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Direct online selling of goods Essay

Customers can buy the goods they want online as well as offline, this is because they are recognized and trusted by consumers. Goods are products you can see and touch but you can buy goods and services online and offline.

Direct online selling of service: Today you can do anything online. The airline industry was one of the first services to sell tickets online cuts costs down.

Government service: The main government website is the oxford city council here this directs users to many public service websites.

Charity service: Charities such as Oxfam benefit because they can promote their cause online.

This is a non-profitable company and all the money raised is given to the needed/ poor countries/ natural disasters.

Information only: There is a high amount of information on the internet, many struggle to find information they want. Whether it is to check the latest news or weather.

Internet service : It’s a information and services related to internet activities.

Advertising & Marketing: Approved Marketing Companies A main purpose of having a website is to help the business; they promote their businesses using e- marketing and print advertising.

Education: Sam learning This website helps student’s revise, for any age and any subject.

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