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Contracts procurement Essay


Team works are based on mutual trust and understanding that is built in long-term associaiton.   Teams are not formed in a short period of time whereas a good team performs and functions effectively producing an accurate output.  Team works are more effective either in industrial level, consumer level or at service level. For example, computer software development requires team work wherein each team may have different people with various cultures and backgrounds. All the team members have to carry on respective modules of work with one motive of perfection and individual exchange of information and knowledge builds confidence on each other apart from boosting energies within and also in motivating each team member.   It is managers who supervise and monitor teams and in which case, managers need to possess team building skills which are very critical to be an effective team manager or entrepreneur. First an effective manager has to be a good leader and leadership is of two different kinds. Viz., Transformational and transactional. The first kind of leaders transform team members as good workers and the second kind i.e. transactional leaders are those who interact with followers.

 Team management is not an easy job as it deals with various

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mindsets and each team member is different from the other. Therefore, on individual level, interaction has to be made, to get the works done and in this mode of interaction, all kind of leadership skills have to be applied in a moral, ethical and professional manner in order to build good teams. Because, as it is agreed, that good teams are very effective and  yield good results for the organisations.  Whether it is in technology, science or at industrial sector, it is always leaders who carry on the duties of managers, to build good teams with highly effective people who can add to the reputation of a company.  Such managers are always recognised and praised for human capital management.  Managers always have to be clear in achievement of goals, objectives, expertise levels of each team member and ability to motivate teams towards high performance. One of the best example of team work is Hollywood movie “Fantastic Four”  (2005) a fiction of Marvel comics.  In this movie, all the four characters are super heroes who possess extraordinary superpowers, in a way  it can be stated that, all the four members of the team are geniuses in respective fields.  Collectively all the four members can achieve anything impossible and at individual level, each team member can carryout only one particular activity.  Therefore, an effective team manager works towards the development of a good team and also high performance of a teams.

The 7 habits of effective managers stated by Franklin Covey are viz., “Be Proactive” which means, always look for alternatives, expansions and focus on influences. Remove roadblocks and lift limitations.  The second habit is “Begin with the end in mind”  which means always look from the point view of practical outcomes. The third habit is “put first things first” which means focus on emergency, urgency and plan weekly, daily, monthly and set important goals. The fourth habit is “Think Win-Win” which means always be positive and trust workers with courage and consideration. The fifth habit is “first understand others in order to be understood” which means give always honest appreciation and accurate feedback.  The sixth habit is “synergize” which means seek and solve differences instead of identifying and also find out alternatives and better solutions. The seventh habit is “sharpen the saw” which means  treasure team members and treat all the team members very well in a professional manner.
Barry Maher is of the opinion that over the past several years, having hired, trained and worked with managers,  a collection of good and bad experiences of management at every level, indicate a fact that the worst part has also been a learning experience. Therefore, unlike what is stated by Stephen Covey, Barry Maher has compiled The Seven Habits of highly Defective Managers  which is in all probability may be a fact in the present times.  Defective managers are never independent in thinking and instead completely rely and depend or take bird’s view of latest clichés.  On one side, there is an emphasis on open communication and on the otherwise there is an emphasis on obedience and conformity.    Always self-proclaim about leadership skills which is similar to the plot of a cheap politician.  Whether success or failure, credit for the sunrise or sunset is always for the manager and it is believed that team members are able to accomplish only because of manager.  Success is always received due to superiority or the start off is made with a silver spoon and the success is made easily available there to reach the top cadre.   Finally, the actions taken can be stated as “so, shall it be, and let it be done”  just as Pharaoh says it before Israelites leave Egypt under the leadership of Moses, in other words, the cost and labor is always borne by others.
If a comparison is made on both habits of the effective and defective managers, one can understand the difference and can easily identify the hindrances that prevent in becoming a successful manager.   Effective manager always looks and understands the point view of others and analyses the situation. Out of the management methods, an effective manager brings solutions to the situations and offers techniques to the team members or allows each one’s creativity to perform well in  a particular task.  A comfortable atmosphere and soft environment is prevalent in an effective manager’s management whereas a defective manager always indicates superiority and prefers that instructions should be carried and obedience is made while emphasizing on openness. Team members are always confused and experience anxiety which results in low quality of work or inefficient works. A defective manager will never always accepts a mistake whereas an effective manager always admits a mistake and ensures safety measures in the next task. Dale Carnegie and Peter F.Drucker have stated that in order to lead people, there should be effective communication, motivation, management skills, moral and ethical principles and an ability to take initiativeness in order to lead  people. Whether it is in sales department, marketing department, accounts department or IT department, every where, there are teams, which are managed by managers.   Especially, in hotel industry, manager has huge responsibility to manage with customers and keep pace with kitchen staff in order to deliver the food on time as per the orders given by customer. There is more emphasis on customer satisfaction in hotel industry. Once a customer is dissatisfied with hotel service, immediately,  the respective manager has to give an explanation to the fact. Excellent coordination, communication and guidance are required in order to make the teams work as per the organization rules.
It is always difficult to earn a good name as manager whereas a defective manager is easily identified. If a comparison is made between Pharaoh and Moses from the perspective of managers, Pharaoh was a defective manager whereas Moses was an effective manager which is why Moses could lead millions of people from Egypt to the God’s Promised Land.


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