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CRM Analysis Essay

At J. B. Hunt (2008) the processes are divided into tactical, operational and strategic level. The level of customers would vary accordingly and would make sure that the appropriate level is reached. The supply chain processes which can be supported by J. B. Hunt Logistics firm can be stated as follows: • Primarily the customer and their transportation needs and services are evaluated as a case study. They are analyzed for the following: o Fleet optimization: It correlates the very nature of optimizing on the resources and assets.

o Transportation efficiency: It takes into account the monetary resources towards the transportation business. o Network design: It is analyzed as to the requirement and efficiency of the correct network to be followed for taking advantage of the resources. • After the requirements are analyzed they are analyzed as to their requirements towards the management of the resources. • The solutions are provided to the individual clients in making their business economic and cost-effective.

At Schneider (2008) the supply chain processes are divided into material procurement, inventory management, warehousing management, transportation and purchasing management, order fulfillment, enterprise resource planning and communications. The processes can be to analyze the requirements of the clients and suggest

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the cost effective methods for getting the job done. 2. The customers can use the websites of the companies to make sure that all their requirements are fulfilled to its very dimension.

The primary concern is the very idea towards identifying their area of problem and to exercise the action plan for effective use of resources. The following are the benefits which they can derive: a. Check their business requirements and all the elements which make their existence successful. b. The combination of various services like warehouse management and inventory management can be checked out. c. The order tracking and network design requirements for optimum cost can be exercised through the web site. d. The various transportation efficiency is calculated and ruled out for every business.

3. The primary difference is in the very caterings regarding the composite structure of the handling of the supply chain effectiveness. J. B. Hunt takes the lead in that. The services of both the companies make sure that the various resources connected with the companies are catered to its full extent. The maximum exposure and understanding of the various supply chain resources is very essential for getting the job done. The critical bottom up approach by J. B. Hunt makes sure that all the identifications towards the various issues regarding supply chain are done.

The correct analysis of the problem is performed and identification of the resources is taken to its very best. The cost optimization is thought with the basic notion of getting it right for every customer in focus. Answer: 6 The various activities over the internet are classified into various types of internet models. The various such models are regulated by the organization which aims at reaching its targeted and focused group over the internet so that once it reaches it can make the appropriate mark for getting the job done.

The various models, their size, availability, dimension and caterings would make sure that the intention is quite clear and would cater to its best for getting the job done. The various such models can be attributed as follows: • Brokerage model: They form the middlemen in every transaction and are apt at connecting the various parties involved in the transaction irrespective of the geographical location and culture. There are many websites which take care of such issues providing detailed processes to join buyers and sellers to carry out their businesses.

For example: Orbitz (2008), an online travel company facilitates travelers to purchase rave products including airline tickets, lodging, rental cars, cruises and vacation packages. Paypal (2008) also acts to connect buyers and sellers for exchanging money among themselves for services or goods. • Advertising model: The various promotion requirements and made through the site to draw visitors and also market the content to various other sites. The ads are banner, pay per click system or others which forms a source for the broadcasters. The content is either created or distributed elsewhere.

This model works best if the distributor is able to draw a large number of visitors to ensure a larger group of traffic. For example: Yahoo and Google form a pioneer in doing this and form a basis of content targeted advertising and portal based advertising. • Infomediary model: Such models are distinguished to its very extent to fetching the right information of consumers and their behavioral patterns. It is required for further analyzing and target the market campaigning for a product or service. They are more towards data collection for making the right kind of data for fetching the customers.

For example: DoubleClick and Nielsen are such sites which makes sure that the various customer data is fetched with the help of marketing campaigning required for getting the job done. • Merchant model: They form the retailers and wholesalers of goods and services. They either sell directly or auction it. They form the larger category of online sellers to capture wider array of customers and make marketing for their products and services. It is based on efficiency, improved customer service, and to cater better services to the targeted customers. For example: Amazon. com is an e-retailer selling various products over the internet.

Barnes & Noble and Apple iTunes music store also forms a major portion. • Manufacturer model: In this model the company sells directly to the buyers of the products and services. The majorities of such firms are often producing solely the product and would like to create by itself the market without any middlemen in between. For example: Dell forms the largest chain of online retailers but they do not sell online, only market their products. • Community model: This model is concerned with high viability for getting the large number of people which makes a possible attempt to market the products and services.

For example: Wikipedia. org forms a large community of information sharing and retrieval site. Red Hat forms the global community of programmers who share code, programming formulas and much other free stuff. Social bookmaking websites like face book, orkut make sure that people connect with each other to create a large network for their common interests. The pure-play internet business model solely decides the business’ functionality over the internet and no other means. Its difference with the click-and-mortar business model is that the later has distribution centers and make the website just as a storefront.

Answer 11: Net marketplaces are ones that are catering various products and services and bringing together buyers and sellers together for mutual benefit. Websites like Amazon. com, E-bay. com forms the largest marketplace for bringing in buyers and sellers to collaborate and make business. It enhances B2B e-commerce which makes sure that enterprises get enough option to facilitate trade with other enterprises which are out of their reach and accessibility with respect to trade laws and country specific rules.

The net market places make sure to connect all such aspiring enterprises to collaborate to facilitating individual and gross interests. The private industrial networks are only among the known ones and require abiding by the company and economic rules of the country. They are not free to share business ideas and plans for getting to the larger international nets and customer base unlike internet marketplaces. However the buyer and seller protection is more in private industrial networks than in internet marketplaces. Answer 12:

The various services and application of m-commerce are as follows: • Mobile ticketing: The tickets to various events, airplane, parks and other major services are possible to be transmitted to a mobile device through technologies like bCODE and NFC. • Mobile vouchers and tokens: The various forms of virtual tokens can be provided to ones mobile to receive the similar benefits as a loyalty card. • Content purchasing: It is usually in the form of various wallpapers, ring tones, games for mobiles which work in compatible with the websites.

• Location based services: It is usually based on the various accessibility of local weather, maps, people tracking and monitoring. • Information services: It is usually based on various news, sports, financial records and many others which one requires to download to the mobile. • Mobile banking: It is in the form of various banking services which one can perform through their mobiles such as cash deposit and paying others. • Mobile marketing: It relates marketing of various products and services which is transmitted to the mobile devices for larger availability and access.

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