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Customer Service Manager

One of the essential pre-requisites for the role of a customer service manager is to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the overall process and operational procedures that he will be handling. The candidate should be given the necessary process training at the initial stages of his take-over as a manager. A vital aspect of this role entails nurturing team spirit that is directed towards enhancing performance and productivity.

The key responsibility of a manager is to encourage employee growth and career development through training and assisting them to achieve their personal goals. “To motivate and retain key employees, organizations, must show them that they can realize their ambitions inside, as well as outside, the company” (Holbeche, 2005). Training is necessary to create a better understanding of the technology used in the department and identify potential show stoppers within the team that might slow down productivity.

A primary requirement for the manager is to motivate the team to perform better through individual goal setting, efficient feedback mechanism and proper evaluation methods. Training methods The mode and intensity of training delivered to employees is based on the organizational needs and expected outcomes. Organizations adopt both formal and informal modes of training and development practice to teach them new skills. Formal training demands for the company workforce are met through classroom training, presentations, e-learning applications.

Informal training constitutes job rotation, cross-functional working, mentoring, good line manager, and providing challenging work conditions. The company should adopt a combination of these formal and informal methods to train the managers. Classroom training is highly effective for enhancing communication skills, and increasing leadership abilities. Informal methods can be used to impart basic skills on how to prepare daily reports, handle customer information and company communiques.