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Environmental Science Final Review

The increase in use of electricity and oil as well as the expectation that dependancy on foreign oil will _____ over the next ten years has lead to the restructuring of current energy policies.
Which of the following sources is not currently used to produce electricity for us in our homes?
The Energy Policy Act of 2005 allowed for more nuclear power plants to be developed throughout the nation.
Because of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the addition of electrical transmission lines was discouraged throughout the nation.
Many communities are allowing homes to install wind generators and solar energy panel system.
Why do fuel prices increase?
Decreased supply of fossil fuels
How can consumers use less fossil fuels?
Carpool to work
What type of fuel makes up biodiesel?
Vegetable oil
How does Supply and Demand work?
As supply decreases, demand increases
What is not an incentive for individuals to start using more efficient fuels?
Free gasoline for hybrid cars
The EPA studies pollution and other environmental health hazards.
The EPA is in charge of regulating workplace hazards.
The industrial revolution contributed to the pollution that we see today.
There is no way to decrease the amount of pollution in the environment.
Many local agencies work closely with the EPA to monitor pollution on a local level.
Deforestation is causing the rain forests around the Amazon to dry up.
Burning fossil fuels increases the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.
Smog is the term used to describe the combination of fog and smoke.
The Amazon River is in Africa.
If everyone does not do his or her part to help clean up the environment, more and more organisms may become extinct.
_____ is an environmental group that works to create awarness of pollution.
Governments don’t always enforce the environmental laws because:
they don’t have enough money to enforce all the laws
Which law was created to protect certain animals from becoming extinct?
Endangered Species Act
The first Earth Day took place on:
April 22, 1970
Which of these animals is on the Endangered Species List?
Florida panther
A circular structure that is strong and energy efficient is a:
geodesic dome
______ energy is a form of “smart” energy that can be used to heat water for homes.
Water that is used in homes and then recycled for use in gardens or landscaping is called:
waste water
The measurement used for insulation is called the:
Which country creates the most waste per person?
United States
What can be found in a compost bin?
coffee grounds, leaves, and eggshells
A compost bin will turn organic waste into:
____ is used in compost bins to break down the living material.
Anaerobic bacterial
Which of the following items should not be added to a compost bin?
dairy products
To successfully manage your compost pile, you should _____ weekly.
turn it
Compost can be added to topsoil as a:
____ hinder the decompstion process.
Processed foods
______ of household waste can go into a compost bin.
______ take longer to decompose so they need to be finely cut.
Mixing the compost to your soil helps _____ the soil and increase nutrients.
Generators convert physical energy into _____.
electrical energy
Thermal power plants heat ______ to create steam.
Nuclear fission ______ atoms to create heat energy.
A machine that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy is called a/an
Nuclear power plants use the radioactive element to create energy.
Green power comes from ______.
wind, sun, water.
Geothermal energy comes from ______ deep in the earth.
Landfills emit _____ gas.
______ power can be harnessed in the ocean to create power.
Which state would best be suited to harness wind energy?
North Dakota
An oil rig searches for and finds oil reserviors.
The volume of oil in one barrel is equal to 42 gallons.
The United States uses more oil than any other country in the world.
Water can be pumped into oil reserves to increase the pressure of the existing oil.
The Exxon Valdez ship spilled crude oil off the coast of California.
Farmers in the United States grow more diverse crops than any other country in the world.
Gradually taking over farmland over a long period of time is known as commodities.
Th 2002 Farm Bill gives money to farmers who grow crops like wheat and soybeans, but not to fruit and vegetable farmers.
Some farmers have been selling their lands to developers because it is more cost-efficient to do so than to grow crops.
The FBI regulates the use of pesticides in agricultural crops.
The single-most important intevention to farmers is the ______.
Many modern tractors are equipped with _____ to help the tractors harvest the crops.
GPS devices
______ farming follows the shape of the earth to prevent soil erosion.
Dairy cows drink as much as _____ gallons of water a day.
IPM stands for _________.
Integrated Pest Management
Crop rotation involves _____________.
planting different crops each year.
IPM helps farmers to reduce the use of _____ while still protecting crops.
pesticides, fungicides, herbicides
Changing the habits of gardeners and farmers helps with _________.
cultural controls
The steps of IPM are very similar to the steps of ___________.
the scientific method
The Breau of Land Management manages over __________ acres of land in the United States.
260 million
The wild _______ was the main work animal of the mining industry.
In the late 1950s, a woman named Velma B. Johnston, nicknamed ________, petitioned congress to stop the cruel treatment of the wild burros and horses.
Wild Horse Annie
In the 1970s, horse theives called ______ hunted many horses to be used for dog food or for illegal sale.
Wild deer eat small shrubs, while wild elk eat mainly _______.
The desire of ____ to feed from dumpsters and camprounds has caused many problems.
Yellowstone National Park recently reintroduced native ____ into the park after 50 years of removal.
As herds of horses and cattle come to drink from the riverbanks they cause ____ and pollute the water.
The Department of Fish and Wildlife believes the ____ should be removed for a 5 year period to help rebuild the native wildlife.
cattle and horses
_______ agree that native wildlife should have the priority on federal land areas.

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