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E-Commerce Systems

Usability is referred to as the ease of using some thing and your website usability can also be called your legacy. Website usability has support from main IT (information technology) players of the industry which include IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and Sun. despite the fact that the idea behind Website usability is a world wide application integration inline with complete interoperability, excluding the system structure and organization. Website usability delivers on services of supplied computing.

Thus, providing a flexible way to supply computing capabilities including resources internally and externally, not considering the applications as well as the operating platforms included. Application Most information about employees in a given company can be spread allover multiple systems. If some one could construct an intranet application which gives employees access to self-service of their specific information in time, it would save traffic of important phone and e-mail into the human resources department.

For such a case, the developer could explain a Website usability which has access to payroll information from either one or many servers. Developers could then satisfy themselves with such services by joining it into a new e-business application. Since Website usability standards depend on accepted standards of industries, where people knows what is expect, and knowledge specialization in the unknown systems is not needed. External application In the long run, Website usability created for application of employees on the internet could be used again for other external applications.

For instance, if a group insurance plan looks up inventory information and have a specific pricing system, the business partners could then satisfy themselves with that Website usability to construct e-business applications of their own. And this also brings about provision of better services to your business since, Website usability is able communicate through XML over Simple Object Access Protocol. The enterprise systems are left secure since they are never exposed to any parties which don’t belong to your organization directly. Development today

Despite the fact that some Website usability standards are not yet completely finished, there are mature enough technologies available to start working on the pilot projects. The best way to start this is to restrict Website usability only for internal consumption. Another good step is to postpone those efforts to suppliers and business partners who are trusted. The moment technologies levels have risen and the importance of applying Website usability is evident, in the long run, all organizations start taking full benefits of Website usability.

They can apply them to lower costs and raise internal efficiency, build new sales channels, increase business relationships, and others. Recommendations to improve usability The following factors should be undertaken to improve usability. Learnability: this is how easy the functionalities or the features of a system are easily understood. For example, novice users require menu driven systems while expert users might do well, if commands are included in the system in addition to shortcuts keys. Memorability; this is where the user can easily remember the features of the system after the first use.

It can include, how the icons are used to depict the real physical features, for example, recycle bin to be represented as a bucket. Efficiency: this is how first the system is responding to users request and how good it utilizes the memory. Conclusion From what we have pointed above, web usability in e-business system has importance like external applications to the employees which eases their work in the e-business. And by this, we strongly suggest that the major IT players like Microsoft should keep on developing the website usability.


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