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Essay On Cultural And Economical Analysis For Brazil

Current technology available in Brazil (computers, machinery, tools, etc. ) Brazil, like any other country, has made a lot of improvement in terms of technology. Most of the large players in information technology are present in Brazil, including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, and SAP , and there are some significant Brazilian companies in the field, like Microsiga or Datasul (Brazil Career Guide in Brazil Information Technology). This would prove that Brazil is a fast-growing country in terms of technology. The country is actually third in the industrial sector of America that is most advanced.

In 2001, a project was created called Computador de R$1. 00 or Computers for 1 Real (Somoggi, 2005). It consists of a recordable compact disc (CD) that has a computing environment. The program works in public computer terminals, usually at school, public library, or malls. Percentage of GNP invested in research and development in Brazil There are new laws whose objective is to guarantee a gross national product (GNP) increase of at least 5% per year from 2007 to 2010. The PAC contemplates investment of around US$ 260 billion (503. 9 billion reais).

Since only a small part of these resources (US$ 30 billion) will come from the national

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budget, state and private enterprises are expected to finance the program (Faleiros, 2007). Econimic growth has been one of the main goals of Brazil. 3. Technological skills of the labor force and general population in Brazil. The country is the fifth most populated in the world (A Country in Motion, www. brazil. gov). This presented problems that are currently being faced by the government. It includes education, technology, and issues like inequality.

The technological skills of the labor force in Brazil would be hindered by these factors. The quality of teaching in Brazil has been slowly deteriorating since then (Cristaldo, 2005). Without proper education, technological skills will not be developed and the country’s economy will continue to be a problem. Issues like gender inequality does not contribute a lot to any country’s economical growth. Although in a modern age, this is still an obstacle to Brazil’s development. Women, in the past, was believed to be the subordinate of men, mainly due to physical limitations.

As such, men are given more importance than women. Not only did this cause an increase in unemployment rate, it also hastened Brazil’s development in terms of women’s skills and capabilities with its unequal opportunities. At this time, the country has two main objectives: reducing the dependence on energy sources that are being imported and bringing the digital technology to the majority of people who are not able to afford the technology (Somoggi, 2005).

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Crsistaldo, Janer. “Lack of Education Brought Brazil a Communist President”. Brazzil Magazine. 23 March 2005. 12 February 2008. http://brazzil.com

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