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Drivers ed-test 3

Use your headlights ____________________.
when it is cloudy or foggy
any time you have trouble seeing other cars
when it is raining
____________ is an example of a driving error that can lead to road rage in other drivers.
failing to yield
running a red light
following to closely
What are three types of spatial conditions you encounter on the road?
open, closed, changing
Traffic entering the roundabout must yield the right-of-way to ____________.
circulating traffic
Which statement is true about central vision?
It is about fifteen degrees of our visual field
It is our side vision
it allows us to estimate distance and understand details in the path ahead
it helps us detect light and motion
it allows us to estimate distance and understand details in the path ahead
Cars entering from the side require us to use our ___________.
peripheral vision
When making a right turn on red at a red light, you should do which of the following?
come to a complete stop and do not interfere with the right-of-way of others
When parking uphill on a two-way street with no curb, your front wheels should be ____________.
turned to the right (toward the side of the road)
One of the main rules of the right-of-way is ______________________.
never insist on taking the right of way
You should signal your intention to turn at least ___ ft before turning.
200 feet
Which of the following would NOT represent a positive way to handle road rage in other drivers as well as in yourself?
Practicing good daily habits, such as eating properly and getting enough rest
Being forgiving
Always knowing where you stand with other drivers
Developing a sense of humor
always knowing where you stand with other drivers
Parking is NOT prohibited _____________________.
at a yellow curb
in a fire lane or within 15 ft of a fire hydrant
in front of pet stores
on pedestrian crosswalks or sidewalks
in front of pet stores
SIPDE stands for ____________________.
Search, Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute
Scanning the roadside helps you to see __________________.
potential dangers
signs warning of dangers ahead
signs giving you directions
Which lane is not to be used to pass or overtake another vehicle?
designated center lane
What are the three basic elements of space management?
speed control, lane positioning, and communication
Your first line of defense to keep you from being in a deadly pile-up is your ABILITY TO PAY ATTENTION. You have to _________ to be able to AVOID IT.
What is the most important thing to do before you get behind the wheel?
choose to drive with the right attitude
What is NOT an example of “violent” aggressive behaviors?
staring at another driver to show your disapproval
When slowing, you should start __________ early to signal to the cars behind you.
The speed limits for urban interstate highways, U.S. Federal routes, and rural state highways are __ mph or as posted.
Sound your horn __________________.
when necessary to avoid collisions

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