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dcush unit 6

Farmers believed that their plight derived from:
the free and unlimited coinage of silver.
The Farmers’ Alliance
ought to improve conditions through cooperatives
The People’s Party
evolved out of the Farmers’ Alliance
The Populist Platform
called for government control of business
The Populists
The severe depression of 1893
was marked by high, long-term unemployement exemplified by Coxey’s army.
How were federal troops used in the Pullman Strike of 1894?
To help suppress the strikers on behalf of the owners
William Jennings Bryan:
ran for president in 1896 on the free silver platform.
the silver issue
refers to the fight to increase the money supply by minting silver money.
Republican presidential candidate William McKinley:
argued in favor of the gold standard.
The election of 1896:
is sometimes called the first modern presidential campaign.
Which institution was hardest hit by the Redeemers once they assumed power in the South?
Public Schools
In the South, the Redeemers:
imposed a new racial order.
The New South, as promoted by Henry Grady:
attempted to appeal to northern business interests but failed to bring prosperity to the region
Who migrated to Kansas during the Kansas Exodus?
By the end of the nineteenth century, African-American men in the South:
suffered from the region’s most poor conditions
Plessy v. Ferguson
sactioned racial segregation
The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire:
brought in its wake increased union organizing among New York City garment workers and much needed safety legislation
The painters who were part of the Ashcan School focused their art on
city life.
The word “Progressivism” came into common use aroudn 1910
as a way of describing a loosely defined political movement.
The Progressive movement drew its strength from
middle-class reformers.
Newspaper and magazine writers who exposed the ills of industrial and urban life, fueling the Progressive movement, were known as
Which of the following regions did people migrate to in large numbers between 1840 and 1914?
All of the following people were “muckrakers” EXCEPT:
Samuel Gompers.
The writer whose work encouraged the passage of the Meat Inspection Act was
Upton Sinclair.
During the Progressive era
1) commercial farming grew.
2) urban development highlighted social inequalities.
3) new immigration from southern and eastern Europe reached its peak.
Progressive-era immigration was part of a larger process of worldwide migration set in
motion by all of the following forces
the annexation of the Philipines.
Which was the Ellis Island of the West?
Angel Island.
Asian and Mexican Immigrants in the early twentieth century
clustered in the West as agricultural workers.
Birds of passage were
immigrants who planned on returning to their homeland.
Which institution became a pillar of stability for the immigrants as they settled into the communities in American cities?
All of the following statements are true of mass consumption in the early twentieth century EXCEPT:
southerners fully participated in mass-consumption society.
Vaudeville is a:
form of live entertainment.
were motion picture theaters with a five cent admission charge.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman claimed that the road to women’s freedom lay through
the workplace.
The term “fordism”
descrives an economic system based on mass production and mass consumption.
The new concepts of a “living wage” and the “American standard of living”
allowed for criticism of the inequalities of wealth and power.
The program that sought to streamline production and boost profits by systematically controlling costs and work practices was called:
scientific management.
Why did workers experience the introduction of scientific management as a loss of freedom?
skilled workers under scientific management had to obey very detailed instructions
A worker who crosssed a picket line during a strike was called a
Which person was a Supreme Court Justice and a Progressive reformenter who advocated for the labor movement?
Louis Brandels
In the early twentieth century, the Socialist Party advocated for all of the following except
national health insurance.
By 1912, the Socialist Party:
had elected scores of local officials
Eugene V. Debs was
a Socialist candidate for president.
The American Federation of Labor (AFL)
proposed an overthrow of the capitalist system…?
The industrial Workers of the World
advocated a workers’ revolution.
What brough about a new wave of sympathy for the plight of women in the garment industry in Lawrence, Massachusetts?
The appearance of malnourished children form Lawrenc shocked the public.
The Ludlow Massacre was a tragic confrontation between
Colorado mine workers and militia.
Which of the following social groups were NOT heavily involved in the Progressive movement?
Big city machine politicians
Progressive governor of Wisconsin, Robert La Follette, instituted all the following reforms except:
using political bosses to staff his administration
All of the following were measures that expanded democracy during the Progressive era EXCEPT:
literacy tests and residency requirements
Electoral reform during the Progressive Era:
actually limited many Americans’ right to vote
Jane Addams:
advocated for the working poor
A cause not widely championed by Progressives was
civil rights for blacks
After 1900, the campaign for women’s suffrage
included both middle- and working-class women
Maternalist reform:
was supported by both feminists and more traditional women
In Muller v. Oregon, the Supreme Court:
argued that women were too weak to work long hours
The Progressive presidents were:
Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson
Who used the Sherman Antitrust Act to dissolve J. P. Morgan’s Northern
Securities Company?
Theodore Roosevelt
As a Progressive president, Theodore Roosevelt
supported the conversation movement
To create national parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Glacier, the
federal government:
removed Indians who hunted and fished on these lands
The Sixteenth Amendment:
authorized Congress to implement a graduated income tax
In 1912, New Freedom:
was Woodrow Wilson’s campaign pledge that government should renew economic competition with less government intervention
The New Nationalism and New Freedom differed on the issue of
govenrment interference in business, where New Freedom wanted less interference
A frank acceptance of the benefits of bigness, coupled with the
intervention of government to counteract its abuses, best describes the
philosophy behind:
New Nationalism
As a Progressive president, Woodrow Wilson:
signed into law the Keating-Owen Act

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