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E-bay Strategic Management

Strategic management is the process of organization managers to come up with the ways in which will enable them to achieve their goals set in the organization. In doing this, the organization has to stipulate the plans to be undertaken, to assess and to evaluate their efficiency in the organization. Thus the paper will concentrate on the strategic management done in the eBay organization as one of the internet corporation in the world.

In doing this, it will tend to focus more on the competitive advantage that the organization have had over its competitors such as the amazon. com and the yahoo internet corporations. It will go on looking at the nature of the competitive advantage that the organization is using to compete its competitors in the market as well as the sustainable competitive advantage that the organization have had in its system.

In later stage of the discussion, the paper will be able to discuss on the strategic challenges of change that an organization faces while undertaking the strategic management in given organization. In doing this, the organization will focus more on the challenges that the eBay company faces in their change of their strategies. INTRODUCTION Strategic management is an art or science of creating, executing and assessing cross-functional resolutions that permits an organization to accomplish its long term goals.

It normally involves the process of identifying the organization’s operation, dream and goals, developing strategies and tactics frequently in term of projects and programs, which are stipulated to attain these goals, and then assigning resources to implement the strategies and tactics, projects and programs (Haberberg, & Rieple, 2008, pg 186). This management seeks to organize and incorporate the activities of the diverse purposeful areas of a business so as to attain long term managerial objectives.

This practice is normally practiced by the uppermost level of decision-making practices. It usually provides the organization with the overall direction associated to the field of the organizational studies. In the process of carrying out this process, the organization assesses the competitors in term of the new competitors together with the old competitors in the organization. Different organizations have different mode of the strategic management for their accomplishment of their goals. This paper will discuss on the strategic management done in the e-Bay management.

EBay is an American internet corporation that supervises the eBay . com which is an online sale and shopping website in which people and companies buy and sell commodities and services across the world. In their organization, they have introduced the use of the localized websites in thirty more countries. While discussing their strategic management, the paper will look at their nature of their competitive advantages, their strategic challenge of change and the sustainable competitive advantage in the organization.