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Critical discussion of an advertisement Essay

In a highly competitive world, it is a necessity to have an edge against other competitors in the field. Because of this, a company or a brand should be able to come up with a means of connecting to the people to encourage them to buy their products more, as compared to other products or brands. This is through the use of advertisements, wherein the product is bridged to the people, telling them more about the product and also encouraging the people to buy or utilize the brand. This is also true when it comes to advertising commercial establishments like restaurants and food chains.

The situation at hand is advertising about a new chain of Elvis Presley themed restaurants which targets university students. The advertisement should be focused on a specific audience or target customers, which are the university students. It should be able to connect its theme, which is about Elvis Presley, towards the young college students in the university. This may be possible through the use of various techniques and strategies, which aims to attract and maintain a good following of university students as customers.

It would also encompass various symbolisms that would be used to attract the attention of

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people, including the target customers of the food chain. These symbols will be used in a marketing campaign, in order to sell to the people the services and goods offered by the food chain. This entails proper analysis of communication models that will be utilized in order to effectively correspond to the customers. This situation would be done without the restrictions of the actual budget, assuming that the brand is able to spend sufficient amounts for the advertisement, and that it is also not time limited.

Advertising According to Pieters, et al, “Rising levels of advertising competition have made it increasingly difficult to attract and hold consumer’s attention and to establish strong memory traces for the advertised brand (Pieters et al. , 2002). ” In order to cope with this highly competitive environment, companies and brand names resort to various strategies in communication. This includes increasing the originality of the advertisement so that it would make an impact on the target audience or the consumers. But overly doing so is also detrimental or disadvantageous at times.

This is when the audience or consumers pay more attention to the advertisement, in such a way that it overshadows the product it wishes to introduce to the people. That is why it is necessary for the advertisement to make an impact to the consumers, in a way that it doesn’t risk the product’s exposure or integrity. The audience should not be engrossed more on the advertisement rather than paying attention to what it actually endorses. Application This is manifested on the advertisement of the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chains as a whole.

It deals with communicating the restaurant chain to the audience or the target consumers which are the university students. As a whole, the print advertisement aims to attract the attention of

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these university students using the image of Elvis Presley. Since he is the theme of these restaurant chains, and because of his prominence, he is the one used to attract the attention of

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the costumers. The phrase “Touch Elvis” is also used to catch the attention of the costumers, since it invites a new experience. The phrase encourages the customers to experience the legendary music icon.

Elvis Presley is a prominent figure in the music scene that’s why it is rare to find someone who doesn’t know him. Encouraging the people to “Touch Elvis” is also diverting the attention of the people from the prominent person, towards what is being endorsed or advertised. Since the advertisement doesn’t want Elvis Presley to actually overshadow the restaurant chain, they included the catch phrase “Touch Elvis. ” Anyone who knew Elvis would look deeper into the advertisement to find out that it is about an Elvis Presley themed restaurant chain.

This brings us back to the real goal of the print advertisement; not to introduce Elvis Presley to the people, but to introduce them to the restaurant chain. Personal selling Another concern of the advertisement is how it will be able to sell what is being endorsed to the audience or the target customers. This may not necessarily be a face to face oral communication between the product or establishment and the consumers or buyers. This also includes various ways on how you’ll be able to sell what you are endorsing: the intention of making sure that the product sells.

According to Powers et al, “Adoption of personal selling represents a greater organizational commitment to marketing than does advertising (Powers and Bowers, 1992). ” Advertising merely introduces the product or the service to the target audience, but mixing it with personal selling, it entails making sure that the product actually sells. Application Looking at the context of the advertisement of the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chains, personal selling was done with the use of texts instead of images.

The text was along with the catch phrase “Touch Elvis,” wherein it was able to describe what a customer would experience in the Elvis Presley themed restaurants. The texts, “Live music: classic & rock,” “a touch of Elvis Presley,” and “ a life in music” are all short descriptions of what a customer may expect to experience when they go and dine in the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chains. The advertisement aims to sell what it endorses to the university students by giving them a glimpse of what they can expect to find and experience in the restaurant.

It promises a musical experience with a touch of Elvis Presley, still benefiting from the icon’s prominence. Sales Promotions Another aspect to consider when it comes to advertisements is about sales promotions. It is where you guarantee incentives to consumers or buyers, assuring them that the brand you are endorsing is the better deal, as compared to other brands or products. These incentives stimulate the consumers to buy the product or even increase their purchase.

According to Nowlis, et al, “Switching from one brand to another is often motivated by higher perceived quality (e. g. , better features, higher reliability, and other favorable brand associations), by lower prices or both. ” Convincing the consumers to purchase or patronize the product you are endorsing is the goal of advertisements (Nowlis and Simonson, 2000) . ” One way to achieve this is by convincing them to switch brands or products, to you. This can be done by giving them interesting offers and incentives, like better quality, more quantity, or both.

The advertisement gives an idea of what advantage you are availing if you buy the product or avail of the service. Putting this in the context of the Elvis Presley themed advertisement, the print ad has successfully employed using sales promotions in order to sell what they are advertising. This is by giving out a 10% discount for those who will be able to show their Nus Card. The advertisement did this in order to encourage the university students to bring come and dine in one of the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chains, since they have their Nus Cards.

This encourages the audience or the target customers to avail of what the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chain offers, since they are giving out 10% discount of customers who are able to bring their Nus Cards. This could also encourage other consumers to switch brands, or in this case, switch restaurants that they patronize, since they could avail of a better value for their money, since the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chain offers discounts that appeal to the students. Public Relations Public relation is another important aspect to consider when it comes to selling or marketing products or services.

Information is provided in the formal media channels so that the consumers will be able to know more about what is being endorsed. According to Larse, et al, “Tracking the beginning of what has become known as strategic or integrated marketing communication is akin to trying to pinpoint exactly when audiences became so segmented or when individual thinking empowered consideration of so many consumer options (V. Larsen and Len-Rios, 2006). ” Applying public relations in advertising means opening a channel wherein the consumers or the target audience can reach you.

Advertising doesn’t end in just showing the product or service that is being advertised, it also entails opening up to the people, so that they will be able to follow up on things and know more about the product. As much as possible, advertising would be kept as a two-way process, a communication model which enables the advertisers to establish a connection with the consumers through their advertisements. Putting it in the context of the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chain advertisement, the line for public information has been kept open.

This is a form of public relation, wherein they placed a number where people can contact them regarding what they are endorsing. The number they gave was for the purpose of letting the people or their target audience to make necessary reservations. The advertisement was open to the possibility that some interested university students would like to have a place reserved for them when they go to any of the restaurants. This is a good way of showing an open line of communication, eliciting a two-way interaction. Direct Marketing

Direct marketing, or the distribution of the products or services offered by a brand or company, dissemination of information about that product or information, and promoting benefits or incentives to the audience or the target customers or consumers by means of interaction and an open line of communication is a necessary aspect in marketing what and advertisement is endorsing. This is because doing so means making sure that you are keeping the lines open between the company or the product itself and the consumers.

According to Milliman, et al, “From a business or, specifically, marketing standpoint, this implies that when individuals make purchase decisions, selecting one product over others or just deciding to buy, can rise to varying levels of cognitive dissonance (Milliman and Decker, 1990)” This means a difference in how people perceive things, which is why it is necessary to be open to the audience, or the target consumers and customers. In the context of the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chain advertisements, direct marketing was utilized.

This is through putting a contact number, which was for the purpose of making reservations. But what’s important is that it leaves an open line for communication and interaction for the university students, so that they are able to interact with the provider of the service or products, which is the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chain. Another thing is that in the advertisement, there were places mentioned, which are the places where you can find a branch of the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chant.

With this, the customers are aware of where they are able to locate a possible place where they could dine in and enjoy what is being promised by the advertisement of an Elvis Presley experience. Costumers are able to know where they can find abranch where they could get the product or the information they need regarding the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chains. Sponsorship Sponsorship is a necessary element when it comes to marketing products or services through advertising. This is because it enables both the brand or product and an event to benefit, both being able to meet specified marketing outcomes.

Sponsorship helps to promote productive events by letting sponsors like well known brand labels show their advertisements into the events. This would boost the sales of the product or service, while taking the event along with it, thus increasing the event’s popularity, thus would result to a success of that event, which is also for the sake of making profit out of that said event. According to Meenaghan. “A key ingredient of the marketing mix is that of “promotion (Meenaghan, 1983),” perhaps more appropriately viewed as “marketing communications” by contemporary theorists.

The event promotes the product or service which is being endorsed, and conversely, the endorsement or the advertisement also promotes the said event, wherein it takes the name of the product itself. Through this, both of them benefit from the said sponsorship, wherein it may not be because of the profit, but for the fame or being known by many. In the context of the Elvis Presley themed restaurant food chain advertisement, sponsorship was indirectly shown in terms of what to expect from the place.

It was written that it showcases “live music, classic and rock,” something that could be a result of an event that the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chain may have sponsored. In turn, the event will be promoting the restaurant chain, wherein the restaurant chain gains popularity, since they are being promoted by each other. Communications as a whole (priorities) The Elvis Presley themed restaurant chain advertisement does not only wish to show the target audience which is the university students, what they have; they also wish to establish a communication line between those who patronize them and even some of their customers.

The communication between the restaurant chain and its target consumers which are the university students should be established because of various priorities. According to Bowman, et al, “An accurate model [of communication] facilitates communication because it reflects the truth about the communication process. ”These priorities should be realized in order for the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chain advertisement be fruitful. This various priorities are broken down into several parts.

The first one is to raise the awareness of the costumer or the consumer. This is where he is able to learn a few things regarding the product being sold or the good that is being offered for a price. Another is to remind the consumers about the possible reasons why it is necessary to purchase a good or avail of a service. Another is to reinforce their behavior, wherein they would be more encourage to do more of what is being told to then, since this reinforcing behavior, it necessary to use it as a motivator or something that could lead to something else.

Another reason to do so is in order to become competitive, wherein you are able to stay at par with other brands or establishments that consider advertising. Another one is to encourage the people to buy more of the product than it is left for no use at all. The last one is to able to elicit a good feeling, wherein it promotes favorable attitudes and feelings regarding a certain object or person that you desire. Product and Brand Placement The concept of product and brand placement is an important aspect that should be taken into consideration.

This is about the dynamism, innovativeness and creativity of a certain marketing strategy that would lead it to success. When it comes to advertising, product and brand placement should be considered, as to where it is readily available or where it is totally unavailable. This doesn’t necessarily have to be seen as such, wherein the advertisement may or may not be seen that often, but what should be considered is how strategically it was placed or made to appear.

This would signify its importance in the eyes of a consumer, since it is a big factor for him to avail of the product or service. If the advertisement registered on the mind of the person, then it is more likely that he will avail of its services or purchase the product himself. Product and brand placement is crucial in an advertisement, considering that there are also other competitors who are waiting for the right chance. Product and brand placement is like having a big edge over them, since you will be able to rake a larger audience, including the target audiences.

According to La Ferle, et al, “Within each program, each brand appearance was identified by name and product category; each brand appearance was subjectively rated as to the valence of its portrayal as either very negative, negative, neutral, positive or very positive. ” These brand placements differ from each other, thus this affects the impact that they make on people. The reaction of the people may range from actually purchasing and patronizing the product, or to ignore the product, or in some cases they may even hate the product which may lead to them spreading ugly things about it.

In the context of the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chain advertisement, the product brand placement was not that evident. This is because of the lack of any point of comparison with other advertisements. But on the advertisement itself, the product brand placement was a obvious, wherein the name of the restaurant in accordance to the catch phrase, “Touch Elvis. ” That catch phrase is the name of the Elvis Presley themed restaurant, wherein more and more have been gaining popularity. Semiotics of the advertisement Advertising is a form of communication towards other people.

Meanwhile, communication involves various signs system. This would then mean that advertising would also involve various sign systems which are necessary to understood so that we’ll have a full grasp regarding advertisements. But before communication could happen, there must be something in common between the two parties wanting to communicate using it. Also, this signs may take up various meanings, depending on the various forms that they signify. This signs would then have to operate or various levels, including the denotation, or the literal meaning.

Another one is the connotation, wherein the second order abstract is signified and was then related to several particular signifiers. They are close to together, that is why it is often hard to distinguish between the two. According to Kellner, “Modernity is interpreted as both the best and worth things; it has been characterized in terms of progressive advances over the premodern or traditional societies, as a motor of innovation, creativity, change, and success (Kellner and Douglas, 1988). ”

In the context of the Elvis Presley themed restaurant chain, their were various signs ad symbols present in the advertisement. The most obvious and the most useful characteristic was prominence, using the face of the late great Elvis Presley. He was a powerful man, yet he lost everything in just a shot of a god. Reference BOWMAN, J. P. & TARGOWSKI, A. S. (1987) Modeling the Communication Process: The Map is Not the Territory. Journal of Business Communication, Vol. 24, p21-34, 14p,. KELLNER & DOUGLAS (1988) Toward a Postmodern Pedagogy.

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