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Ethics at KFC

The word ethics is derived from the Latin language where it denotes a moral philosophy. In the English language, ethics is the study of values and customs governing a given social group.

Ethics requires a differentiation between wrong and right, acknowledgment of responsibility and knowing what is good or evil. Ethical norms assist human beings in the process of judging rightful acts. Consequently, the concept can be applied in the practices and policies used by large organisations. (Walton, 1992)

The company chosen for analysis is Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast food restaurants. The company’s headquarters are found at Kentucky in the US. Additionally, it is one of the most well known restaurant chains in the world especially with reference to chicken. It boasts of over eleven thousand restaurants located in over eighty countries of the world. Examples here include UK, China, Thailand, Kuwait, Spain and Barbados, Puerto Rico, Pakistan and many more. The company’s major product is chicken.

These are served in various forms such a Chunky chicken hot pie, chicken fillets, chicken sandwiches among others. On top of these, the company also serves a variety of burgers and other non-chicken related foods. In total, there are three hundred products that the company offers the public. KFC is part of a global restaurant system known as Yum! This is the reason why the company normally teams up with other restaurants under the Yum! Brand like Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.