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EDIS MIdterm

Which term from IDEA refers to educating students with disabilities in general education classrooms?
least restrictive environment
Guided notes, graphic organizers and mnemonics strategies are types of which of the following
content enhancement
In order for students to receive special educational service, they need which if the following
classification in a disability category
The federal law that first extended civil rights to people with disabilities is which of the following
section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
NCLB allows participation in alternative assessments for which of the following students/
students with severe disabilities
Educating students with disabilities with children who are not disabled to the maximum extent possible is called which if the following
Least restrictive environment
ADHD sensory impairment and emotional disturbance are disturbances are disabilities that are which of the following
disabilities that may occur with learning disabilities
In order to move away from the remediation-only approach to instructing students with learning disabilities, teachers should move toward which if the following when teaching students with learning disabilities
effective instructional design that allows access to and success in the core curriculum.
Typiclly what is the academic performance of students with emotional or behavioral disorders
one or more years below grade level
The national joint Committee on Learning Disabilities has identified several weaknesses in the federal definition of learning disabilities. These weaknesses include all of the following except:
No specific cause of learning disabilities
The first public school special education classes in the United states were for
children with intellectual disabilitites
Which of the following changed all references of mental retardation in Federal statutes to intellectual disabilitites
rosa’s Law
All of the following are criteria for a diagnosis of intellectual disability except
concurrent sensory disabilitites
an intellectual diability is usually defined by an IQ that falls below
The difference between the AAIDD and the IDEA definition of intellectual disabilitis is
the effect on educational performance is only mentioned in the IDEA definition
which of the following is not one of the five factors influencing human function as depicted in the AAIDD theoretical model
academic success
Caleb isa student who needs limited and intermittent supports to function as school and in the community. Based on this knowledge, which of the following is mot likely to represent his level of intellectual disability
Which of the following statements about IQ tests is not true
IQ test scores tend to be static
IQ tests are useful for all of the following purposes except
determining objective for IEP
which of the following best represents a deficit in adaptive behavior
12 year old chandler cannot cross the street without assistance
disruptive behavior that interferes with early learning of skills and tasks can result in which which of the following for students with emotional and behavioral disorders?
scoring in the slow learner or mild intellectual disabilities range on intelligence tests.
Requiring that all students with disabilities participate in state wide assessments and that all students make adequate progress or components of which of the following.
no child left behind
In the past students with mild intellectual disabilities were presented with which of the following curricula
a slowed or watered down version of the general education curriculum that focused largely on traditional academic subjects
For students with learning disabilities, learning to read and reading for comprehension are which of the following
the most common problem
a functional curriculum does which of the following?
teaches academic subjects with a life skills or practical focus
In which setting is a special education teacher responsible for all educational programming in a subject area for 8-12 students with learning disabilities
the resource room
The term handicap refers to which of the following
a disability that leads to educational, personal, social, vocational or other problems
Individuals with intellectual disabilities may exhibit deficits in cognitive skills. All of the following are areas of cognitive function except:
Which term is more restrictive than exceptional children because it does not include children who are intellectually gifted
students with diabilities
Difficulty with reading, writing, social skills,math and attention are all characteristics of learning disabilities. However, specific and significant achievement deficits in spite of adequate overall intelligence are considered which of the following
the defining characteristics
a person’s adaptive behavior is usually assessed by
interviewing someone who knows the person well
which of the following adaptive behavior assessments includes questions about adaptive and maladaptive behaviors
Most students with mild intellectual disabilities are identified
when they enter school
students with intellectual disabilities have ability similar to persons without disabilities in
long term memory
Which of the following statements about attention and students with intellectual disabilities is most accurate
they are slower to attend to relevant features of a task
Which of the following exemplifies learned helplessness
darla has studied for spelling test but she refuses to write any of the words he teacher dictates
Carlos is a student with an intellectual disability. Mrs. Busby, his teacher just saw him copying from Jasmine’s paper rather than attempt a writing assignment on his own. How can she help Carlos be more independent
She should allow Carlos to choose a topic to write about
Which is not true about learned helplessness and outer-directedness
they are an inherent characteristic of intellectual disability
what is the best example of self-determination
gina asks to ride the bus down town with her cousin so she can learn to use public transportation
Social deficits displayed by student with intellectual disabilities include all of the following exceot
inability to recal names
which of the following statements about challenging behaviors and students with intellectual disabilities is true
students with severe intellectual disabilitis generally display more challenging behaviors
during the 09-10 school year, what percentage of school-aged children received special education services under the disability category of intellectual disabilities
Deficits in self-care skills and social relationships are tow areas of which of the following
adaptive behavior skills
Students with emotional or behavioral disorders often have difficulty with social skills. This deficit can primarily lead to which of the following
fights and altercations because students lack the skills needed to handle incidents
Behaviors that include getting out of one’s seat;yelling talking out, and cursing, disturbing peers, hitting, or fighting and not complying with directions are called
externalizing behaviors
The presence of students with disabilities, impairing the academic skills of students without disabilities in an inclusive classroom is a concern of which of the following
some educators
which of the following is the federal law that extends civil rights protection for persons with disabilities to private- sector employment, all public services public accommodation, transportation and telecommunications
american with Disabilities act
which of the following were traditionally educated in self- contained classrooms in public schools
Students with mild intellectual diabilitites
caregiver, provider,teacher, counselor and behavior support specialist are some of the roles of which of the following
the parent of a student with disabilitites
preventive intervention is designed to do which of the following
Prevent, eliminate, and/or overcome the obstacles that might keep child with disabilities from learning
Which of the following definitions of mental retardation represents a change from classifying intellectual disabilities on the basis of estimates of an individuals intellectual deficiencies to estimating the intensities of supports needed to improve functioning in the school, home, community and work environments
What is screening tests?
they are used with larger group of children to find out who might have a disability and need further testing
the difference in the prevalence rates of intellectual disabilities is largely due to
differences in criteria used for identification
the two most common genetic causes of intellectual disabilities are
down syndrome and fragile X
Marvin is a second grade student with a moderate intellectual disability. His teachers claim his gnome costume for Halloween was perfect for him. They said he is always happy and that he never meets a stranger. Recently his teacher had to stop him from leaving the classroom with a man who had come to fix the compute. Marvin displays characteristics of a person with
Williams syndrome
All of the following are environmental causes of intellectual disabilities except
communication disorder
Which of the following is a material screening test that can identify pregnancies at risk for dow and spina bifida
a new test for genetic abnormalities that can be done as early as five weeks is done by
detecting fetal DNA and RNA in the mothers blood’s stream
WHich of the following causes of intellectual disabilities is preventable
Lead Poisoning
Who was the first person to develop methods for education persons with intellectual disabilities
Jean Itard
Which of the following statements about functional academic skills are true
They are skills that are useful to a student
Which question is critical for teachers in determining which skills to include in a functional curriculum
will it be needed when the student is 21
Which of the following statements about self- determination is least accurate.
self-determination cannot be taught to students in elementary school
possible benefits of labeling and classification in schools include all of the following except
focusing on the disability
collaboration,consultation and teaming are three ways for team members to do which of the following
work together
Which of the following is a complex issue involving emotional, political and ethical considerations in addition to scientific, fiscal and educational interests
Which of the following is provided by response to Intervention
early intervention in the from of scientifically instruction to all children in the school who are at risk for failure
Dias and faulty judgment about parents from culturally and linguistically diverse families can primarily results from which of the following
teachers failing to recognize and respect differenced between their own cultural perspectives and the values and beliefs of families
Which of the following students would not need training in recruiting in recruiting teacher attention
a student who asks subject oriented questions
Breaking down complex skills into smaller subskills or steps to make learning easier is known as
task analysis
which portion of the IEP refers to how a child’s disability affects his or her involvement and progress in the general curriculum
the statement of the child’s present levels of academic achievement and functional performance
Teaming primarily involves which of the following
a group of people working together for the benefit of the child
a score of 70 or less on an IQ test indicates which of the following
Intellectual disability
questioning effectively involved
Using open-ended questions
Some students with emotional and behavioral disorders make excellent programs in academic areas when provided with which of the following types of instruction
Explicit systematic instruction
Which of the following students would be identified as having difficulty with generalization of learning?
Billy can tie his sneakers but not his dress shoes
During the practice stages of learning, feedback for students with intellectual disabilities should
emphasize the correct rate of skill performance
An instructional strategy that incorporates student’s familiarity with technology to teach needed skills in a variety of setting is
ipod video modeling
which of the following strategies is least likely to promote successful inclusion for students with intellectual disabilities
common recess time
A period of emotional crisis; a period of alternating feeling of anger, guild, depression,shame,lowered self-esteem, rejection of the child and overprotectiveness; and the acceptance of the child are which of the following
the stages of adjustment of a child with disabilities
listening actively involves attending and responding to conversation and which of the following
paying attention to content
the belief that the general education classroom does not offer the intense, individualized education for child with disabilities is the reason why inclusion is rejected by which of the following
some parents of students with disabilities
An increases emphasis on collaboration between parents and teachers is influenced by which of the following factors
parents wanting to be involved
Which of the following should include a statement of program modifications or supports for school personnel that will be provided for the child
a statement of special education and related services
remembering that families know certain aspects of their children better than anyone else is a factor that primarily influences which of the following
the argument for active involvement of parents in educational planning
who is the most likely person to raise concerns about a child’s learning, behavior, or developmental differences
a teacher or parent
which of the following provisions for parents is included in IDEA
parent participation in the form of shared decision making
Mrs. O’ Cain asks Travis to identify the middle sound in the word hit. Which phonemic awareness skill does this task involve
isolating sounds
Travis is a third grade student with an intellectual disability. He has just been placed in Mrs. K third grade class. Students in his class are learning their multipication facts. Travis is eager to praticipate in class but instead of allowing travis to do the same activity as the other students Mrs. K give him a worksheet obtained from a colleague who teachers Kindergarten. Which of the disadvatages of labeling is exemplified by her actions
labeling has lowered her expectations
All of the following are features of special education curriculum except
Instruction is below the grade level of the student
all of the following contribute to disproportionate representation of diverse students in special education
inconsistent parental involvement
effective home-school partnerships are characterized bu
a climate of mutual respect and trust
principles for effective communication between parents and educators include all of the following except
passive listening
which of the following is the most time consuming form of home school communications
dialogue notebooks
why is it difficult to develop a clear definition of emotional disabilities
norms for appropriate behavior differ across cultures
what is the kingpin in behavior of student with emotional disabilities
Which statement about identification of students with emotional and behavior disorders is most accurate?
young children are more difficult to identify
what is the foundation for effective behavior management in the classroom
good instruction
Which principle of IDEA states that no child with a disability can be excluded from a free, appropriate public education
zero reject
which of the following is a proactive management strategy
allowing students opportunities to make choices
Teachers who exhibit diffierntial acceptance for students with emotional and behavioral problems
witness anger and aggression without becoming angry or aggressice

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