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Ray, the CEO of Textiles Inc., believes the goals of the company must be divided into smaller departmental and individual goals, and the accomplishment of these smaller goals will result in accomplishment of the bigger goals of the company. In the context of measuring performance results, Ray’s belief can be best justified using _____.
management by objectives
Margaret, a production manager at Falcon Inc., needs to measure the performance of 12 of her subordinates. She divides the number of employees into categories like exceptional, above average, average, and below average. She assigns a certain percentage of employees to each category to determine the quality of their performances. In the context of methods for measuring performance, Margaret is using the _____ method.
Paul is a manager at Firefly Corp., and he uses a rating approach to evaluate his employees. He considers one employee at a time and circles a number or a word to signify the degree to which that employee demonstrates a particular trait in the scale. Which of the following approaches is Paul using to assess his employees?
Graphic rating scale
Which of the following is an advantage of using the results-oriented performance measurement?
They are relatively easy to link to the organization’s goals.
Barry, a supervisor at Yenzen Hotels Inc., thinks self-appraisal is a valid measure of performance appraisal. However, his colleague Vincent disagrees. Whose argument is most likely to be correct and why?
Vincent is right because employees have a tendency to inflate their self-assessments.
Charles, the HR manager at Telcare Inc., establishes a performance management system for his company. He wants to check the consistency of results over time. In the context of criteria for determining the effectiveness of performance measures, Charles is trying to check the _____ of the performance management system.
test-retest reliability
Gary, the CEO of Zansofel Inc., believes in providing employees with a flexible and open environment to enhance their skills and growth in the company. In the context of performance management and ethical issues associated with it, which of the following would Gary most likely oppose and why?
He would be against electronic monitoring systems because they make the employees feel like robots and that they are being watched.
Salman, a production manager at Telecal Inc., needs to measure the performance of 10 subordinates. He writes their names on a paper and circles Karim’s name as the best-performing employee of the group. He then circles Dillon’s name as the worst employee of the group. He rates the remaining employees as second best, second worst, and so on. In the context of methods of performance measurement, Salman is using the _____ method.
alternation ranking
Under which of the following circumstances is appraisal politics most likely to occur?
When senior employees tell newcomers stories about distorted ratings
Lydia, a supervisor at Sansen Inc., needs to appraise the performance of her subordinate, Charlie. In the context of performance information, which of the following is the least biased source of information for appraisal and why?
Managers are the least biased source of information for appraisal because their success depends on the employee’s productivity.
How can managers improve employee satisfaction with the feedback process?
By letting employees voice their opinions and discuss performance goals during the feedback process
Which of the following statements is true of effective performance management?
It can tell top performers they are valued.
Mathew was an employee at Bolton Inc., and he was dismissed for poor performance. He filed a lawsuit against Bolton Inc. on the grounds of unjust dismissal. Which of the following is likely to be a reason for Mathew’s claim?
Mathew was dismissed after he complained to senior management about his manager’s unethical practices.
James, the production manager of Zenfax Inc., thinks performance appraisal information from peers is a less reliable source than other sources of information. However, Ron, a sales manager in the company, thinks peers give valuable information for appraisal. Whose argument is most likely to be correct and why?
Ron is right because peers have expert knowledge of job requirements.
Lily, a manager at Pyramid Inc., uses a rating tool to evaluate the performance of her subordinates. However, she finds that the scale she used did not yield consistent results and could not determine if a change had taken place in the performance of the employees. Which of the following was lacking in the rating scale?
Paula, the CEO of Gester Inc., wants to carry out the first company-wide performance appraisal. However, she needs to make sure that the information obtained for performance appraisal is free of bias, and that the managers have provided information about subordinates without any personal needs influencing the information. Which of the following options will be assist Paula in obtaining her objective?
Paula must hold calibration meetings because they hold managers accountable for the appraisal information they provide about their subordinates.
Joseph, a supervisor at H2O Chemicals Inc., needs to assess the behavior of 25 people, who constitute a large group of his subordinates. Which of the following must Joseph ideally do to assess the behavior of his subordinates and why?
Joseph must use a behavioral observation scale because it is relatively easier than other methods of assessing behavior and providing feedback.
Name the rating error that leads employees to believe that no aspect of their performance needs improvement.
Halo error
Jonathan, a supervisor, needs to assess his subordinate’s performance. He uses a method that compares one employee with another. In doing so, he rates an exceptional employee as an average performer by mistake. Jonathan’s manager tells him that he can avoid this type of error if he uses an assessment method that compares an employee with an objective standard rather than another employee. In the context of types of rating errors, Jonathan commits the _____ error.
Crimson Inc. is conducting their annual performance review process for employees. The company uses a tool that measures entrepreneurial behavior and found there was a lot of irrelevant information that was also gathered. The irrelevant information gathered from the results is termed _____.

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