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For every business, it is important to know what each customer’s needs and wants are. By doing this, the company would have the chance to grow and learn new things and ideas to improve and make it better. However, the opinions of the people working for the company also matters because they are the ones who truly know the company and they deal with the guests and customers on a constant basis. Hotel Bel-Air managing director Mr. Carlos Lopes believes that this is the reason why his company is successful. The company came up with Employee Council, which is a program that makes Mr.

Lopes and the human resource director hold meetings with the whole hotel staff to hear what these people have to say. The staff would voice out their opinions and suggestions, which they think would improve the hotel. The program is considered successful because the ideas and suggestions that have been implemented have made the hotel better. It has also made customers and guests of the hotel come back to avail of their services. The suggestions of these employees have made the company save a lot of money that would have been spent on things that are unnecessary.

At the same time, their opinions have produced a great amount of income for the business. Because of the success of the program and the business, the management decided that it is only proper that an incentive be given to those whose ideas caused a tremendous help for the company. Every company should remember that it would not exist if not for its staff and employees. This is the reason why it is important to hear what they have to say. They are the people who know the customers best.

Making them speak and express what they feel is important because then they would feel that they have a say in the company and that they are valuable as well. Money is not the only thing that is important, although it plays a great role in every business. It can be earned easily but good employees are very hard to find. Employees who can bring in customers and money are even harder to find. This is the reason why workers should be the first concern of every business. A company’s first concern should be its internal customers, which is its own personnel and employees (text #1, p.

97, line #25). Without the internal customers, the business would not be able to move. It is important that the company see to it that its staff work harmoniously. Employees should be able to have a great relationship in order to work effectively. The company should focus on how to improve the relationship of its staff, as well as how to improve each person individually. With this, the company would be able to demonstrate that it values its workers and not only the money it makes. The best service can only come from full cooperation of workers.

If the staff do not see the significance of completing their work on time and of respecting others, it would become very difficult for the firm or business to provide the best customer service to the company’s customers (text #2, page 6, line #13). A firm should make its objective known to its employees. In turn, these employees should perform their job with the company’s mission in mind. A business can never go wrong when it takes care and show compassion to its employees. Making an employee feel that his or her service is important to a firm or business. It produces trust and loyalty.

As well, it would make a person perform better and aim higher. This attitude and performance would result to better customer service and quality of the the business itself. They should be constantly asked regarding the things that would make them and the whole organization better. A business should be able to accept that it needs to evolve and keep up with the changing of times. There are a lot of ways to do this but the best is just to have a sit-down meeting with the whole team and ask. It does not matter how simple or grand an idea is but the feeling of being heard and giving importance are the things that matter.

Incentives and bonuses are only part of showing appreciation to a worker. The mere fact that their suggestions and opinions are attended to and implemented shows definite appreciation of their hard work. By developing positive relationships with the employees, an organization can show that they value the importance of these workers in the overall organization (text #2, p. 7, line # 1). Every company tries to be the best in its own field. It should always be remembered that employees are just as important as customers; therefore, the management should do their best to meet the demands of their workers.

When this is not given, the company might lose its workforce and shut down, which would mean loss of money and investments. By satisfying the internal customers, an excellent foundation on which to begin meeting the external customers’ needs is created (text #2, p. 7, line # 22). Although this seems exaggerated, it is possible and organizations should not underestimate the capabilities of its employees. These people are the ones who deal with the customers on a daily basis and work for the company 24 hours a day, and what they think of should not be disregarded because they might produce the best solutions for the company to be successful.

Truly, the best resource of every firm is its workers. They form the backbone and foundation of each company. As stated earlier, without it, a business would not be able to survive. At times, customers come back for a company’s service because of the great experience they had with the company’s employees, which would result to bigger income. Other times, customers would spread the word to others how great the service of a certain business is. This would also mean making more money for the firm.

It is better to spend on tenured and experienced employees than constantly hiring new people. Training new workers is expensive and is a waste of time. An organization should focus on how to keep its employees happy and satisfied because it would mean that these people would be willing to stay and do their jobs no matter how hard it is. No one wants to work in an environment where there is no peace and harmony. As well, a worker would never work for an employer who does not respect its employees.

An organization should look into what is good for the business, even if it means spending a little for its employees because this little amount would be nothing compared to what would be earned when the customers find the service satisfying. A business does not have to go to great length to find ways to build a good relationship with the workers. A simple meeting held after a certain period is enough to talk about things. The employer should also make it a point to praise the employees for a job well done. When these things are implemented and followed, a company would be able to succeed in providing the best service

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