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Database Management Exam 1

One application of data warehouses is:
decision support
Older systems that often contain data of poor quality are called ________ systems.
A database is an organized collection of ________ related data.
Data processed in a way that increases a user’s knowledge is:
One disadvantage of file processing systems is:
limited data sharing.
A person, place, object, event or concept about which the organization wishes to maintain data is called a(n):
________ is a tool even non-programmers can use to access information from a database.
Structured query language
In a file processing environment, descriptions for data and the logic for accessing the data are built into:
application programs.
A centralized knowledge base of all data definitions, data relationships, screen and report formats, and other system components is called a(n):
Languages, menus, and other facilities by which users interact with the database are collectively called a(n):
user interface.
The SDLC phase in which every data attribute is defined, every category of data is listed and every business relationship between data entities is defined is called the ________ phase.
Repositories are always used in file processing systems.
An enterprise data model describes the scope of data for only one information system.
The steps of the systems development life cycle can only be viewed as a linear process.
The repository is populated during the analysis phase of the systems development life cycle.
The physical structure and storage organization of the database are decided upon during the implementation phase of the systems development life cycle.
Data from prior systems is converted to the new system during the implementation phase of the systems development life cycle.
Characteristics of the structure of the database are generally changed during the implementation phase of the database development process.
In 1998, ANSI/SPARC published an important document describing the three-schema architecture.
The conceptual schema is always technology specific.
Personal databases are designed to support a small group of individuals working together on a project.
The most common way to support a group of individuals who work together on a project or group of similar projects is with a two-tier client/server database.
Business policies and rules govern all of the following EXCEPT:
managing employees.
Which of the following is NOT a good characteristic of a data name?
Relates to a technical characteristic of the system
Customers, cars, and parts are examples of:
A(n) ________ is the relationship between a weak entity type and its owner.
identifying relationship
A property or characteristic of an entity type that is of interest to the organization is called a(n):
An attribute that can be calculated from related attribute values is called a(n) ________ attribute.
An attribute that uniquely identifies an entity and consists of a composite attribute is called a(n):
composite identifier.
The number of entity types that participate in a relationship is called the:
A student can attend five classes, each with a different professor. Each professor has 30 students. The relationship of students to professors is a ________ relationship.
The purpose of data modeling is to document business rules about processes.
A relationship instance is an association between entity instances where each relationship instance includes exactly one entity from each participating entity type.
Given the following entities, which of the choices below would be the most complicated?

Automobile: VIN, EngineSize, NumberOfDoors, NumberOfPassengers, FuelType, Transmission
SUV: VIN, EngineSize, NumberOfPassengers, NoWheelDrive, FuelType, Transmission
Truck: VIN, EngineSize, NoWheelDrive, FuelType, Transmission, Payload

Define one vehicle entity type to hold all entities.
In the figure below, which of the following are subtypes of patient?
In the figure below, to which of the following entities are the entities “CAR” and “TRUCK” generalized?
The following figure is an example of:
total specialization.
In the figure below, the patient must be either an outpatient or a resident patient. This is an example of the ________ rule.
Packaged data models:
require customization.
The third step in the data modeling process with a packaged data model is:
map data to be used from package to data in current databases.
One of the major challenges in data modeling is to recognize and clearly represent entities that are almost the same.
Specialization is the reverse of generalization.
The total specialization rule states that an entity instance of a supertype is allowed not to belong to any subtype.
The overlap rule specifies that if an entity instance of the supertype is a member of one subtype, it can simultaneously be a member of two (or more) subtypes.

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