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Consumer Relations

Dear Mr. Gomez, I received your letter dated August 30, 2007 inquiring as to when the latest shipment of Aqua Blue Pencil Style ball pens will be shipping from our Las Vegas manufacturing plant for stocking in your country warehouse. It is my unfortunate task to inform you that our company no longer manufactures this particular ball pen style / model and the only stocks remaining of the product are those that are still available from the other office and school supply retailers around the world whom we supplied this particular styles/ models to prior to discontinuing production .

Once those stocks are sold, the Aqua Blue Pencil Style ball pens will be officially off the market worldwide. At present, we are currently rolling out our top of the line Ergonomic Stylus ball pens in selected retailers world-wide. I have taken the liberty of enclosing an updated product guide brochure as well as a few writing instrument samplers from our soon to launch line of Ergonomic Stylus ball pens in this letter.

It is our company’s hope that you will be adding this line to your existing in-store product line in the near future. Together, let us continue to bring only the best quality writing instruments to our clientele now and in the future. Sincerely, Signature John Stuart.