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Essentials of Management Essay

I think of the companies listed above I would say that they all have similar qualities but Virgin is a company that began from the leading example f thinking outside the box. Richard Brannon, although a bit eccentric, welcomes innovation, diversity and Inspirational ideas. Virgin has expanded internationally as well, bringing employment, and diversified Into areas Including travel, airlines, music, phones, media and more. The leadership style sets an example for others that anything Is possible If you think outside the box, follow and pursue your goals persistently, and create the type of business you would actually like to work for.

Richard Brannon probably already had his contingency plans mapped out, his vision o diversify into several fields, markets, and locations before his first contract. ; Trying to make any sort of analysis, or comparison as to whether a company/ organization is ‘great’ is suggestive at this point. Very little about the greatness of a company can be written or determined to be actual or true unless one works within the organization. I think it is easier to assume that many organizations who profess to follow lines of management ethics, leadership, fairness, etc. Ay appear one way at the top end

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of that perspective and opposite at the other end of the perspective room employees on the lower levels of the hierarchy. Despite mission statements, organizational cultures and more, people typically at the top executive end take very little time to ensure that the lowest level supervisor, team lead as such are trained to be leaders. It only takes one unethical manager, or individual with some power, to begin to erode and deplete the moral of working level employees. 2. Name an ineffective organization. A. My organization, Navels WAS.

Specifically one code or department, but it is Just a microcosm of the larger picture. The organization I work for is dysfunctional and ineffective. On average, the leadership is ethically challenged; most have little to no management training In an official setting having come up through the ranks and the ever faithful good-old boy method of promotion. Accountability for bad behavior goes unchallenged. B. What can Management do to Improve It? Clean house. Roles. ; Ensure that the required qualifications, education and experience are met. Ensure that all individuals have ongoing training to keep them in real time/real world rules and regulations. ; Require all to know, identify and apply the steps/stages of decision making. ; Hold them accountable for decisions and indecision. Create and enforce the need for, application of transparency. 3. Discuss the importance of technical, conceptual, and inter-personal skills in an organizational environment. A. Having the technical skills normally gets you through the door and into a position and is typically the first level required in the hierarchy of any particular field ; Example: Contracting (government).

Having the basic undergraduate courses required for the position comes first. Learning your basics or the technical side comes next and learning the foundations of contracting, contracting types, etc. B. The conceptual skills, along with growing inter-personal skills is not only required as you move up in your level of contracting and higher dollar amounts, but is absolutely needed. A large part of the Job is communication with all levels of customers, being able to take two parties and bring them together to agree requires, in some cases, out of the box thinking.

Negotiation is a key element to the position, and doing this with integrity and honesty is a vital part. Most people you deal with have far more experience than you may have, can spot a lie from a mile away, and depending on their experience, can probably tell when you are trying to lull one over on them. C. The levels and importance does change, especially in this field, because your fiduciary duties become increasingly heavier as the dollar amounts of your contracts and warrant increases.

Most of the worst case situations that we read in the media are incidents that have been ongoing or created by people in this field who have thrown out their integrity, honesty, and ethics and given into their personal gains of greed. The field is also wrought with type ‘A’ personalities, big egos and some who will sacrifice a colleague to get the promotion. Unfortunately, omen of those people are in your chain of command, have power over your promotions and can make your life a living hell.

We cannot control the behaviors of others, but learning and growing yourself to combine and expand all the key elements to make your wealth of knowledge is the key. 4. What are your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to your career? A. My strengths include good technical knowledge, which always has room to grow (thus the new course of study). My conceptual and inter-personal skills are relatively good after a combination of teaching, travel and learning about many different cultures. My weaknesses would include my own naive belief that all people mean well and would not lie, cheat or steal to get what they want.

I also spread myself too thin at times, trying to carry a huge workload, study, get contracts out the door, negotiate with vendors, and build those relationships needed between customers. B. I think that I never actually looked at building my career using a strategy as such. However, I am attempting to map out what I need to do, my own personal SOOT. Chapter 2 Present situation: The macro environment, in the scenario, for Wild Water is anything that typically is outside their control, such as a new law, a tax, or zoning regulations in their area or location.

Presently the State safety law requires some expensive updating. ; The competitive environment that affects Wild Water now is they operate only a few months out of the year, reducing the opportunity for increased revenue based on present prices. They have the same attractions in place for the past 40 years (based on the reading). There have not been any real enhancements or new attractions which could increase revenue. It does not appear that any other competition within the area exists on this scale. Future situation: The first business of the day is to determine what the new State safety law actually requires.

This is one of the nongovernmental factors that will affect the Salesperson and Wild Water. O The scenario is quite vague, but I would determine exactly what the new law is for, details as to what is required for the Salesperson to meet and if any exclusions are available based on the longevity and historical landmark Wild Water presents. O If the legislation allows Wild Water to be grandfathered? O Does the State recognize the historical value or acknowledge that Wild Water is a(n) historical landmark? If so, does the State also provide grants/finance to rejuvenate, update, preserve the landmark?

Monies that could assist the Salesperson if they did have to finance the updating required by the new law. 0 Note to self: While researching the information pertaining to this new law I would also research the zoning laws and any exclusion that might prohibit the removal of the beach cottages and building of the condos. ; The next situation is to evaluate the competitive future possibilities and what the Salesperson may have to face. O Factors to consider: 0 New condominiums being built nearby. Demographics indicate higher incomes, Geiger education, vacation rentals with disposable income renters. New Amusement Park chain possibly moving into the back yard which will (presumed) offer high-end attractions such as deep-sea fishing, high-end rides, expensive restaurants and more. The entrance price to the amusement park is likely to be much higher than Wild Water, however the new attraction will draw customers away despite the higher prices. The environment itself lends to locals with possibly limited incomes and tourists during the heaviest revenue generating months as the customers Wild Water needs to compete for.

Assumptions made (due to lack of information in the scenario): 0 Amusement Park Chain has strong culture, good reputation. ; Offers competitive pricing on food, extras, and family packages. ; Offers day, weekend, 7 day and monthly passes. Annual memberships available to use at all chain locations. ;Presently does not have partnership with local deep-sea fishing companies or individual vessel owners. ; Does not have experience with seafood high end restaurants based in this geographic area. Old Water has solid history with local community. Strong company culture, good reputation, wide ranging experience. Fair and reasonable pricing for the location and attractions. ; Steady business over the past 40 years with little or no expansion beyond the original venture. This includes the connected to the local community and has strong relationships with people and business owners. Possible plans: ; Evaluate all the attractions Wild Water offers now. What can be changed to create more revenue or reposition to compete with the chain? O The restaurant can be leased out or sold if finance is needed to expand. O Bring in a temporary investment counselor to fine tune the books and look for opportunities.

Need analysis of past finances/revenue o Create JP relationship with local fishing operations to get the Jump on this attraction before the chain moves in and to expand the partnerships for Wild Water. O Review the layout of the park to evaluate if changes need to be made, expand the slide, possible create more water slides or rides. O Thoroughly evaluate the marketing and advertising to date and plan future campaigns. Create loyalty plans with discounts, passes and matching value packs the Amusement chain typically offers. Although the customers of Wild Water are loyal, they probably would welcome hangers, updates and new rides. If finances are an issue we need to look deeper into contingency and alternate plans that will expand the business, create possible diversification in the local community to assist with building relationships. ; The culture of Wild Water is hierarchal. It has been a family owned and operated business for 40 years. The Salesperson do include all employees to the degree that they participate in ideas, and decisions about Wild Water. Still they have no profit sharing, no cooperative relationship, and no investment financially with the business other Han the wages/salaries earned.

The culture is basically family, mom and pop old school business operations down to the family member being responsible for the books. I think it’s a good culture, friendly, family oriented, but needs to expand to the present day methods of operation and investment to be able to compete. They do not have to change the culture or the way the company communicates and relates to customers, employees and local people. Close and personal, face to face is usually best as customers genuinely feel that you care about their concerns, needs, and wants.

Southwest Airlines Mission statement, ‘Is dedicated to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit. ‘ 1. Describe how the company uses quality, speed and cost competitiveness as essential elements of its competitive strategy. A. Southwest Airlines measures their financial, social and environmental performance each year. They also introduced parallel Carbon Disclosure Project reporting that covers effective management of environmental risks. B.

The measurements of Performance, People and Plant. I. Southwest is the only investment-grade rated U. S. Airline with strong liquidity, modest debt, and a steadfast focus on enhancing Shareholder value through capital efficiency. I’. Offers flights to 96 destinations in 41 states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerco Rice, and five near-international countries. Iii. Southwest Airlines was incorporated in Texas and commenced Customer Service on Dallas, and San Antonio. Lb. 40 years of profitability. V. America’s largest low-fare carrier. V’.

On May 2, 2011, Southwest acquired Orlando-based Raritan Airways and expects to complete the integration of the two airlines by the end of 2014. . Describe the culture and if you would find it appealing to work for this company. I would find it appealing to work for this company based on the information below and the statement from the CEO, “Our people are our single greatest strength and most enduring long-term competitive advantage. ” Gary Kelly, CEO Southwest Airlines. Research through the website indicated that the company fully appreciates and understands the value of their employees.

Employees are offered many opportunities, benefits and events to build loyalty and create the family atmosphere within Southwest Airlines. The promise to their employees, We are committed to provide our Employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are encouraged for improving the effectiveness of Southwest Airlines. Above all, Employees will be provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every Southwest Customer. In addition Southwest offers a pretty lucrative benefits package inclusive of free flights, guest pass for flights, profit-sharing, employee stock purchase plan, health Lana, leadership training, Job training, and personal development opportunities. Southwest also promotes community involvement through their ‘Make a Difference’ programs and the company ‘Fun’ events. 3. Have you flown Southwest? Other airlines? Compare. A. I have never flown Southwest airlines. B. Large carriers such as United, China Air, American Airlines, British Airways, Bangladesh Air. I.

All of these are pretty similar except for Bangladesh Air. The worst airline ever in the world, late arrivals and departures, horrible customer service onboard, some flights begin as non-smoking and then somewhere over Europe come smoking flights. Strange. C. Small carrier similar to Southwest is Ryan Air in the I-J, Ireland and Europe. They offer very similar services, low flights, no frills, first come first serve seating, and around the same amount of destinations. Very convenient to catch flights several times a day to France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and other destinations.

I think they may even now have flights to New York. Very good service and customer friendly. Chapter 3 1. Risky Decisions include giving up a stable position with the Government to teach in China for 3 years. A. The risk was taken because I felt that the experience to learn, row and develop through this opportunity outweighed a stable Job that felt as though it was sucking the passion for life out of me. B. It worked out well, despite back in working for the Government. The experience, as with many in my past, reminds me that life is not Just going on right here.

The world is large enough to explore and find opportunities. C. I learned that doors open for a reason and we chose to either go through or turn our backs. 2. Do you think managers typically follow the decision making steps as outlined in the chapter? I. Thought maybe this was a rhetorical question. It. K I actually think most managers, supervisors and team leads have no idea what those decision making steps are. I think most come up through the ranks and do not take the time, have not had the education and have not been pushed by higher management to follow these steps. . Which ones are overlooked? I. This is difficult to determine and may be that they lack structure, and the courage to make decisions other than programmed decisions. 1. They often do not take time to diagnose situations or problems. If they have not diagnosed the situation it would stand to reason that alternative solutions never even enter the picture. C. Why do you think this is typically overlooked? I. For the most part I find many simply lazy, apathetic, ‘not how we do it’ attitude and more. 3. What effects does time pressure have on your decision making abilities? . Unless it is an emergency situation, most decisions can be handled with the normal timeshare of my type of work. We typically know our contracts, the material, the destination and more, so ultimately know our timeshare to get the material out. Only in very severe circumstances would we need to push extensively to get the material out. B. Emergency contingency is quite different, time and pressure is the beast you eel with and in these situations there really is no definite answer in handling the many problems that occur.

You have to be resilient, resourceful and more. 4. Recall a recent decision. A. The decision to seek a transfer. I. Looked and diagnosed my situation and lord problem. This was simply that I wanted to relocate closer to home. I’. Evaluated options and thought of alternatives. I applied not Just to Government positions but to corporate positions near to my home. Normally when I want to travel to some place, or move to another location I make a huge employment sweep through as many sites as I can find. I will apply to positions despite thinking am totally unqualified.

I am persistent and make applications almost every day until I find a position. Iii. I also determine what it is that I want, and am willing to do to get the end result. If I decide that I want to travel I normally look at options including employment, volunteer work, organizations that may or may not offer accommodation. I have done volunteer work in foreign countries which enabled me to travel places I might never have ventured to, and could never afford the tourist’ packages. It’s the alternative travel, but it allows you to driving through.

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