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Critical analysis Essay

This report would seek to critically evaluate the Dissertation and would highlight significant areas which require further attention or amendment. Aims/Objectives/Scope This area is an integral part and parcel of any dissertation at it provides the basic structure on which the remaining thesis would be based.

In the case of this particular dissertation which was in reference to E-Commerce, the aims and objectives sought to outline the main areas for concern such as the Web World, the sort of threats which pose a threat to the functioning ability of the E-Commerce activities, and lastly the sort of counter measures which could effectively target the threats. These aims provided a comprehensive plan as the reader was able to get the gist of what the author was going to seek to tackle in this dissertation.

However, the wording of the first Aim was misleading as it used the word “citizens’ which was not appropriate given the context. The first aim should be reworded as .. ” Provide an overview of the activities which take place online etc”…or something of this sort to remove chances of any ambiguity. However, the way the author outlined the research limitations allowed the reader to have a comprehensive overview

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of each area which resulted in limiting the scope of the dissertation. Research Content

This section of the report sought to outline a number of literature sources regarding the sort of threats which prevailed in relation to E-Commerce and the sort of Counter-Measures available. One thing that needed to be firstly, understood by the author of the dissertation is that for any literature, the articles, all secondary sources need to be highlighted and clear distinction needs to be made regarding the fact that the information being presented in fact someone else’s viewpoint. In this case, that was lacking to an extent.

However, overall the information was comprehensive as it did entail a number of threats which could threaten the sanctity of E-Commerce transactions. The way the section was divided along the different sorts of threats that could occur allowed the reader to understand the sort of issues that were at hand and which were being addressed by the author. However, for the research content to be effective it needs to be related to the study objectives and what the dissertation is seeking to prove/approve and the author’s ability to create that connection was not as it ought to have been.

However, one commendable aspect was that a number sources were used which allowed the reader access to a variety of research sources used for this dissertation. As for the countermeasures, that was poorly handled as the information was presented haphazardly and there was a lack of interconnectivity and continuity in the information. The information presented was detailed but in order to prove a point, there needs to be a linkage in the arguments which was found to be missing somewhere.

The security cornerstones were outlined but they were not linked to the security policy or the security systems which diminished the overall impact on the reader of the information/arguments. Methodology The methodology comprised of secondary and primary sources. The secondary sources comprised of the articles, books, journals which were used for the literature and research content while the primary sources comprised of the questionnaires and the interviews.

The secondary sources used were comprehensive as they covered all aspects of the sort of threats that could occur and the appropriate counter measures. However, the primary sources were clearly insufficient on a number of levels as the questions did not tackle the issues faced by the users or the sort of counter measures they employed whenever they did face those issues. The questionnaire was general to a great extent and it failed to effectively tackle the objectives regarding the security concerns and counter measures.

While one part of the questionnaire did ask questions pertaining to security breaches and of security technologies, yet the questions were insufficient to build a case supporting the main argument of the dissertation. The interview was even more general as it was more about the users being aware and informed rather than asking them about their personal experiences and their reactions. Hence, the primary source used did not count much for anything as the author was unable to ask pertinent questions and relate the users’ experiences with their knowledge.

The questions regarding online shopping advantages were wasted as the dissertation was regarding the security threats faced by the users and not about the advantages of E-commerce. Results and Findings The author in the dissertation outlined the lack of evidence found from the quantitative method and this could be related to the sort of questions asked in the first place. The results presentation and analysis was quite bleak as there not enough responses to highlight the seriousness of the security issue associated with E-Commerce.

The counter-measures were not touched upon except for hacking which in itself was insufficient to prove that the security threats were being effectively tackled as the users did not provide concrete evidence of the usage of the counter measures. The results failed to address the objectives as neither was the seriousness of the security threats addressed or its different types while the counter measures were pretty much overlooked in the questionnaires. The only pertinent questions were the ones relating to personal experiences and hacking which were not build upon further.

The graphs failed to present a conclusive result to the reader. As for the qualitative aspect, that to a large extent was a complete failure as the results portrayed a lack of conclusive case upon which the dissertation could be proved/disproved. The aims and objectives of the thesis seemed to have been largely overlooked and even if they were addressed, the ten interview findings were insufficient to ascertain the extent to which the security threats were prevalent and whether they were being sufficiently addressed. Hence, the results failed to achieve the desired aims.

Conclusion/Recommendations The recommendations and conclusions section only highlighted appropriate recommendations for the users as to the sort of counter measures that could be employed but the connection as to the dissertation itself was not established by the author. What the author could have done was to outline what the research had proved and how it could be corrected by using the following measures. As for any conclusive finding from the research, that was not outlined hence, not providing the reader with a conclusive result as to what the dissertation aimed to bring forth. Presentation

The presentation was quite haphazard and the formatting was quite bleak. The headings and subheadings did not follow a specific pattern and as for the overall presentation of the dissertation, it was quite confusing as the graphs were merely inserted without any proper formatting. Hence, the overall look of the dissertation was quite poor. References Beale, M. (1999). Survey Reveals Consumer Concern Over E-Commerce Security Issues [Online]. U. S. A. :E-Commerce Times. Available from http://www. ecommercetimes. com/perl/story/1981. html [Accessed 3 August 2001]. Bell, J. (1987). Doing your Research Project. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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