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CS Chapter 1: Objective Questions

A data file contains instructions for a computer on how to perform a specific task.
An ergonomic keyboard is one that has been designed to fit the natural placement of your hands.
LCD monitors require a backlight.
An external peripheral device must have a cable that connects it to the computer.
Any USB device can use any USB port, and for most devices power is supplied via the port so there is no need for extra power cables.
Flash memory is similar to ROM except that it can be written to more than once.
The five essential components of data communications are a sender, a receiver, a channel, a protocol, and a medium.
The Internet is the largest network in the world.
A firewall can be either hardware or software.
Operating environments provide a textual user interface (TUI) that acts as a liaison between the user and all of the computer’s hardware and software.
In common usage, the term “PC” refers to computers that ____.
use Microsoft Windows
____ are laptops that are smaller and less powerful than typical laptop computers but have a longer battery life.
notebook computer
____ is/are the intangible components of a computer system.
____ are instructions to a computer on how to process data.
The ____ is mounted on the motherboard and is responsible for executing instructions to process data.
____ are removable circuit boards that are inserted into slots on the motherboard to expand the capabilities of the motherboard.
The pointing device most likely to be found on a notebook computer is a(n) ____.
A scanner operates most similarly to a(n) ____.
____ technology is the same as that used in digital watches, or the time display on a microwave oven.
Monitors are divided into a matrix of small dots called ____.
The most popular printers for business use are ____ printers.
laser printer
An inkjet printer’s speed is measured in ____.
For most USB devices, power is supplied via ____.
the port
A computer interprets every signal as either “on” or “off, ” using numbers known as ____.
binary digits
Because a computer can access ____ memory more quickly than RAM, frequently and recently accessed data and commands are stored there instead of in RAM.
____ is the set of instructions that tells a computer to initialize the motherboard, how to recognize devices connected to the computer, and to start the boot process.
A(n) ____ file contains the instructions that tell a computer how to perform a specific task.
A(n) ____ stores data as a trail of tiny pits or dark spots on its surface.
optical storage device
USB drives can store up to ____ of data.
128 GB
A keyboard and mouse connect to a computer via either PS/2 ports or ____ ports.
A monitor is a(n) ____ device.
The rules that establish an orderly transfer of data between sender and receiver are called ____.
The distance at which Wi-Fi signals can travel ranges typically between ____ and ____.
100 ft, 900 ft
A(n) ____ connects one computer to other computers, enabling you to share data and resources with others.
A ____ connects devices on a network so all the devices can access network components.
The Internet is the largest example of a ____.
Trojan horses, spyware, and worms are all forms of ____.
____ is a program that tracks a computer user’s Internet usage and sends this data back to the company or person who created it, without the user’s knowledge.
A(n) ____ is like a locked door on your computer.
Sending an e-mail message to customers or potential customers of a legitimate website asking them to click a link that leads to a spoofed site is known as ____.
Software can be divided into two major categories: ____ and ____.
____ is a computer’s ability to start and run more than one program at a time.
Spreadsheet software creates a ____, composed of a grid of columns and rows.
Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular ____ program.
Microsoft Paint and Adobe Illustrator are examples of ____ software.
____ means that data, applications, and even resources are stored on servers accessed over the Internet rather than on users’ computers.
cloud computing
____ is space on Windows Live servers where you can store files in public or private folders, or in folders that you make available to only people you specify.
Finally, they need to purchase a new printer for creating invoices and marketing materials.Linda and her mom only need their two computers and the printer networked together. They do not need ____.
Finally, they need to purchase a new printer for creating invoices and marketing materials.You could call the network that they have established a(n) ____ network.
Finally, they need to purchase a new printer for creating invoices and marketing materials.Linda and her mom would like to purchase the best quality printer available to consumers. They decide on a(n) ____ printer.
laser printer
Finally, they need to purchase a new printer for creating invoices and marketing materials.Linda has pictures on her flash drive of the types of brownies for sale. To copy the pictures to her computer, she plugs the flash drive into her ____ port.
Finally, they need to purchase a new printer for creating invoices and marketing materials.Linda wants to research other companies selling similar products. She searches the Internet by first launching her ____.
web browser
Harvey has started a new consulting business, and wants to outfit his new Windows 10 computer with a wide array of software to help him perform the tasks he needs.Harvey is in the market for ____ software.
.Harvey needs a program that will allow him to write and format documents. Of the following, ____ would be the most likely choice.
desktop publishing software
Harvey’s work will require him to make numerous illustrations and diagrams. He would be best served by using ____ to create these.
Adobe Illustrator
.Harvey has purchased all the following software (among others). Which of these four programs is a different category than the other three?
Norton Utilities

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