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Economic Development in China

Ever since the start of the year 2008, the entire Chinese country had experienced significant development and growth in which China has record stronger economic stability among any other countries in Asia. As such, the country has sustained a secure and rapid growth momentum in their economy that have resulted to historical changes and confusions in international and domestic economic conditions.

Moreover, the country had also experienced increased in investment, consumption and export in a balanced manner in which domestic or local demands, most especially consumer demands that have been the stronger economic driving force for financial growth. As such, the urban and rural household income has increased accordingly while the domestic consumer demands have stayed in a firm position. On the other hand, it can be said that the United States economic growth and the increase in China’s exportability are strongly as well as positively related.

As such, with the lower growth in the United States economy will most likely affect the Chinese’ economic and its export growth. Certainly, the United States corporations must react to improve accordingly to be able to cope up the current trend in the global financial condition and competition. As such, the United States financial side must react in such a way that would further strengthen the economic condition of the country to be able to protect and further strengthen the worldwide financial status as well as the recent economic growth of china and countries that were connected to the American economy.