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A flat organization has few layers of management.
Motivation refers to the desire, effort, and passion to achieve something.
Because not-for-profit organizations do not make a profit, they have no real need for marketing efforts.
The key disadvantage of using fringe benefits is the potentially large cost.
Initiative refers to the inner desire or passion to do something.
The span of control is inversely related to the number of layers in an organization.
Marketing is the same as advertising and selling.
Intrinsic motivation occurs when people participate in an activity because of the benefits and rewards associated with the activity.
A key drawback of tall hierarchical structures is the potential for miscommunication problems due to the large number of layers in the organization.
Theory Y managers are likely to follow the scientific management approach by Taylor.
Motivation happens when a person does something because he or she needs to, perhaps because it is part of their job description.
Management is the process of influencing and inspiring others to achieve a goal, from completing a task to achieve corporate objectives.
Management is essentially about problem-solving based on emotions rather than on reasoning.
Human resource management (HRM) refers to the management function of using and developing people within a business in order to meet the objectives of the organization.
A zero rate of stuff turnover is desirable.
One of the main disadvantages of a business being market oriented is less risk.
The larger a business gets, the less it would tend to need a formal organizational structure.
Dismissal is fair if an employee is asked to leave due to incompetence or major misconduct.
In an autocratic form of leadership, employees are involved in decision marking.
There are multiple steps on the recruitment process. The first step would to be advertise the vacant past.
Consumer markets are the products directly aimed at individuals and households.
One benefit of training and development is lower levels of staff retention.
M.J. Yates uses the acronym CLAMPS to describe the six acceptable reasons for why people leave their jobs.
The C in CLAMPS stands for Communication.
In addition to organizations being traditionally structured according to departmental functions, it is also
common to be structured according to product line.
Markets can exist without physical locations.
A memorandum is used for passing on messages to external agencies and firms.
Low rate of regional unemployment equals high available supply of human resources.
A pie chart is used to present time-series data.
The supply of human resources within a country is not affected by demographic changes of the labor force.
Douglas McGregor devised Theory X and Theory Y to represent different assumptions that managers have
about their employees. The Theory X manager would most likely adopt the democratic style of management.
Globalization brings additional complexities to selecting and using the most appropriate management or
leadership style.
Which of the following is an example of a marketing objective for Toys R Us?
Increase market share by 5% within the next 20 months
The 4 P’s of marketing goods are
Product, price, place, promotion
When critical decisions need to be made, which style of management and leadership is most appropriate?
One of the elements that businesses consider in the marketing philosophy is market size. Market size takes into consideration customer base, location, and
barriers to entry
Which of the following reasons for separation of employment is not classified as dismissal?
The management style that sees the leader allowing subordinates to achieve targets in their own way is known as
BLANK is a form of non-financial motivation which involves a line manager giving his/her subordinate some autonomy in their job and the authority to make various decisions.
BLANK is another name for a resume.
curriculum vitae
If the workforce of ABC Corporation is 100 people, and 12 of them resign this year, then the company’s staff turnover rate is
Measurement of the degree of competition within a market by calculating the market share of the largest firms in that market is known as
market concentration
A(n) BLANK is not in an official role, but has a natural flair (or charisma) for influencing other people.
informal letter
Henry Mintzberg argued against the idea of the customary management roles of planning, organizing, and controlling, and instead argued that a manager has the following three main roles:
interpersonal, informational, and decision-making
Which of the following attitudes is most consistent with Theory Y managers?
Workers are keen to excel
BLANK refers to the formal line of authority through which orders are passed down in an organization.
Chain of command
Which of the following is the most likely benefit of delayering to an organization?
Shorter chains of command
Some of the changes in demographics that affect human resource planning include
all of the above
Recent changes faced by Human Resource Managers do not include
less focus on flexible working hours
Which of the following statements relates best to an authoritarian manager or leader?
centralized decision-making
Which of the following is not a trend in the labor market?
more people are working at the office rather than from home.
The non-financial motivation method that involves broadening the number of tasks that are completed by a worker is called
job enlargement
The ability of a business to keep its employees working for the firm, rather than to seek employment elsewhere is known as
A demotivated workforce is likely to lead to lower levels of
The 7 P’s of marketing services includes the 4 P’s of marketing goods and adds
people, processes, physical environment
Making a job more challenging is an example of
job enrichment
Which of the following is considered a “maintenance factor” under Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation?
Teamworking does not allow a business to benefit from
shorter decision-making time
Which of the following is an advantage of higher market share?
It can lead to market leadership or dominance
The size of a market cannot be measured in terms of
marketing budgets
BLANK is the process of removing one or more levels in the hierarchy in order to flatten out the organizational structure.
Businesses are interested in three elements of a market. These elements are market size, market share, and
market growth
A review of the current position of a firm’s marketing mix is known as a(n)
marketing audit
Which of the following is least likely to be an objective of external communication?
to inform staff of a changed venue for a meeting
Appraisals are used as a formal assessment of an employee’s performance. Which if the following is not a method of appraisal?
management by understanding
Marketing strategies that focus on meeting the actual needs and desires of customers would be considered
market-oriented marketing
Sarah has decided to open a franchise of Le Cafe? Ltd in a busy commercial district. She has decided to employ premium pricing for its range of coffees and desserts. She has decided to advertise by distributing flyers and coupons in the local area.
Which elements of the marketing mix have not been mentioned in the above situation?
people, physical environment, process
Ford Motor Company, who pioneered the ideas fostered in specialization and division of labor, is said to follow the management concepts of
Which of the following is not a disadvantage of using information technology for communication?
records being backed up
The assessment of a job in terms of looking at the different components of the job such as routine tasks and responsibilities would be considered part of
job analysis
The style of leadership most likely to lead to high levels of motivation as staff may feel trusted and highly valued by their employer is called
The Adair Model of team building advocates that there are three parts to effective teamworking. The three parts consist of: the team, each individual, and
none of the above
Which of the following is not a disadvantage of external recruitment?
new blood
The leadership style that encourages workers to make decisions which management will listen to is called
What is meant by a restricted channel of communication?
when information is confined to those who need to know
Which of the following is not an advantage of internal recruitment?
fewer applicants
Which management or leadership style is most suitable during a hostile takeover?
What are open channels of communication?
sharing access to non-confidential information
An organizational chart shows four important features of a business. These are
functional departments, chain of command, span of control, & channels of communication
Which of the following is not a consequence of poor communication in the workplace?
lower absenteeism
Which statement does not apply to a Theory X view of workers?
workers can be fulfilled by their work
Marketing is about all but which of the following?
recruiting the best salespeople
Which statement cannot be applied to market orientated businesses?
There is heavy spending on internal product research and development
Some of the advantages of on-the-job training include (1) it can be relatively cheap, (2) it can help establish relationships at work, and (3)
the location is convenient
Which statement does not apply to an autocratic style of management?
useful when working with highly skilled workers.
A democratic management style exists when managers
trust their employees
Effective communication can help to motivate the workforce, except
it requires time and planning from senior management
Market share can be described as
the percentage of total sales in a market that can be attributed to a firm.
The theorist who focused on the psychological needs of workers because he believed that people arc motivated by more than just money is
BLANK is the passing of control and authority to others.
A marketing plan is least likely to include
methods of production
Human resource planning is the management process of anticipating an organization’s current and future needs. In light of this, anticipating these needs can be done by looking at all but which of the following areas:
total annual profits of the business
Planning the human resource needs of an organization requires consideration of the firm’s level of demand
for labor. The level of demand for labor will depend on several factors. Which or the following is not one of the factors?
cost of living
The marketing approach that is viewed as inward looking is also known as
product orientation
Which of the following is not an objective of internal communication?
to encourage more trade with customers
A business that has a relatively high staff turnover rate faces a problem of
Communication may fail due to any combination of reasons, except
reduced costs
Appraisals that involve gathering information concerning the appraisee from different groups of people who work with the employee are known as
360 degree appraisals
Which of the following is not a characteristic of the laissez-faire form of leadership?
employees feel they have no control over the world
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has five levels. The fifth and highest level is
According to Herzberg, which of the following would not be considered a motivator and could subsequently lead to potential causes of distraction?
working conditions

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