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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

On October 11, 2007, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission helped the formation of an Asian American and Pacific Islander Work Group (AAPI Work Group). The AAPI Work Group enforced an executive order that deals with discrimination against AAPI employees. It provides both internal and externa, assistance and aims at promotion of AAPI employees to the highest levels.

Impact on the equitable treatment of all employees in multinational companies As EEOC formed AAPI assumes ressponsibility to be the back up for the other races in US, the other races in other countries will reciprocate by paying equal attention and importance for the welfare of US employees in their countries. How will continued globalization make the EEOCs job more complex and the effort for equal treatment more difficult?

Continued efforts show that US is happy to welcome skilled employees from all across the world. As expatriots in US increases the EEOC will be in great requirement all over US. This may even lead to a situation where a commission should be formed to voice for Americans as the other parts of the world are dominating US in the US population.