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Database Systems – CSE 3153

A database is an organized collection of ________ related data.
A) logically
B) physically
C) loosely
D) badly
One disadvantage of file processing systems is:
A) reduced data duplication.
B) program-data independence.
C) limited data sharing.
D) enforcement of integrity constraints.
Loss of metadata integrity is often a result of:
A) poor design.
B) unplanned and uncontrolled duplication of data.
C) decreased programmer productivity.
D) a large volume of file i/o.
The external schema contains a subset of the conceptual schema relevant to a particular group of users.
All of the following are primary purposes of a database management system (DBMS) EXCEPT:
A) creating data.
B) updating data.
C) storing data.
D) providing an integrated development environment.
The total quiz points for a student for an entire semester is a(n) ________ attribute.
A) derived
B) mixed
C) stored
D) addressed
A relationship between the instances of a single entity type is called a(n) ________ relationship.
A) ternary
B) primary
C) binary
D) unary
The ________ rule specifies that each entity instance of the supertype must be a member of some subtype in the relationship.
A) semi-specialization
B) total specialization
C) partial specialization
D) total convergence
Physical database design decisions must be made carefully because of impacts on:
A) data accessibility.
B) response times.
C) security.
D) all of the above.
A domain definition consists of the following components EXCEPT:
A) domain name.
B) data type.
C) integrity constraints.
D) size.
Which of the following are not anomalies that can be caused by redundancies in tables?
A) Insertion
B) Deletion
C) Modification
D) Retrieval
When transforming a one-to-one relationship, a new relation is always created.
All of the following are common denormalization opportunities EXCEPT:
A) two entities with a one-to-one relationship.
B) a one-to-many relationship.
C) a many-to-many relationship with non key attributes.
D) reference data.
A file organization that uses hashing to map a key into a location in an index where there is a pointer to the actual data record matching the hash key is called a:
A) hashed file organization.
B) hash key.
C) multi-indexed file organization.
D) hash index table.

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