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Creative Leadership Essay

The Center for Creative Leadership has an educational program developed for leadership coaching. In their Coaching Skills Workshop, the Center for Creative Leadership aims to create and deliver effective education seminars for first time manager up to top executives, helping to foster a culture of coaching within the organization. The aspects of coaching which the Center emphasizes are the climate of communication, collaboration, and organizational cohesion. The goal for this educational endeavor is to aid in the ability of the organization to develop to a point where it is self sustaining and can aid its leaders internally.

Aside from managerial and executive participants, it may also be appropriate for the human resource personnel and organizational development staff members. The education program can be delivered as a series of seminars, ranging from a half day to three days in length, depending on organizational needs. The format of the presentations involve class size groups, small groups, and one on one interaction, involving discussions and reflection, covering the essentials of coaching.

Active learning is supported by video, peer, and teacher feedback, with emphasis on creating and sustaining effective relationships with others. These courses are suitable for any people who benefit from group situations in helping

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them to understand themselves better as coaches and improving their own personal effectiveness in developing others. By engaging this program, individuals will be helped to maximize their organizational impact. Do You Feel Like Your Career or Life is Derailed? (2009). Sabrina Braham and Associates. Retrieved on 6/15/09 from http://www.sabrinabraham.com/executive_coaching.html. Sabrina Braham’s website is filled with informative insight on how people can be blocked from being able to achieve their life dreams as well as tips on how to become more effective leaders. She delves into what inhibits people from being able to be successful managers and leaders, the reasons for this diminished quality of life. By focusing on “actionable solutions recommended by top leadership institutions to identify and change your top challenges to success”, Sabrina helps people to realize their mistakes and to move forward in developing working solutions.

The problems in leadership include situations such as the inability to handle interpersonal problems, unsatisfactory team leadership during times of difficulty or conflict, inability to adapt to change, inability to elicit trust, poor interpersonal and communications skills, lack of critical communication skills between departments, poor management skills, balancing life and work, ineffective time management skills, and the need to enhance the management team’s ability to work together.

By engaging in executive coaching with Sabrina, people are aided in having improved performance and productivity, improved relationships, team development, strategic thinking, more innovative and creative ideas, better people skills, better response to crisis situations, greater flexibility and adaptability to change, awareness of ineffective behaviors, and higher emotional intelligence.

Being a licensed psychotherapist and coach allows Sabrina to catch problematic behaviors with professionalism and to carefully serve the people with whom she works. Her objective assessment of leadership situations is handled with delicacy in order to help promote the best action plan for achieving success through learning and implementing effective coaching theories, training, and techniques.

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