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Computer Concepts Final Review

computers and their uses
Computer literacy, also known as digital literacy, involves having a current knowledge and understanding of _____.
_____ is/are a collection of unprocessed items, which can include text, numbers, images, audio, and video.
photo sharing community
A _____ is a specific type of social networking web site that allows users to create an online photo album and store and share their digital photos.
A _____ is recorded audio stored on a web site that can be downloaded to a computer or portable media player.
system software
_____ consists of the programs that control or maintain the operations of the computer and its devices.
A(n) _____ message is a real-time internet communication, where you exchange messages with other connected users.
enterprise computing
Many large companies use the word(s), _____ to refer to the huge network of computers that meets their diverse computing needs.
a neutral network
____ is a system that attempts to initiate the behavior of the human brain.
A cellular radio network
_____ offers high-speed internet connections to devices with built-in compatible technology or computers with wireless modems.
As with an IP address, the components of a domain name are separated by _____.
_____ combines text-based links with graphics, audio, and video links.
put the most important terms last
All of the following techniques can be used to improve web searches except _____.
A _____ is a website that allows users to post short text updates, usually between 100 and 200 characters.
A(n) _____ is a small version of a larger graphic.
_____ is the process of transferring documents, graphics, and other objects from your computer to a server on the internet.
_____ is the code of acceptable behaviors users should follow while on the internet.
packaged software
_____ is mass-produced, copyrighted retail software that meets the needs of a wide variety of users, not just a single user or company.
a software suite
_____ is a collection of individual programs available together as a unit.
project management software
_____ allows a user to plan, schedule, track, and analyze the events, resources, and costs of a project.
document management
_____ software provides a means for sharing, distributing, and searching through documents by converting them into a format that can be viewed by any user.
personal DTP software
_____ helps home and small business users create newsletters, brochures, advertisements, postcards, greeting cards, letterhead, business cards, banners, calendars, logos, and web pages.
photo management software
With _____, you can view, organize, sort, catalog, print, and share digital photos.
newsgroup/message board
A(n) _____ is an online area where users have written discussions.
online help
_____ is the electronic equivalent of a user manual.
central processing unit (CPU)
The processor also is called the _____.
control unit
The _____ is the component of the processor that directs and coordinates most of the operations in the computer.
A processor contains small, high-speed storage locations, called _____, that temporarily hold data and instructions.
massive parallel processing
Supercomputers use _____ for applications such as artificial intelligence and weather forecasting.
ROM chips, called _____, contain permanently written data, instructions, or information.
port replicator
A(n) _____ is an external device that provides connections to peripherals through ports built into the device.
docking station
A(n) _____, which is an external device that attaches to a mobile computer or device, contains a power connection and provides connection to peripherals; it usually also includes slots for memory cards, optical disc drives, and other devices.
front side bus
A(n) _____ is a part of the mother-board and connects the processor to main memory.
ergonomic keyboard
A(n) _____ has a design that reduces the change of wrist and hang injuries.
predictive text input
Some phones use _____, where you press one key on the keypad for each letter in a word and software on the phone predicts the word you want.
Touch screens that recognize multiple points of contact at the same time are known as _____.
graphics tablet
Architects, mapmakers, designers, artists, and home users create drawings and sketches on a _____.
voice recognition
_____ is the computer’s capability of distinguishing spoken words.
music production software
_____ allows users to record, compose, mix, and edit music and sounds.
radio signals
RFID is a technology that uses _____ to communicate with a tag placed in or attached to an object, an animal, or a person.
gesture recognition
With _____, the computer will detect human motions.
letters, reports, and e-mail messages
Examples of output that primarily contain text-based documents are _____.
_____ uses organic molecules that produce an even brighter, easier-to-read display than standard TFT displays.
display port
The _____ is an alternative to DVI that also supports HDMI.
A CRT monitor’s viewable size is the _____ measurement of the actual viewing area provided by the screen in the monitor.
dots per inch (dpi)
Ink-jet printer resolution is measured by the number of _____ a printer can print.
if the multifunctional peripheral breaks down, all functions are lost
The primary disadvantage of multifunctional peripherals is that _____.
interactive whiteboard
A(n) _____ is a touch-sensitive device, resembling a dry-erase board, that displays the image on a connected computer screen.
force feedback
_____ is a technology that sends resistance to a device in response to actions of the users.
transfer rate
_____ is the speed with which data, instructions, and information transfer to and from a device.
longitudinal recording
Traditionally, hard disks stored data using _____, which aligned the magnetic particles horizontally around the surface of the disk.
A group of two or more integrated hard disks is called a _____.
save time by storing large files instantaneously, allow others to access their files, and store offsite backups of data
Users subscribe to a cloud storage service to _____.
optical disk
A(n) _____ is a type of storage media that consist of a flat, round, portable disc made of metal, plastic, and lacquer that is written and read by a laser.
_____, technology works with specially coated optical discs to etch labels directly on the disc.
tape library
On larger computers, tape cartridges are mounted in a separate cabinet called a(n) _____.
magnetic stripe
A _____ card is a credit card, entertainment card, bank card, or other similar card, with a stripe that contains information identifying you and the card.
The ____ chip, which uses battery power, stores configuration information about the computer.
windows readyboost
Windows users can increase the size of memory through _____, which can allocate available storage space on removable flash memory devices as additional memory cache.
A _____ is a mini-program with minimal functionality that connects to another program or provides information.
When you enter search criteria, instead of looking through every file and folder on the storage medium, the search utility looks through the _____ first to find a match.
contiguous sectors, which speeds
Defragmenting reorganizes the files on a disk so that they are located in _____ access time.
windows firewall
_____ is a utility that detects and protects a personal computer from unauthorized intrusions.
_____ is a program that displays an online advertisement in a banner or pop-up window on webpages, email, or other internet services.
phishing filter
A(n) _____ is a program that warns or blocks you from potentially fraudulent or suspicious web sites.
visual voicemail
With _____, users can view message details such as the length of calls and, in some cases, read message contents instead of listening to them.
a web conference
When an online meeting takes place on the web, it is called _____.
provides for storage and management of a company’s documents
A document management system _____.
A _____ is a web application that combines services from two or more sources, creating a new application.
hubs and switches
_____ are devices that provide a common central connection point for nodes on the network.
_____ is a standard, specifically a protocol, that defines how a network uses radio signals to communicate with a tag placed in or attached to an object, an animal, or a person.
coaxial cable
_____ consist of a single copper wire surrounded by at least three layers.
mobile TV
_____ is a service that provides television programs over the cellular network.
_____ information has an age suited to its use.
composite key
In some tables, the primary key consists of multiple fields, called a _____.
file maintenance
_____ procedures include adding records to, modifying records in, and deleting records from a file.
determines whether a number is within a specified range
A range check _____.
less complexity
All of the following are strengths of the database, except _____.
data dictionary
Because the _____ contains details about data, some call it metadata (meta means more comprehensive).
principle of least privilege
Many organizations adopt the _____ policy, where users access privileges are limited to the lowest level necessary to perform required tasks.
decides on the proper placement of fields
The database analyst (DA) _____.
A _____ is a program that hides in a computer and allows someone from a remote location to take full control of the computer.
rootkits, worms, and back doors
Malware is a term that can be used to describe _____.
denial of service attack
A _____ is an assault whose purpose is to disrupt computer access to an internet service such as the web or e-mail.
digital forensics
_____ involves the examination of computer media, programs, data, and log files on computers, serves, and networks.
hardware theft
Physical access controls, such as locked doors and windows, usually are adequate to protect against _____.
encryption key
A(n) _____ is a programmed formula that the originator of the data uses to encrypt the plaintext and the recipient of the data uses to decrypt the ciphertext.
power usage effectiveness (PUE)
Some organizations continually review their _____, which is a ratio that measures how much power enters the computer facility, or data center, against the amount of power required to run the computers.
social engineering
As related to the use of computers, _____ is defined as gaining unauthorized access or obtaining confidential information by taking advantage of the trusting human nature of some victims and the naivety of others.
extreme project management
_____ is a team-driven project management approach, in which a project leader is more of a participant and facilitator than a manager during the project.
PERT chart
A _____ analyzes the time required to complete a task and identifies the minimum time required for an entire project.
project request
In larger organizations, users write a formal request for a new or modified information system, which is called a _____.
mandated by management or some other governing body
During the planning phase the projects that receive the highest priority are those _____.
decision table
A(n) _____ lists a variety of conditions and the actions that correspond to each condition.
system proposal
The purpose of the _____ is to access the feasibility of each alternative solution and then recommend the most feasible solution for the project.
computer-aided software engineering (CASE)
_____ tools are designed to support one or more activities of system development.
A(n) _____ test is performed by end-users and checks the new system to ensure that it works with actual data.
_____ are smaller in size than enterprises and typically do not have an international presence.
reduces cost of maintenance and increases
A centralized approach to information systems usually _____ manageability.
business intelligence
_____ includes several types of applications and technologies for acquiring, storing, analyzing, and providing access to information to help users make more sound business decisions.
quality control software
Using statistical analysis, _____ can identify and predict product defects and problems with the company’s processes.
VPN tunnel
The secure connection created between user’s computer and a company’s network is called a(n) _____.
legacy system
A(n) _____ is an information system that has existed within the organization for an extended length of time and is relied upon heavily.
fibre channel
Enterprises often use _____ technology to connect ot storage systems at data rates up to Gbps.
selective backup
A(n) _____ allows a user to choose specific files to backup, regardless of whether or not the files have changed.

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