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Consumer Motivation – The Biggest Loser

Hot topic:    Consumer Motivation – The Biggest Loser

Presenters: Nattapong   Pan-ekwong (Moss)

                    Yutthachai   Suwanmanee (Yutty)

Why is this hot topic?

Overweight and obesity have become world-wide concerns, especially in Australia. Over 7.4 million people aged 18 years and over (54% of the adult populations) were classified as overweight or obese. This imbalance has been linked to lifestyle factors such as increased consumption of foods, as well as a reduction in physical activity.

The Biggest Loser is one of programs which challenges and encourages overweight people through comprehensive diet and exercise. Recently, the winner, Sam Rouen received $200,000 and also lost weight approximately 71 kilograms within 3 months.

Why it is related to the topic of Consumer Motivation?

As everyone knows, overweight and obesity pose a major risk to long term health. This reality program presents to the audience about the best way of losing weight and dietary. When people see this show and they tend to concern on their healthy issue. In a situation where people are overweight they are more likely to rely on what they see from the results of the winner and among contestants. Therefore, advertisings and messages about the products can gain the attention from the customer needs.

Is it going to work?

The given information has been supported by some responses from the audience and motivational model. There are a large number of target audiences who are working full-time; they need the products which can respond their need without decision making process. Consequently, they can be motivated from what they see in this reality program.