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Conduct business

With an ever growing dependency on the internet to conduct business, it is simply a matter of time before the difference between work and home fades to nothing. Already a growing part of the populace makes their living working from home. Telemarketers, administrative assistants, writers and stock traders among others already work from home. The choice now to leave the house every morning and fight through traffic to go to “work” is fading in popularity and people are appreciating the opportunity to conduct business in their bathrobes.

Another factor in this growing trend is the widespread belief some people hold that they must always be available via cellular phone, blackberry or other instant communication device. Because they no longer reserve any time as special for family, meals or friends, the difference between work time and personal time fades. With more and more capability for business to be conducted from a home office, there is less need for businesses to provide a physical location for their operations.

Manufacturing centers would still require a location, but most service and administrative jobs could be done from home. This trend appeals to people who believe that they could get more work done at home in the downtime between work assignments. This usually proves to be a fallacy, but working at home does avoid the need for commute time, professional attire and lengthy morning rituals. It provides parents with the opportunity to work and not have to seek daycare or alternate arrangements for children and pets.

The trend also appeals to businesses as they are able to offer lower wages and benefits to people working from home, claiming the perk of working from home offsets other benefits that they might have received in a traditional office environment. Furthermore, the company does not usually pay for work equipment for those working at home, so they are spared that expense as well. It seems obvious that with these factors at work, the differentiation between work and home will continue to slip away and will soon barely exist at all.