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Corporate Life

Academicians and practitioners now see management as a spectrum of thoughts composed and influenced by different bodies of knowledge such as the physical and biological sciences. These great thinkers have learned to reap the seeds planted by those who preceded them. With the advancements we see today, management theories are now seen not as prescriptive solutions, it has become obvious not one single theory can provide an answer for all management problems. The evolution of management thought provides not one single solution but a menu.

Unfortunately the practice of management is not a bed of roses. Literature has presented the bad effects of management principles when used erroneously. Weber’s bureaucracy may have been effective in the production line is at times tagged as slowing the deliver of government service. Workers are abused in the name of division of labor. Management thought should be read not as a diverse schools of thought but as a continuum reinforced throughout the years with the objective of improving organizational performance. These are products of both internal organizational situations and external forces.

It is as dynamic as its environment and organizational situation. Those who will win in the organizational game are those who learn from the best and are able to utilize the knowledge that abound and get the job done.


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