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Critically Appraising the Work of Others Essay

The aim of this paper is to provide an in depth evaluation on appraising the works of others. By understanding and critically analyzing the way they do will be the important purpose of this paper. The reader of this paper will have a straight forward understanding as to how it can be achieved. Its main focus will be on the tourism sector, where most service oriented establishment and companies are mostly expected good service and quality customer service as well. Critically Appraising the Work of Others Introduction

Companies nowadays are continuously faced with challenges, challenges that may come either internally, like when it comes to staff appreciation to the management, as well as the ever growing competition. Business is not anymore something that you may just provide a very comprehensive business plan, today it is different, the battle field is in the outside and not forms what you analyzed based on not so reliable historical data. Still the basic source of success starts with better performance and customer satisfaction.

But the question is, why other companies still achieve this one and even continuously improving this very important two important business words “customer satisfaction. ” It is not that bad to observed and

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apply what are the “best practices” we have outside our house, because that is just a normal way in life, following what is good and even enhancing it, and changing it into something that will be developed as your own, and then later on it will be institutionalized not only within the company but also be followed by other as well.

Forms and Function of the Theory, What Constitutes an Argument There are many ways we can see how others perform better than us. But the first important thing we need to do is to open up our mind and be observant, because only that way, we can see all the beautiful things and positive ways in life that needs to be followed. I just would like to start to backup my critical understanding as to how really others perform well and how I can appraise others as well.

Based on the WTOP (World Tourism Organization), there are significant factors like the global economic status that affects the tourism, which I beg to disagree, tourism must not take its place in the economy, the resources that each country, can always finds its ways on how to entice tourist. The reason why I do not agree with it and that is also I have to recognize and appraise the works of some countries that they really studied a lot on the customers needs and pampering them and providing them ultimate vacation that will keep them coming back is the main theme and not just looking at the bottom line as most competition work and focus more.

We have to twist a little bit in changing our mindset by not looking at the cost first but more on how we can satisfy our main asset, and those are customers. In this report, most European countries are in the top of the list while in Asia, it is only China that is in the top ten. But, in order to have a better way of thinking, potentials should not be anymore be focus on these countries, there should be programs that would help other small countries, which are also potentials and can improve the entire business.

(WTO World Tourism Barometer, 2004). On the other hand, how many times do we heard about customer satisfaction and performance, another theory that backups good outcome of work done by other companies, as based from the report taken from The Australian Journal for Hospitality management, it is only customer satisfaction and performance that made their local hotels become well appreciated by most tourist.

The Organizational climate is what made them achieve this goal. (Davidson, M, 2001). Main Criteria in Performing the Theory of Appraising the Work of Others In order to have a direction or a guide as to how we can appreciate the work of others, the following are the important criteria that I have set, which will be the main basis of measuring its performance. And from there, its will also be used for improvement process of a certain company.

The first one is continuous research and development; this covers not only the main service offered but the entire improvement process in terms of its operational side. It can start from internal organization, which are people working within the office, how they interact to one another, knowing the standard operating procedures and understand the process well. Most especially in terms of escalating issues as well as aiming fast attention to issues.

Processes that are well in tact and well followed will also be part of these first criteria. On the outside work, it can be for people that are manning the marketing team or sales team. Proven effective processes must also be established, from the time of initiating a contract with the customers up to the time the company is asking for payment of the service rendered. People must be well align with the processes and tools that were well studied and being presented for the company.

Take for instance what happen to a very small company achieve the unexpected, which is increasing its market through electronic distribution system and access very important skills in marketing as well as having it with the potential to transform the company from just a corner store operating in a mainly domestic market, to participation in a very wide and fast growing of business on-line, now it is now earning big profits. (Morrison, A. , & Harrison, A. , 1998). The next criteria is Feedback from Customers, this is also one of the failure of most businesses, most especially newly established ones.

Since they rely only on what they have gathered in their global study or maybe in their locality, still there are no better way of evaluating your business, but through their feedback, like a simple questionnaire while they are resting and hearing a violin artist in a hotel, or just a simple, one liner question “How was the food sir? ” it helps a lot, most especially if the customer is very sincere about his or her answer. But, be reminded that responding in a very sincere manner also reflects from a very sincere questioning.

Values and true feelings must come within the staff and should not be just giving a simple question, just for the purpose of doing it. This happens, in one of the article in Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, where the restaurant, where they studied the impact of food for their customers, in this study it is not just as simple as knowing the value of it in the customer, but as well as in terms of the big picture, how does food impacts the entire business. Again, only this way, you may find that the business is serious.

(Namkung, Y, 2007). Lastly, the criteria about Attention to Employee’s concern, in this way unlike customers, employees are actually more critical sometimes that\n customers, because they are actually the one that perform in front of the customers. That is why service is obviously affected if they have issues or concerns in the management. The concern may start from personality issues, that can only be re-align through training, this happens most of the times for new staffs and who are that young.

And the other one is achieving ser4vice quality, there are times that they can perform but sometimes not, the consistency issue is also part of the problem, which can also be improved through process improvement and implementation of reliable tool. (Teng, C. , Huang, K. , & Tsai, I, 2007). Application of Criteria and providing some Critical Analysis The three main criteria, research and development, soliciting feedback from customers and last is attention to employees are definitely the three main KPI’s that needs to be considered in order to achive success in the business as well as how we can critically appraise the work of others.

To further elaborate and provide some better critical analysis on these criteria, take for example a company that employs more than a thousand employees worldwide, the company is located in all three main geographical zones, America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The company is a production plant of tires. There business varies from zone to zone, from one country to another country. Technology is very important and should continuously support the business existence.

Customer attention is also a very important factor to be considered, most especially in Asia pacific, where multicultural type of people are here, Chinese, Japanese, Thailand and even in Australia and New Zealand. For a Zone Manager to handle this zone would definitely be a very tough task to do. And most especially, if the customers is that already very challenging, what more for its employees, where communication, organization will be a big concern.

That is why most companies, what happen was they implement the concept of “divide and conquer” in this way they would be able to isolate some cases that are not for global attention, which may be a zone issue or just a country issue or just as a very small issue only in the branch. That is why most companies do not only rely on their local or in-house employees instead they open to outsourcing, which is gaining a popular strategy for most multi-national companies. In this way contracts are the only ones that are running around the business.

Unlike in acquiring a staff, the company is required to regularize the employee after a probationary period, most especially if the project is really for a short period. One good example case that can show this kind of situation was viewed in The Service Industries Journal, which the topic was, The Impact of Outsourcing Strategies on Information Systems Capabilities in the Hotel Industry. Information Systems is always the project that most companies outsourced, in this case, the hotel would not want to have additional burden of analyzing and developing its own system, instead the company have decided to have it outsourced.

Actually, most companies do it that way, considering that it would only add more cost if they have somebody hired and let it developed in-house. I have to say that this is not actually a good practice. Most companies, when they outsource the project to the outside team, there are exploitation of the system and processes that re happening and the outsource companies may do whatever they want. And sometimes, they would suggest something in their own way, just to make their work easy.

But, the most important impact of it is after service, if you do not have somebody that are looking after in the system, the delay of fixing the system and the cost of business dissatisfaction it brings to your customer may not be paid by money, but more than the value of it. (Rodriguez, T, 2007). Self-evaluation of what problems this assignment presented you with and what skills you think you need to work upon in order to be confident in critically appraising the work of others in future. What have you learned from this assignment?

In my self evaluation, the main problem is about how a business can continue to perform at its best even during these very challenging times. Because, most companies are finding it difficult to overcome some of the challenges and eventually conceded at the end. There always a better way ahead, and the only way to do it is to be aggressive and be able to identify the errors or problems, because only in that way, your business and yourself will be set free. For me the important skill that needs to be well adopted by managers is personal skills, which I think hard to see for most managers and leaders nowadays.

Because, only in personal skills or you can say human skills, where people feel they are being attended to, always consider the problems of staffs and customers that might affect your business, that is why as a manager, you have to address it. Another skill is technical, it is important that there is an also technical strategy that needs to be done. These strategies can make the business work efficiently and effectively. With proper study and testing through POC’s or feasibility studies or by presenting a business case, is enough already for the process improvement that may take effect.

These two skills are two of the most important skills that would really help not only the manager who will lead the business but as well as the entire organization, like the people and the process improvement it brings to the table is just a simple way of saying that this is the right and very effective way of critically appraising the work of others. Conclusion In this paper it shows that by just appraising the work of others, may already be the answer in finding ways on improvement in other countries as well.

The “best practices” that these companies that are being appraised is more than enough to measure that current status of the other business. The settings of criteria and analyzing what are involved within each criteria is just one of the most critical part and need to be carefully studied before giving a decision on acting upon it. References Davidson, M. 2001, “Are Customers Satisfaction and Performance in Hotels Influence by Organizational Climate. ”, Australian Journal of Hospitality Management. [Online]

Available at: http://www. accessmylibrary. com/coms2/summary_0286-9186991_ITM Morrison, A. 1998, “From corner shop to electronic shopping mall. ”, Progress in Tourism and Hospitality Research, [Online] Available at: http://www3. interscience. wiley. com/cgi-bin/abstract/20000204/ABSTRACT Namkung, Y. 2007, “Does Food Quality Really Matter in Restaurant? Its Impact on Customers Satisfactions and Behavioral Intentions”, Journal of Hospital and Tourism Research, [Online]

Available at: http://jht. sagepub. com/cgi/content/short/31/3/387 Rodriguez, T. 2007, “Impact of Outsourcing Strategies on Information System Capabilities in the Hotel Industry”, The Service Industries Journal, [Online] Available at: http://www. informaworld. com/smpp/content~content=a781490220~db=all~order=page Teng, C. , Huang, K. , & Tsai, I. 2007, “Effects of Personality on Service Quality in Business Transaction”, The Service Industries Journal, [Online] Available at: http://www. informaworld. com/smpp/content~content=a782256291~db=all~order=page “WTO World Tourism Barometer, Volume 2, No. ”, 2004, WTO, [Online] Available at: http://www. world-tourism. org/market_research/facts/barometer/WTOBarom04_2excerpt_en. pdf

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