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Driving review. (all)

What would happen to a person that did not stop to give help when the vehicle they are driving is involved in a crash causing death or personal injury?
They will have their license revoked.
In Florida a DUI conviction will remain on your record for:
75 years
If you’ve had several alcoholic drinks, what should you do before attempting to drive?
Choose a designated driver or wait 1 hour per drink
What is the florida implied conscent law?
You will be asked to take a blood test, a urine tesst, or a breath test. If you say no youre license will be suspended for one year.
Go to http://freedmvpracticetests.com/fl-florida/teen-permit/dmv-written-permit-practice-test/take
If you are driving in harsh weather conditions what speed limit must you legally drive in a 70 mph zone?
Whatever speed is necessary
How far away must you hear a horn?
200 feet
Side windows are allowed to reflect how much light?
The passagers in a car dont need a seat belt in a car and truck older than?
1968 and 1972
If the set speed limit is 70 mph, what is the minimum speed alllowed?
50 mph
What is the maximum residential speed?
30 mph
Can you park if a curb is yellow?
What do dashed white lines mean?
Same direction
If a chain is being used as a towing connection, what color flag must you have attached to it?
A load must be clearly marked when it extends how far beyond the bed or body of a loaded vehicle?
4 feet
If you are traveling at 30M.P.H. and abiding by Florida “Standard” Speed Limits you may be traveling:
In a Business area
What sequence in order of importance should be followed if you come upon an accident?
Send for help, Start breathing, Stop bleeding, Treat for shock
Low beam headlights are only effective for speeds up to:
25 mph
If you recieve 12 points within 12 months, for how long will your license be suspended?
30 days
When can you be charged with a DUI?
If you are found to be driving or in control of a car under the influence.
Both your judgement and vision are affected after drinking alcohol, Which is affected first?
What are the penalties for failing to take a blood test, a urine test, or a breath test?
Your license will be suspended for a year.
When must you comply with the Financial Responsibility law?
A crash, DUI, excessive points, revocation
What type of insurance must you have on a car with 4 or more wheels?
Personal Injury Protection or Property Damage Liability
When a crash results in property damages of any amount, must the driver notify the Florida Highway Patrol, the Sheriff’s Department, or the city police department?
If you hit a parked car and are unable to locate the owner, what should you do?
Give the owner your name, address, and tag number in person or in a note that is easily seen. Report the crash.
After a crash has been investigated by an officer, does the driver need to send a written report to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles?
Not unless it is over $500
What are the penalties for littering?
$500 or jail in 60 days. If over 15 pounds a fine up to $1000
What is a defensive driver?
Someone who will prevent a crash
More than half of crashes and deaths are from a speed less than
40 mph
Over __% of the deaths and 80% of the ____ in car crashes could be prevented by crash-tested child restraints.
90 injuries
How old must you be to still be in child restraints?
5 years
How old do you have to be to be in a car seat?
3 years
If your child is under the age of 6 they cannot stay in a car unattended for __ minutes
Define municipal
town or ciy
What is the standard speed limit for municipal speed areas?
What is the standard speed for a business or residential area?
What is the set speed limit for a rural interstate?
What is the speed limit for a limited access highway?
What is the speed limit for all other roads and highways?
What is the speed limit in school zones?
More crashes happen where more than anywhere else?
Which way do roundabouts travel?
How soon should you turn on your turn signal?
100 feet before
What is another name for a turnabout?
3-point turn
How do you make a 3-point turn?
Move over right as much as possible and signal a left turn, turn the steering wheel sharply to the left and turn slowly, stop at the curb, shift in reverse, and turn wheel sharply to the right and back up.
You may not pass other vehicles if you are within — feet of a bridge.
The two-second rule is responsible for what?
Knowing if you are too close to the vehicle ahead of you.
When you are parked uphill how should you place your wheels?
Away from the curb unless there is non the turn right.
When you are parked downhill how should you place your wheels?
To curb
How far must you be away from an intersection to park safely and legally?
20 feet
What is the punishment for parking in a handicapped spot?
$500 or 6 months
High beams can show objects up to —feet?
Do not use high beams within 500 feet of?
oncoming traffic
Use low beams when?
You are behind a vehicle as close as 300 feet
What times must you drive with your low beams in addition to rain and fog?
Between sunset and sunrise.
When is the road most slippery?
Just after the rain begins due to washing of oil drips from cars.
Define hydroplaning.
Tires driving on a wet puddled road like skis.
For emergencies try to park within — feet of visibility.
A bicycles lights must be seen from how far away?
500 feet
Motorists must give cyclists a minimum of how many feet clearance?
You can avoid dangerous last minute maneuvers by looking ________ ahead of your vehicle at all times.
10-15 seconds

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