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CSCI 102

Which is a following is a network that covers a small area, such as a group of buildings or campus?
Select the item below that indicates the top-level domain name for the URL http://www.mozilla.com.
Of the following organizations, which one coordinates applications for new TLDs?
Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names (ICANN)
What is unique about text-based Internet addresses corresponding to a computer’s unique numeric IP address called?
domain name
Which of the following organizations takes a proactive role in developing recommendations and prototype technologies related to the Web?
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
True or False: A URL is one type of URI.
True of False: Markup languages contain sets of directions that tell the browser software how to display and manage a web document.
True or False: The World Wide Web was developed to allow companies to conduct e-commence over the Internet.
True or False: A domain name that ends in .net indicates that the website is for a networking company.
A standard language used for specifying a markup language or tag set is ___________.
_______ combines the formatting strengths of HTML 4.0 and the data structure and extensibility strengths of XML.
_______ is the set of markup symbols or codes placed in a file intended for display on a web browser.
The newest version of HTML is called ________.
Frequently communicating by posting brief messages at a social networking site is called ___________.
The purpose of _______ is to ensure the integrity of network communication.
Which pair is used to create the largest heading?

Which tag configures the next element or portion of text to display on a new line?
Which tag pair configures a structural area on a web page?
Which tag is used to link web pages to each other?
What is the default alignment for elements on a webpage?
Which type of HTML list will automatically number the items for you?
ordered list
Which of the following is a reason that the text contained by the title tag should be descriptive and include the name of the business or organization?
The title is saved by default when a visitor bookmarks a webpage, the title may be printed when a visitor prints a web page, and the title may be listed in search engine results.
When do you need to use a fully qualified URL in a hyperlink?
When linking to a web page file on an external site.
Which of the following is an HTML5 element used to indicate navigational content?
What does an email link do?
Launches the default email application for the visitor’s browser, with your email address as the recipient.
The tag can be used to ________.
describe a characteristic of a web page, such as the character encoding
________ can be used to display characters such as the copyright symbol.
special characters
Use the _______ element to configure text to have strong importance and display in a bold font weight.
The ________ is used to place a non-breaking space on a web page.
Use the _________ element to configure text to be emphasized and displayed in an italic font style.
Which of the following is the CSS property used to set the background color of a web page?
Which type of CSS is coded in the body of the web page as an attribute of an HTML tag?
Which of the following describe two components of CSS rules?
selectors and declarations
Which of the following associates a web page with an external style sheet?
Which of the following can be a CSS selector?
An HTML element name, a class name, and an id name.
Which of the following do you configure to apply a style to only one area on a web page?
Where do you place the code to associate a web page with an external file sheet?
in the head section of the web page document
Which of the following configures a background color of #FFF8DC for a webpage using CSS?
body { background-color: #FFF8DC; }
Which of the following uses CSS to configure a class called news with red text, large font, and Arial or a sans-serif font?
.news { color: red;
font-size: large;
font-family: Arial,
sans-serif; }
Which of the following is true if a web page contains both a link to an external style sheet and embedded styles?
External styles will be applied first, and then the embedded styles will be applied.
The _______ element is useful for creating areas on a web page that are embedded within paragraphs or other block display elements.
The _______ CSS property can be used to center text within a block display element.
The ________ CSS property can be used to indent the first line of a text.
CSS was first proposed as a standard by the W3C in ____.
Which of the following is the declaration of property used to set the font typeface for an area of a web page?
map tag
creates links to different web pages based on the place the user clicks in the image
area tag
holds the hyperlink, defines the bounds of the link, and displays a message
no-repeat, repeat-x, and repeat-y show __________ ______
different styles
url(image.jpg) defines the __________ _____
background image
CSS3 configures a background image using the ____ _________
body selector
background-image and background-repeat are ______________ properties used
CSS3 adds ______ and ___________ to different elements
rounding; shadows
____________ control the rounding with pixel radius choices
CSS3 adds opacity to content inside the div tag; opacity range is _ to _
0 to 1
.ico image
typically square and used for the favorites icon
link tag
used with hyperlink and type attributes to apply image to tab
type=”_________” classifies the image
a process which file sizes are reduced either with lossless or lossy methods
lossless compression
reduces the file size without loosing any of the original pixels of the image- GIF and PNG
lossy compression
reduces the file size by reducing the number of pixels stored in file- JPEG
src attribute
location of image
alt attribute
description in image tag
the integration of communications, data management, and security technologies which allows individuals to exchange information related to the sale of goods and services
advantages of E-Commerce
reduced cost, increased costumer satisfaction, effective data management, and potential sales
risks for business in E-Commerce
technology failure, fraud, costumer reluctance, and increased competition
risks for consumers in E-Commerce
security issues, privacy issues, misleading product photos and descriptions, and returns
What are the 4 common E-Commerce models?
Business-to-Consumer, Business-to-Business, Consumer-to-Consumer, and Business-to-Government
Google has a ________ search method
semantic search is designed to
give real answers to user’s questions/searches
main components of semantic search
uniform resource identifier (URI), resource description framework (RDF), and ontology (meaning of data)
Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
URL’s specific locations of internet resource, common names for resources, and information catalogued by spiders and web crawlers
Resource Description Framework (RDF)
set of rules that help with translation of data- placed into a common usable format and catalogued (i.e. Canadian postal codes/US postal codes)
collection of meanings for keywords and phrases, makes associations based on keywords, corrects for ambiguity (i.e. “She lives in Bellingham” implies she also lives in Washington State and the US)
Technical SEO fixes issues that may prevent indexing such as
poor structure, server problems and poor response times, excessive use of JavaScript, frameworks that prevent spiders from following links, and slow loading time
Non-Technical SEO provides quality search-able content such as
define a clear marketing strategy easily communicated through web page, provide content that reflects company purpose and target audience, use social media outreach strategies, hoping to put product in forefront for spiders and crawlers, and recognize that all online presence will be read by spiders, good presence and bad
Hierarchical organization
sites use a hierarchy of sun pages, typically branching from a “HOME” page
random organization
sites have no clear path to traverse through pages
linear organization
sites use a linear progression of sub pages, typically used for sequential viewing
The 4 main principles of visual design:
repetition, contrast (differences between elements), proximity (place related elements like coloring/images), and alignment
Universal Design and Accessibility options will provide site accessibility for individuals with/using:
physical disabilities, slow internet connection, older outdated computer, and using a smart phone
The 4 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines:
Perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust
The 4 Main Areas of Creative Context:
writing, color, graphics and multimedia, and display
wireframes provide
a blueprint or sketch of the web page
Design Techniques Include:
ice design, jello design, and liquid design
ice design
fixed or rigid design, width is fixed typically at left margin, provides most control for developer, large empty areas may be designed at high resolution
jello design
page content typically centered, configured with a fixed width percentage (80%), versatile option for different results
liquid design
page expands to fill the browser at any resolution, may be less readable at high resolutions due to stretching
for mobile designs:
configure page layout to display on smaller screens, configure nonessential content to not display, replace background images with graphics optimized for small screen, use descriptive text vs. images, use single column layout, and choose colors to maximize contrast
box model
content surrounded by padding, a border, and margins
area between content and border
area between padding and margin
empty space between elements
normal flow
the standard way that web browsers display web content, in the order they appear in the source code
elements that appear on the left or the right of a web page can be configured using a _____ property
a float can be cleared using the _____ property, and the ________ property
clear; overflow
the position property can be used to overwrite normal flow using these values:
static, fixed, relative, and absolute
other structural elements:
section, article, aside (for tangential content), and time (for dates or times)
Why should you include height and width attributes no an tag?
They help the browser render the page faster because it reserves the appropriate space for the image
Which attribute specifies text that is available to browsers and other user agents that do not support graphics?
What is the term used to describe a square icon that is associated with a web page and us displayed in the browser address bar or tab?
Which of these properties configures empty space between the content of the HTML element (typically text) and the border?
padding property
_____________ configures a graphic to repeat vertically down the side of a web page
background-repeat: repeat-y;
A background image will automatically be repeated, or ______, by a web browser.
A __________ image is a smaller version of a larger image that usually links to the larger image
The ____________ CSS3 property configures a drop-shadow effect on an HTML element.
The _____ element displays a visual gauge of a numeric value within a known range.
Which color scheme is one that consists of two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel?
The most common structure used for commercial websites is __________ organization.
Which of the following, from outermost to innermost, are components of the box model?
margin, border, padding, content
Which HTML5 element has the purpose of providing tangential content?
What is a short-range wireless communication that uses a radio frequency to share information between electronic devices?
Which of the following issues are uniquely related to international e-commerce?
language and currency conversion
An encryption method that uses a single, shared private key is _________ _______________.
symmetric encryption
___ can be described as the transfer of structured data between different companies using networks.
A digital certificate is a form of a(n) __________ ___________ that also contains additional information about the entity holding the certificate.
asymmetric key
___ is a protocol that allows data to be privately exchanged over public networks.
When two or more computers share some sort of connection that allows the exchange of information they are said to be:
in a network
Which of the following is a communication medium where computers use client/server protocol to send information around the World?
the Internet
Which is NOT a type of HTML list discussed in class and/or lab?
descending list
A web page is said to be accessible if which of the following statements are true?
The information on the page can be accessed by any individual
Which of the following CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) types is incorporated by using a tag in the head section of the HTML document?
Which is NOT a valid type of selector for a CSS rule?
Instant Online Storefront
purchased from third party, products can be uploaded without hosting a full web page, limited to available layouts, possible hosting fees (i.e. Shopify, Etsy)
Off-the-Shelf Shopping Cart Storefront
software provides download-able e-commerce features, can be uploaded to a web server and customized, provides online catalog where customers can browse, add items to a shopping cart and can check out when making a purchase (i.e. AgoraCart, osCommerce, ZenCart, Mercantec SoftCart)
Custom-Built Solutions Storefront
companies own and design completely customizable e-commerce site, high costs involved, typically used for specialized large businesses (i.e. Expedia, Amazon)
Semi-Custom-Built Solutions Storefront
partially custom sites, can be created using pre=written shopping cart, using a payment authorization company (i.e. PayPal)
Back-end Process in a non-semantic search
spiders search entire internet, reading keywords on web pages, results are indexed in a large database, large network of computers serves requests through existing database
Front-end Process in a non-semantic search
mathematical ranking algorithm (over 200 criteria), output is ranked pages, search results displays on web page
Search Engine Optimization
Problems with Non-Semantic Search, easily exploitable by SEO
companies built to perform SEO: improve client’s ranking to improve client’s business traffic, resulted in poor results in search page, improvements: ranking algorithm modified repeatedly, SEO companies improve their methods, penalties: JCPenny, Overstock.com lose ranking resulting in lower sales, BMW removed from database entirely
Semantic Search was invented to combat ______ ________ ___________
Search Engine Optimization
Tips to increase ranking as a search engine:
high quality content, excellent online user experience, online recognition, content being re-shared, currently updated information
Phrase elements
elements typically found in a block of text where certain sections of the text are given different types of significance
monochromatic color schemes
use shades ad tints of a single base color
analogous color schemes
use a single color, then two adjacent colors on the color wheel
complementary color schemes
choose a base color, then a color opposite on the color wheel
Which of the following is not a standard option for the CSS border property?
shading of the line
The CSS float property will cause elements to:
appear to the left or right of other elements which wrap around them
Text can be hidden on a web page for which of the following purposes?
to compensate for text that is embedded inside of an image, and to provide additional text for a page reader
GIFs have ___ colors available
JPEGs have ______ colors available
16.7 million
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