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E-Commerce Company

Several online companies are utilizing e-commerce in order to increase their profits and income. There are issues behind the implementation of e-commerce strategy in order to achieve positive results such as lower production costs, better information and management system, globalization, and better business strategy.

Strategies involved in e-commerce include the implementation of a secure website with proper digital certificates and security protocols, development of databases to maintain all the transactions performed using the e-commerce mechanism, design of an user interface to be friendly and easy to operate by customers, design of a website that can attract and bring more customers, and introduction of attractive shopping carts to enhance a customers’ online shopping experience. The four infrastructures of e-commerce strategy include technology, capital, media, and public policy.

E-commerce manager must focus on the technology consisting of computer hardware, servers, Internet, routers, software, and communication technology because it is important for the development of a viable vision and strategy (Rayport & Jaworski, 2002). He or she must consider capital because it will be used to secure funding for an e-business and subsequently value that business (Rayport & Jaworski, 2002). He or she should also enable to make choices about the types of media used such as print, audio, and video and editorial policy such as style, content, look, and feel (Rayport & Jaworski, 2002).

He or she should also be aware and understand existing laws and how they may impact the business (Rayport & Jaworski, 2002). Other challenges facing e-commerce managers include the understanding of the competitive issues arising from within the areas of corporate competition, the ability to decrease the communications overhead and to create crossover skills to find ways to stay ahead of competitors and information and to manage business across multiple channels and platforms.


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