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corrects common spelling errors as you type
text of a letter
intersection of a column and a row
complimentary closing
a parting farewell in a business letter
content control
in a template, an area indicated by placeholder text that can be used to add text, pictures, dates, or lists
date line
the first line in a business letter that contains the current date and that is positioned just below the letterhead is used
drag and drop
the action of moving a selection by dragging it to a new location
additional documents included with a business letter
html (hypertext mark up language)
the language used to format documents that can be opened using any web browser
inside address
the name and address of the person receiving the letter; positioned below the date line
the personal or company information that displays at the top of a letter
new from existing
the word command that opens an existing document asa new unnamed document, so that you can use it as a starting point for a new document
no spacing style
the word style that inserts no extra space following a paragraph and uses single line spacing
normal template
the template that serves as a basis for all new word documents
placeholder text
text in a content control that indicates the type of information to be entered in a specific location
the greeting line of a business letter
single file from web page
a document saved using HTML and that opens using a single web browser
subject line
the optional line following the inside address in a business letter that states the purpose of the letter
words with the same or similar meaning
a format for information that organizes and presents text and data in columns and rows
an existing document that you use as a starting point for a new document. it opens a copy of itself and then you use the structure and possibly some content such as headings as the starting point for the new document
text control
a content control that accepts only a text entry
a research tool that provides a list of synonyms
writer’s ID
the name of title of the author of a letter, placed near the bottom of the letter, under the complimentary closing-also referred to as the writer’s signature block
writer’s signature block
the name of title of the author of a letter, placed near the bottom of the letter, under the complimentary closing-also referred to as the writer’s ID
one of two commonly used style guides for formatting research papers
a list of cited words in a report or research paper also referred to as works cited, sources, or references, depending upon the report style
a note inserted into the text of a research paper that refers the reader to a source in the bibliography
clip art
predefined graphics included with microsoft office of downloaded from the web
column break indicator
a single dotted line with the text column break that indicates where a manual column break was inserted
data sources
a list of variable information, such as names and addresses, that is merged with a main document to create customized form letters or labels
in a research paper, a note placed at the end of a document or chapter
permanent placeholder
in a research paper, a note placed at the bottom of the page
hanging indent
an indent style in which the first line of a paragraph extends to the left of the remaining lines, and that is commonly used for bibliographic entries
line break indicator
a small nonprinting bent arrow that displays where a manuel line break was inserted
mail merge
a microsoft word feature that joins a main document and a data source to create customized letters or heading
main document
in a mail merge, the document that contains the text or formatting that remains consistent
manual column break
an artificial end to a column to balance columns or to provide space for the insertion of other objects
manual line break
the action of ending a line, before the normal end of the line, without creating a new paragraph
manual page break
the action of forcing a page to end and placing subsequent text at the top of the next page
one of two commonly used style guidelines for formatting research papers
the banner on the front page of a newsletter that identifies the publication; also referred to as banner, flag, or masthead
in a research paper, information that expands on the topic, but that does not fit well in the document text
page break indicator
a dotted line with the text page break that indicates where a manual page break was inserted
parenthetical reference
a citation that refers to items on the works cited page, and which is placed in parentheses; the citation includes the last name of the author or authors, and the page number in the referenced source


in a mail merge, a row of information that contains data for one person
an image of an active window on your computer that you can paste into a document
a portion of a document that can be formatted differently from the rest of the document
section break
a double dotted line that indicates the end of one section and the beginning of another section
small caps
a font effect, usually used in titles, that changes lowercase text into capital (uppercase) letters using a reduced font size
a group of formatting commands, such as font, font size, font color, paragraph alignment, and line spacing that can be applied to a paragraph with one command
style guide
a manual that contains standards for the design an writing of documents
works cited
in the MLA style, a list of cited works placed at the end of a research paper or report

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