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EDF Mid-term EXAM

CH:3- An individualized education plan (IEP) is a document required for special education students. Which of the following elements must be included in it?
Criteria for evaluating student progress
CH:3- Melissa, a seventh-grade student at James Middle School, is afraid to go to her locker because every time she does, a group of boys standing nearby make lewd comments to her. Her grades are beginning to suffer. Melissa is a victim of:
sexual harassment.
CH:3- Response to Intervention (RTI) is a tiered process of instruction for the purposes of
catch struggling children early and provide appropriate instruction, preventing the need to refer the child for special education.
CH:3- Features that indicate gender bias in a history book include
-descriptions of common occupations held only by men.
-women mentioned infrequently, and only with reference to their husbands or fathers.
-generic use of masculine pronouns.
*Correct all of the above.
CH:3- Many school systems have been urged to understand the “least restrictive environment” clause of the IDEA to mean mainstreaming, or inclusion of students with disabilities into the regular education classroom. This policy is supported by many special educators who feel that
segregated education for special needs students is inherently unequal.
CH:3- If Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence took hold in public schools, what would be a close approximation of the resulting educational practices?
Students would be exposed to activities and content that involved many of the areas of intelligence.
CH:3- How could one describe the anticipated proportional population growth trends among the various ethnic groups?
Asian Americans, Hispanics, and African Americans will make significant gains in growth, while whites will experience a decline in growth.
CH:3- Inclusion of students with disabilities refers to
educating those students to the maximum extent possible in the regular classroom.
pairing up those students with regular education students.
CH:3- Gardner suggests in his text Five Minds for the Future: Cultivating Thinking Skills, that educators must focus on promoting new ways of thinking for students to account for the fact that
the world is changing rapidly and is, therefore, unpredictable.
CH:3- Learning style models concern themselves with the process of learning. Which of the following process descriptions is matched with the correct learning style?
The tactile style employs the process of handling objects to acquire information from them.
CH:5- Which of the following has had the most influence over the content of the curriculum in the past decade?
Standards-based movement
CH:5- Current trends in English instruction include
selecting literature that is relevant to student interests and representative of accepted literary tradition.
CH:5- Which of the following is not a contributing factor to U.S. students scoring lower in mathematics than their international counterparts?
Less sophisticated texts and instructional materials
CH:5- Critics of the standards-based movement cite all of the following reasons for their objections except
lack of support from parents and taxpayers.
CH:5- According to the recent trends in foreign language instruction, which of the following would one expect to see in foreign language classes?
-More programs starting early in elementary schools
-More integration of international and multicultural education content
-Use of the Internet to access current materials from other countries
*Correct All of these
CH:5- If an art teacher’s goal were to foster critical thinking in his/her students, which of the following activities would he/she most likely include for students?
A project evaluating various works by Andrew Wyeth
CH:5- Leslie Taylor is a twelve-year teaching veteran. She has taught seventh grade and has recently moved to fifth grade. She is concerned about the lack of active involvement the students have in their science lessons and the simplistic memorization that the science materials seem to emphasize. Leslie’s desire to make changes would be supported by
Project 2061.
the work of E. D. Hirsch.
CH:5- In addition to using technology and emphasizing problem solving, mathematics instruction is moving toward
a blending of the traditional subject-matter areas—algebra, geometry, etc.
CH:5- According to the text, which is the greatest problem impeding the social studies curriculum?
The lack of coherence and the randomness of approaches in the social studies curriculum
CH:5- Proponents of interdisciplinary teaching contend that such an approach helps students
prepare for the real world where disciplines are interrelated.
CH:14- In one day, principal Toni Radano explained the statewide curricular changes to a group of teachers, fielded an angry phone call from a parent about a teacher, and publicly recognized two teachers for their outstanding work directing the school play. Which of the following best describes her roles on this particular day?
Initiator, buffer, reward dispenser
CH:14- According to the authors, which one of the following teachers is most closely following the author’s practical teaching tips for surviving the first year of teaching?
Randy has phoned each of his students’ parents to introduce himself, and he exercises regularly.
CH:14- During Patty Miller’s first week of teaching, she finds it odd to walk past the cafeteria and into the faculty lunchroom. Even more peculiar is having students call her “Ms. Miller.” What is Patty likely experiencing?
Culture shock
CH:14- During a year-end meeting, the principal asked Mark Steinberg how he would assess his performance as a teacher over the past year. What would be the strongest answer from Mark?
“I’ve just finished reviewing my students’ cumulative folders. Generally, their problem-solving abilities have increased.”
CH:14- It is your first year of teaching. A few days before classes start, a very friendly teacher stops by to welcome you to the school. By the end of the second week of school, she stops by your room regularly, frequently giving you information about other faculty and the administration. What would be the best approach for dealing with this teacher?
Be polite but reserve your friendship until you know her and the school system better.
CH:14- According to the text, what is the most useful attitude for beginning teachers to have toward their colleagues?
Be cautiously optimistic. Although poor teachers exist, dedicated teachers abound.
CH:14- According to the authors, which is the best description of a teaching journal’s use?
It would serve to remind the teacher of how much she has progressed in her field throughout the year.
CH:14- According to research, which of the following comments typifies the attitude of a beginning teacher?
“I am surprised at how demanding and difficult these students are. They’re more difficult than the students I had in student teaching.”
CH:14- Darla Desiderio is somewhat apprehensive about surviving her first year of teaching, and she would appreciate having a mentor. According to the text, which approach would be the wisest for Darla?
Have Darla observe teachers in their day-to-day work to see who would be the most receptive to being a mentor and who would have the most to offer her.
CH:14- Because of the complexity of the principal’s role, a teacher may lack the principal’s support in certain instances. Which of the following describes the most likely instance in which a teacher would lack administrative support?
The teacher does not want to complete the routine paperwork demanded by the office because it takes time away from instruction.
CH:2- Paulo Freire was a(n)
economic reconstructionist.
CH:2- What could one reasonably conclude from Jackson’s observations of elementary classrooms?
The structure of the elementary classroom requires students to develop self-restraint and patience.
CH:2- Among the characteristics of schools with records of great success in academics are
high teacher expectations, strong instructional leadership, and orderly environments.
CH:2- Which type of student would be most likely to be left out of consideration in the shopping mall high school?
Ellen is in the general studies track. Her teachers are well equipped to teach but are uninterested in the students in the general-level courses.
CH:2- Which of the following would an educator who is a democratic reconstructionist support?
The notion that change happens most effectively when citizens are actively involved as change agents
CH:2- Which of the following is the best definition of education, according to the text? Education is
a continual growth process whereby a person gains greater understanding of himself or herself and the world.
CH:2- Jacques Barzun preferred the following purposes of schools:
intellectual purposes.
CH:2- The characteristics of teachers in effective schools include
high expectations of students, communication among teachers, and effective behavior management skills.
CH:2- According to The Shopping Mall High School, how do many teachers deal with classroom management?
They make tacit agreements with their students that neither will push the other too hard.
CH:2- Social reconstructionists believe that
the young are agents of change.
CH:2- In the model of school as a transmitter of culture, schools
ensure that the young know and appreciate the dominant ideas and values of their society’s culture.
CH:2- In his study, Philip Jackson noted that teachers engage in hundreds of interchanges a day. He found that most of these interchanges involved
the teacher directing and controlling the discussion.
CH:2- Reid Conrad firmly believes that the purpose of schools is to transmit dominant American culture. What might he do in class to further his educational goals?
Emphasize the benefits of competition and consistently reward students who perform better than their classmates.
CH:2- Juan believes that schools can help students become actively involved in alleviating the problem of homelessness. Juan personifies the view of
social reconstructionism.
CH:2- Which of the following does not contribute to effective schools?
Teacher autonomy and isolated practice
CH:2- Research has shown that each of the following school characteristics are influenced by the grade configuration of the middle school except
school size.
CH:2- A consistent similarity shared among schools teaching students in the middle school grades is that
few consistent similarities exist; the schools vary widely based on the grades included in the school and the goals of the administration.
CH:1- Denise, a medical sales representative, is considering a career switch to teaching. She is bright and outgoing and likes the high pay she has earned in sales. Yet she has felt drawn to teaching because of the positive contribution she could make to students’ lives. If she makes the career switch, which reward is Denise least likely to experience in teaching?
A salary that rivals other professional salaries
CH:1- A direct way to find out if you will enjoy the realities of teaching is to
volunteer several hours a week at a school or supervise extracurricular activities.
CH:1- After reading several novels about teaching, Jameel has become fascinated with teaching as a career. According to the authors, what else would be a fruitful way to help him decide if teaching is the right career for him?
To get advice from his former teachers about the realities of teaching
CH:1- One of the most effective ways teachers can aid in the renewal of society is to
teach students to become involved and informed citizens.
CH:1- According to the authors of this text, the question “Why Teach?” is important because our answer is a good indicator of
what we will accomplish as teachers.
CH:1- Tai is a college sophomore with numerous interests. Public service has always appealed to her, yet she is not sure if teaching will be the most satisfying career. Which of the following would be the best indicators that Tai would find satisfaction in teaching?
She enjoys intellectual stimulation and wants to perform a service to society.
CH:1- Intrinsic rewards in teaching include
the actual teaching and satisfaction from the performance of an important social service.
CH:1- During Noam’s twelve years of teaching, he has coached an award-winning chemistry team, successfully taught advanced placement chemistry, chaperoned numerous overnight camping trips, coached the girls’ volleyball team, and worked as a class advisor. In his career, Noam is probably most rewarded by
his actual work with adolescents.
CH:1- A person who enters teaching because of an overwhelming love of a certain subject matter (e.g., art, history. must guard against
impatience with students who don’t share that passion
CH:1- Tina suffered a vicious assault when she was a college senior and still feels the aftereffects. Now, several years later, she actively organizes rape awareness seminars for her high school students. During a recent class discussion about date rape, one student raised the possibility that people can be, at times, wrongfully accused. Tina barely contained her anger and dismissed the student’s comment immediately. What does this scenario suggest?
Tina’s effectiveness as a teacher may be diminished because of her unresolved personal problems.
CH:1- Telly, the president of the senior class at State U., thinks he would enjoy teaching history and civics because he has always taken a prominent role in student government and finds politics fascinating. If Telly decides to become a teacher, which of Telly’s following interests would least likely be satisfied in a teaching career?
His attraction to status
CH:1- Juan, a talented young artist, has already had some of his watercolors displayed at showings. In addition to painting, he also enjoys teaching painting to young children. He feels strongly that art should be part of every child’s education. If Juan decides to become an art teacher, which of the following extrinsic rewards will he most certainly experience?
A generous work schedule, providing him time to paint
CH:1- Cleo, an earth science teacher, spends considerable time working with her students on environmental projects that demand their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Most recently, they have been working on a project exploring groundwater contamination and its effects on the environment. Cleo most likely sees the purpose of her teaching as a means of
aiding in the renewal of society.
CH:1- Of the following extrinsic rewards, which is most closely associated with teaching?
A work schedule allowing generous time for oneself

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