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Event Management Essay

Olympic Games and other international sport events become the world’s largest events. It involves hundreds of large and small organizations, thousands of athletes and officials, ten of thousands of employees and volunteers, hundreds of millions of spectators, millions of viewers, and billions of dollars revenue. Since the day it was invented, the project has always been under the spotlight because of its colossal nature. However, managing such international events demand lots of attention since the events may be succeed or failed if the event organizer cannot manage it suitably.

Despite the numerous studies conducted toward the event management field, there is still no valid consensus about the variables that influences the workings of an event. There is sill no valid consensus among researchers about what make some events succeeded and others failed. In general, there are four main categories that characterize the success of an event as following: ? technical category ? social category, ? environment category and ? Availability of resources category

Concerning the event management, this paper will highlight the use of EMBOK in event management. The discussion includes the definition, EMBOK executive (creators) and ideas how EMBOK can be utilized in real-life event management. 2. EMBOK – Event Management

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By definition, EMBOK represents a three dimensional description of the knowledge and skills needed to prepare, manage, and conduct an occasions including convention, exhibitions, civic events, conferences, festivals, special events, sports events like the next Beijing 2008 Olympics and the like (EMBOK, 2008).

The framework of EMBOK can be represented by following figure (Figure 1) where there are three dimensions of EMBOK: Domains, Phases and Processes. Figure 1 EMBOK Framework Source: EMBOK, 2008 In addition, the objective of EMBOK is to create and develop a framework of the knowledge and processes, which will be utilized in an event by making some adjustment based on the needs of governments’ interests, cultural diversity, education programs and organizations requirements.

The creators of an event include all professions and people that involve in the event such as the professions in architecture, law, engineering and accountancy and many others those have particular knowledge, code of conducts, and competency systems. 3. Utilization of EMBOK There are many example of the utilization of EMBOK in an event. Considering EMBOK creator include anyone in engineering fields, therefore, for instance, engineers become key actors in an events. The Beijing 2008 Olympics, for example, demands particular plans to ensure the success of the events.

In order to promote the event, the event organizer or Olympics committee can employ Internet. For the largest sport events that target worldwide audiences, internet is very helpful since customers can reduce costs due to the corporations’ website is virtually global, it is accessible by a worldwide audience. While the famous business model of online companies cast by Google and Amazon. com, virtually any online companies can follow similar success of the two companies if they employ similar strategy and apply them to strengthen their brand equity, maintain competitive advantages to generate larger sales and revenue.

Another example in managing an event is cast by Nike, an international leader on sporting goods brand. In order to take benefits of the next summer Olympics in Beijing, the company had launched a wide range of special programs to take part in the great sporting event. Within these new programs, the company engages in business partnership with sports institutions from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong. The company worked with national government and other sporting organizations (profit or non-profit), to place an Olympic Committee in every large cities of China.

The multinational company already have their program of sport promotion and promotion running on 45 major cities across China by the end of 2005 (‘Sporting Goods to Go’, 2005).


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