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Cyber Security//Exam 3 – CH.12 Mod.1 – PP & Quiz

1. what technology allows users to share resources stored on one site with a second site without forwarding their authentication credentials to the other site?

– Kerberos
– OAuth
– OpenAuth

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

2. ?a list of the available nonkeyboard characters can be seen in Windows by opening what utility?

– charmap.exe
– chardump.exe
– ?listchar.exe
– ?charlist.exe

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

3. T/F – OpenID is an example of a web-based federated identity management (FIM) system

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

Identity management
4. the use of a single authentication credential that is shared across multiple networks is called:

– Authorization management
– Identity management
– Access management
– Risk management

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

5. T/F – geolocation is the identification of the location of a person or object using technology, and can be used as part of an authentication method

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

6. what federated identity management (FIM) relies on token credentials?

– Windows Live
– OAuth
– ?OpenID
– ?OpenPass

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

7. which hashing algorithm below is used with NTLMv2’s Hashed Message Authentication Code?

– SHA-1
– MD5
– SHA-256
– ?MD4

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

protocol analyzer
8. passwords that are transmitted can be captured by what type of software?

– function analyzer
– application analyzer
– system analyzer
– protocol analyzer

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

9. what can be used to increase the strength of hashed passwords??

– Salt
– Key stretching
– Crypting
– Double hashing

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

10. a secret combination of letters, numbers, and/or characters that only the user should have knowledge of, is known as a:

– biometric detail
– token
– challenge
– password

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

Brute force
11. what type of attack involves using every possible combination of letters, numbers, and characters to create candidate digests that are then matched against those in a stolen digest file?

– Space division
– Brute force
– Known ciphertext
– Known plaintext

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

offline cracking
12. what type of attack involves an attacker stealing a file containing password digests and comparing the digests with digests created by the attacker?

– offline cracking
– online cracking
– hash replay
– token replay

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

HMAC-Based one-time password (HOTP)
13. what type of one-time password (OTP) changes after a set time period?

– HMAC-Based one-time password (HOTP)
– period-based one-time password (POTP)
– time-based one-time password (TOTP)
– interval-based one-time password (IOTP)

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

14. T/F – using a rainbow table to crack a password requires three steps: Creation of the table, comparing the table to known hash values, and decrypting the password

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

Standard biometrics
15. what kind of biometrics utilizes a person’s unique physical characteristics for authentication, such as fingerprints or unique characteristics of a person’s face?

– Affective biometrics
– Standard biometrics
– Reactive biometrics
– Cognitive biometrics

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

Common Access Card (CAC)
16. a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) smart card that is used for identification of active-duty and reserve military personnel along with civilian employees and special contractors is called:

– Identity Validation Card (IVC)
– Personal Credential Card (PCC)
– Credential Validation Card (CVC)
– ?Common Access Card (CAC)

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

17. select below the decentralized open-source FIM that does not require specific software to be installed on the desktop:

– OpenPass
– OAuth
– Windows Live ID
– ?OpenID

(Ch.12 Mod.1 – Online Quiz)

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