a series of statements one after the other is called
The outcome of the decision determines which of the two paths to follow in this logic structure.
The _____ structure involves repeating a sequence until a certain condition remains true.
Which of the following is not necessary for a good program?
It should contain colorful graphics and an interesting user interface
Eliminating errors in a program is also called _____ the program.
A(n) _____ error could be the result of the programmer making an incorrect calculation.
This is usually the final step in testing a program.
beta testing
In programming, _____ consists of written descriptions and procedures about a program and how to use it.
Which of the following refers to tools that are used to design, code, and test software?
Object-oriented programming
is a process in which a program is organized into objects
Which among the following varies according to the make of the computer?
machine languages
These languages use abbreviations and mnemonics that make it easier for humans to understand.
Languages designed to express the logic that can solve general problems are called _____.
procedural languages
A compiler performs the following function:
converts the source code into machine language code
An interpreter performs the following function:
converts the procedural language one statement at a time
Computer programmers create and test new software programs. They do not update and repair existing programs.
Program maintenance involves ensuring that current programs are operating error-free, efficiently, and effectively.
One of the items to be defined in the program specification is the program’s objectives.

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