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The internet has become the most indispensable platform for business transactions. Because of the relative convenience the technology provides, many business owners, both in retailing and commercial segments, have initiated internet-based shopping and purchasing strategies. The store in reference is National Book Store which primarily caters to online orders of books and other school materials. As of the moment, it is not yet affiliated with any of eBay’s online purchase tools.

Basically, an eBay store can have greater advantages of National Book Store because of the following factors; effective marketing features through online advertising, customizable advertising tools, easy inventory management and free customer service support for store clients (AllBusiness, 1999). On the other side of the equation, National Book Store also has an advantage over a particular shop affiliated with eBay Store. One good point is that the company will not be required to pay yearly or monthly royalties to eBay for such additional marketing platforms.

Also, National Book Store will be able to accumulate only the clients which are interested to its product offerings. Unlike with an eBay Store partnership, multiple advertisers may compete in a single commercial spot especially if there are several stores which offer the same product or service line-ups. Primarily, National Book Store can be used as a linking domain which can accommodate other advertising entities in eBay. The web platform can serve as a module to let other eBay stores become exposed to the clients of National Book Store.

This can be done by selecting other brands which are different from the online offerings which National have. eBay’s strategy to accommodate external stores has lead to the company’s growth in the online shopping industry. This provided a stable inter-relationship of merchants by having a reliable backbone of customer oriented facilities.


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