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DSS Chapter 2

A temporary activity a company undertakes to create a unique product, service, or result
Measurements that evaluate results to determine whether a project is meeting its goals
Critical Success Factors (CSF)
Crucial for business strategy’s success (steps to achieve goals and objectives
Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
measure the progress of the CSFs with quantifiable with quantifiable metrics
External KPI-Market Share
The portion of the market that a firm captures (external)
Internal KPI-Return on investment
Indicates the earning power of a project
transactional information
Information to support the performing of daily operational or structured decisions.
Online Transaction Processing
Capturing of transaction and event information using technology to process, store, and update
transaction processing system
Basic business system that serves the operational level and assists in making structured decisions
source document
The original transaction record
analytical information
Transactional information to support the performing of managerial analysis tasks & decisions- examples
online analytical processing
Manipulation of information to create business intelligence in support of strategic decision making
decision support system
Models information to support managers and business professionals during the decision-making process
executive information system
A specialized DSS that supports senior level executives within the organization
Refers to the level of detail in the model or the decision-making process
Produces graphical displays of patterns and complex relationships in large amounts of data
digital dashboard
Tracks KPIs and CSFs by compiling information from multiple sources and tailoring it to meet user needs
Aggregation of information. Grouping multiple store sales together to get a total for the company
Drill Down
Enables details of details of information Digging into the numbers (revenues broken down into individual product revenues for each store during different dates and times)
Slice and Dice
looks at information from different perspectives such as looking at information with different dimensions, similar to the cubes of information
artificial intelligence
Simulates human intelligence such as the ability to reason and learn
intelligent system
Various commercial applications (software) of artificial intelligence
fuzzy logic
A mathematical method of handling imprecise or subjective information
genetic algorithm
An artificial intelligent system that mimics the evolutionary, survival-of-the-fittest process to generate increasingly better solutions to a problem
or survival of the fittest or giving preference to better outcomes
combining portion of good outcomes to create even better outcomes
randomly trying combinations and evaluating the success of each
intelligent agent
special-purposed knowledge-based information system that accomplishes specific tasks on behalf of its users
virtual reality
A computer-simulated environment that can be a simulation of the real world or an imaginary world
business process
a standardized set of activities that transform a set of inputs into a set of outputs.
The process of computerizing manual tasks (Online check in air travel)
Which of the following is a type of efficiency MIS metric?
web traffic
Review the below statements. Which one does not represent an example of a structured decision?
deciding to enter a new market
CSFs and KPIs are the two core metrics used within a business to track progress or success. What is the relationship between CSFs and KPIs?
CSFs are business strategy elements where KPIs measure the progress of the CSFs
Which of the below represents the structure of a typical organization
What type of measurement is using market share as a KPI?
external measurement
What types of metrics measure customer satisfaction?
effectiveness MIS metrics
What is the science of fact-based decision making?
What type of metrics measure throughput, transaction speed, and system availability?
efficiency MIS metrics
What are measurements that evaluate results to determine whether a project is meeting its goals?
Which of the below statements is accurate?
Critical success factors can have several key performance indicators
Critical success factors can have no more than four key performance indicators
Key performance indicators can have several critical success factors
Key performance indicators can have no more than four critical success factors
Critical success factors can have several key performance indicators
Which of the following should a business follow for success?
Technology choices should drive business processes
Business processes should drive technology choices
Technology choices should drive business strategies and goals
All of these depending on the industry
Business processes should drive technology choices
Sarah Schin was recently hired by Bank West as the Global Director of Human Resources. Her job duties include determining employment policies as well as overseeing all hiring, firing, and training of employees. What type of processes does Sarah’s new job demonstrate?
business facing processes
What is the business process model that ensures the process is fully and clearly understood before the details of a process solution are decided upon?
to be process model
What is the primary goal of using As-Is and To-Be process models?
to determine what the process is and how to solve it
Changing business processes with MIS outlines how to improve the three levels of business processes which include operational, managerial, and strategic. From operational to strategic, what are the three major improvement strategies that the author describes?
Automation – streamlining – reengineering
Review the below list of key terms and determine which one typically occurs during strategic business process improvement.
What occurs when resources reach full capacity and cannot handle any additional demands limiting throughput and impeding operations?
Which of the below represents business processes you would find in the human resources department?
Hiring employees
Enrolling employees in benefit plans
Tracking vacation and sick time
all of these
Jessica Ulta works as an employee for City Service Credit Union and is responsible for consulting on loans, talking clients through the loan process, and providing loans to members. What type of processes does Jessica primarily work with?
Industry-specific customer facing processes
Which of the following explains why a company would implement a BPR strategy?
to create value for the customer

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