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Ethical Choices in E-Business

In any business, it is not ethical to use or sell customers’ information to other businesses for the company’s personal gains. Selling customer information to other e-businesses creates issues regarding the privacy and protection of customers’ private information. Relevant information such as name, home addresses, telephone numbers, bank account details, email addresses and other data related to their personal affairs are considered as privately owned by them.

Therefore, any activities related to the use of these information should be subjected to the approval of the owner and upon the agreement with certain conditions such as the limitation of use (Kehal and Singh 2006). For the business’ case, the company should first post a disclosure to let their customers know that their private information will be used for business purposes. It is necessary because it is a way of valuing the customers’ privacy (Kehal and Singh 2006). This could be a letter of notification or any means that can let the customers know about the company’s plan.

In accordance, the company should also discuss the conditions and benefits that will be enclosed in the use of their information. Mutual benefits should be gained from the plan so that both parties will be satisfied (Kehal and Singh 2006). As a business entity, integrity should be exercised through the honest compliance to the conditions established. The company should make sure that the information will not be used for any illegal activities because it will greatly affect not only the customers but also the company’s reputation and credibility in the long run.

Other businesses might take advantage of these data and they might use it to expand their own businesses. Customers might prefer other companies and the effect of it might be a decrease in profit of the company who sold the information. In the worst case, not complying with the conditions can lead to legal actions against the company and closure of the entire business if the illegal use of the information is proven by the court (Kehal and Singh 2006).


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