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DSTV Consumer Behaviour

DUST aims to give “So Much More” to their clients and they do this with the creation of an effective marketing strategy. They target people who demand a high level of entertainment with a variety of program offerings such as Movies, Music, News, Comedy, Documentaries etc, for the entertainment of their clients thus creating and delivering value to the customer. The customer may choose what they want to watch whenever they want to watch it, whether at home or on the move with various innovations such as the decoder at home and the Walk which may be used on the move.

With all the innovations they have come up with and made money off, DUST still aims to better the environment they work in whether it is improving the lives of people through hearty organizations or CSS. DUST has created employment for people of Africa and opportunities for Africans such as the Face of Africa competition, New Directions Initiative and the creation of Channel O which focuses on the musical talents of some of Africans best musicians.

DUST has also created multiple initiatives focused on improving the lives of people living in South Africa such as giving access to water to people

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without and making green houses for the people of South Africa. DUST created and installed the playful system in multiple schools throughout South Africa. This system combines the energy of children who would play on a Roundabout Playful which would produce water as they play, this water is then used by the children for drinking purposes and it is used to water the food gardens DUST Consumer Behavior By Silken_M TV sponsors.

The green houses initiatives aims to plant trees in many urban areas to create a green environment. DUST has already provided over 5000 trees for low income households and community areas in the country. (Anon B) Market Analysis Customers User’s Demographic core LSI: 8- 10 Gender: 50% Male 50% Female Age: 6- 18 Years Selector’s Demographics ore LSI: 8 – 10 Age: 20 – 35 years Payer’s Demographics Age: 25- 50 years Organizations Capabilities Strengths DUST offers over 90 Channels and 78 Audio Channels Innovative – They have introduced Mobile TV I. . Drifts, Drifts USB, Walk, Drifts (Lisle’s Notes) DUST is Technologically Advanced – “South Africans Leading Satellite Pay Television Brand” (Lisle’s Notes) Weaknesses DUST offers too many options in its Premium Bouquet DUST Premium is expensive and the cheaper DUST compact offers little entertainment Dusts is difficult to navigate and troubleshooting problems such as loss of signal u to mechanical failure are difficult to fix Opportunities A growing Mobile Entertainment market The online media streaming trends Technological advancement e. . HAD Television, Smartened APS that allow you to stream media, AD TV. Threats People going back to traditional entertainment e. G. Children choosing to play outside instead of watching TV Piracy e. G. Illegal movies being sold at traffic lights being substituted for DUST Box Office Competitors e. G. Estimates which has over 7 million subscribers in China alone ( Current Competitors Cinema e. G. Steer-Senior, Metro etc. TOP Walking on Water

On Digital Media E-sat Talked Media Future Competitors Nettling Provider of on demand online streaming media Numb Television They aim to offer 150 Channels HAD Channels Catch-Up/On Demand Service Youth Stream videos online TV’s being able to connect to internet meaning consumers can stream videos online The Environment Economic Forces Petrol price increase means some items will become more expensive which may force some to cut back on luxuries e. G.

Changing from DUST Premium to Compact in order to save money Technological Forces Introduction of Smarts which may connect to the internet Smartness becoming trend in South Africa, DUST Mobile customers may increase. Legal Forces Laws that allow/disallow the broadcasting of certain events e. G. Oscar Posteriors Trial may increase DUST premiership Environmental Forces Weather patterns changing, more rain means DUST signal will be affected, which affects the performance of the network. Segmentation DUST operates in the Satellite TV Market.

They have chosen to focus on mainly the entertainment and education segments of that market (Anon C). This market is one that provides consumers with amusement in the form of Game Shows, Sport, Music, Movies etc, as well as insight and knowledge in the form of Documentaries, News and Learning Programs. The best way to segment the DUST market would be to place a group of individuals who share a similar set of needs and want together and provide them with programming that would best satisfy those needs. (Moray Roberts L. ) This segment would be targeted at children below the age of 10 years.

These children are part of the core LSI (LSI 6 – 8). There’s no cultural, racial limitation to the group and the programs featured in this Segment would include channels such s Cartoon Network, Disney and Nickelodeon for Entertainment purposes as well as channels such as the Learning Channel for Educational purposes. I choose to segment in this manner because this would allow DUST to effectively target children more and provide higher quality services to the parents and the children watching the shows which would best fit Dusts slogan “So Much More. DUST premium This segment is targeted at adult Males and Females between the ages of 40 – 50 years. This individual is at the prime of their life and needs a high level of service and value for money. This individual is part of LSI 8 – 10 and has a high ranking position in their workplace. This individual gets to enjoy all of Dusts offerings exclusively at any time of day. These individuals may watch DUST on their own or with their family/friends. DUST compact This segment is targeted at young adult males and females between the ages of 20 – 25 years.

These young individuals are students and cannot afford to pay Premium prices but would like to enjoy some of Dusts offerings. This segment focuses purely on entertainment e. G. Reality shows, game shows, music and series. They get to attach their favorite shows in their apartments/flats or on their smartness. These individuals are part of LSI 7 – 9 and are generally into speaking about celebrities and the latest gossip. DUST Cinema This segment is targeted at adult Males and Females between the ages of 30 – 40 years.

These individuals love watching the latest movies and with the price of cinema tickets increasing they would benefit greatly from an affordable movie ticket in the comfort of their own home or while on the move. These individual are social and can be found in restaurants with their family or friends but would prefer to watch movies t home where there are less people and more comfort. Conclusion DUST has been able to grow its market over the years by creating effective marketing strategies that satisfy the consumer’s needs.

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