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CRM implementation Essay

One of the requirements for successful implementation of a new ERP system is the provision of good and capable hardware which meet the minimum specifications of what the system needs. Hardware is very crucial in the implementation of these new systems. Hardware can either make or break an otherwise good system (Prevari, 2009). The IT department must make sure that the hardware that is to be used in the

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implementation of the new system is good enough to support all the processes that will be performed in the system.

Some of the processes that will be performed in the system include sensitive financial information that is supposed to be effected in all the necessary modules within the system. These financial processes are sensitive in the sense that the systems that are used to process them, which include QuickBooks applications, are to be run by effective hardware so that the transactions are reflected in all the accounts that are supposed to be reflected lest there be errors in the system.

One of the requirements that are required in the system is that there should be a complete overhaul of the system which includes the network that is going to be used in the

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system. The network should not have bottlenecks that may cause the transactions that will be processed in the system to stagnate. The system should have a somewhat private network that is not shared by any other application in the system. This includes putting in place a network that will have high bandwidth. This will include having the use of fiber optic in the major backbones in the network.

This will ensure that there are real-time cases in the processing of the applications that will be using many systems and modules within the system. There should be use of routers which will enable the communication of the various modules within the system. The CRM will be having Employee Relationship Management and Partner Relationship Management which are very crucial for making sure that the customer has a good image of the company. Most of the CRM systems have incorporated these two modules.

There should be the purchase of routers, switches, CAT5 network cables, and network rack that will be used to terminate all the connections in the system. In terms of the new DTE devices, there should be the purchase of host computers which are fast and effective in the processing of the procedures in the entire system. The IT department should make a procurement of effective computers which have at least 3GHz processor speed, at least 360GB hard-disk space and a Ram of at least 2GB. The server should have double of these specifications belonging to the host computers.

The server will be acting as the host of the software that will be installed in the organization. It should therefore have the best specifications to be able to handle this. The setup will emulate that of private cloud computing environment. The server will host the application that will be used in the company. All the other host computers will access the applications from the server; a good network is a prerequisite for this to be successful. The IT department should ensure that there is correct installation of the system and that the entire host is able to access all the modules in the server.

The correct module should be accessed in the right department; this means that the marketing department should be able to access all the modules that are required in the marketing department. Project management variables There are variables that will greatly affect the way this project is undertaken. These variables are discussed in the sections that follow. Scope The scope of this project is to make sure that all the department is taken care of the overhaul of the system. If there is less functionality of the system, there will be less achievement of the system.

One of the main challenges is the fact that the decision as to what to deliver happens in the course of the process itself. This will require that the prioritization of what is to be delivered is necessary from the onset of project. One of the functionality to be delivered is that of giving a robust system which is fast and efficient in the whole. If in the middle of the implementation process you realize that what you really wanted to deliver to the customers is limited, then you are left with limited options.

Priorities tend to change but the core functionalities are there to stay. All in all, the IT department should make sure that all the areas in the CRM system are well taken care of. Time The IT department should also make sure that the delivery of the hardware is done on time. This will ensure that implementation of the software part of the project is done on time. The hardware issues should be ironed on time so that the ERP vendors get enough time to implement their software.

Although is argued that time is hard to manage and that this is the only resource that the human has less control over, with proper deliberations and proper use of time management techniques, the IT department can have the right hardware properly put in place. Cost This variable is relevant to this project given the fact that system should be functional after the implementation. It will beat logic to spend millions of the company’s money to put up a system which brings no change to the company. The installation of new hardware will be making or break the overall success of the system.

The company should see the financial implications of the system in the long run. Quality The issue of quality will come in the sense that the system that will be put in place will deliver the right message to the client (McSweeney, 2010). The issue of quality is crucial in this system due to the fact that the system is looked after to deliver the best processes in the system. Delays of the processes in the network will bring dissatisfaction among many of the clients. It is in this sense that the IT department should make sure that the network that is implemented meets all the requirements in the system.

The system should be easy to use; this will be coupled with the fact that good hardware that meets the minimum requirements of the system is put into consideration. Risk The variable of risks in this project is very important in this project. The likelihood of risks should be assessed periodically so that their potential damage can be assessed. There are some risks which can be mitigated by the company, and there some which can be eliminated entirely by the company (Prevari, 2009). The IT department should look into the risks that the hardware can cause in the departments that they are being installed.

The issue of the emission that these hardware causes should be looked into and properly managed. Critical success factors One of the key factors that will determine the success of a CRM is the project management. This is the application of the skills and knowledge so that the coordination of the schedules and activity monitoring is achieved. The plan for project management involves the definition of the activities that will be performed, assigning of personnel to those activities, and promoting the acceptability of the process in the system. There is also the very important factor of business process reengineering.

This is the redesigning of the business processes and the hardware infrastructure so that there is improvement in the critical and contemporary measures in performance and also reduction in cost, quality and service. The company should be willing to change its business to suit the CRM software so that customization is minimized. Since one of the main reasons for the implementation of the CRM system is to have a better business process in the company, there is therefore need to have a critical look at the way these two can be integrated for the improvement of the systems in the company.

References McSweeney, A. (2010). Overview of effective CRM implementation. Retrieved on 4th August 2010 from http://www. slideshare. net/alanmcsweeney/overview-of-effective-crm-implementation-and-operation Powel, W. , & Barry, J. (2009). ERP post-implementation review. Retrieved on 4th August 2010 from http://net. educause. edu/ir/library/pdf/eqm0536. pdf Prevari, T. (2009). TRM and CRM Implementation overview. Retrieved on 4th August 2010 from www. prevari. com/_media/client/pdf-library/Implementation-Overview. pdf

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