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Economic pecking order

Within a capitalist society in which one’s economic standing determines such visible aspects of life as where one can live, the school to which one’s children are allowed to attend and the extent to which one can provide health care (etc. ) to one’s family, it would seem that one’s economic standing is very important in determining one’s status in a community. While this criterion is highly important, it does share this importance with such factors as one’s vocation, the organizations or societies to which one belongs, and one’s standing with the law.

It is important to note, however, that one’s vocation is tightly linked to economic standing, as certain high-profile or “desirable” jobs are also highly paid. Therefore, economic position is again fore-grounded as one that contributes in a significant way to a person’s status within a community. The idea of “survival of the fittest” is one that I believe aptly describes any capitalist economy (Rustad 1).

The reality of capitalism is that it rewards those who work but gives greater reward to those who possess not just the ideas but also the wherewithal (capital, influence) to establish organizations in which others are recruited to work for them. In such a case, as is evident in American society, these financial moguls are the “fittest” and they reside at the highest level of the economic pecking order. Such predators as poverty and resultant starvation are less likely to affect them, as they not only earn massive amounts of money, but are able to employ such strategies as corporate downsizing.

This in effect “feeds” smaller men to the predators and allows their costs as manufacturer-employer to be reduced—thereby allowing them to continue existing. Such persons are also able to pass on the costs of their businesses to the massive amount of consumers that reside on the lowest levels of the survival chain, again ensuring their continued survival.

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