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Exam 2 FSAD

What are logical models?
~Removes biases that are not the result of the way current system is implemented
~Reduce the risk of missing business requirements.
~Communicates with end users in nontechnical or less technical language.
A set of rules that governs some process in business is known as:
A policy
A set of related and ongoing activities in a business is known as:
A function
A language and syntax, based on the relative strengths of structed programming and natural English used to specify the underlying logic of a process is known as:
Structured English
A process that has inputs but no outputs is known as:
A black hole.
In data flow diagrams:
Data flows are represented by arrows.
A tool that depicts the flow of data through a system and the work or processing performed by the system is known as:
Use case diagram
Gray holes are caused by:
Incomplete facts.
Another name for data flow diagram is
a Process Model.
A process that inputs insufficient to produce the required outputs is known s:
A gray hole.
Which people were involved in the developing of object oriented analysis?
Grady Booch, E.F.Codd, Ivar Jacobson, James Rumbaugh.
Diagrams that depict the system’s object structure and show object classes that the system is composed of, as well as the relationships between those object classes are known as:
class diagrams
In a class diagram a multiplicity of zero or more would be designated by:
In object oriented analysis we evolve the requirements use case model into the analysis use case model by performing the following steps:
~identify, define and document-new actors and new use cases
~identify any reuse possibilities
~refine the use case model diagram.
The data associated with an object are called:
In an activity diagram you would combine flows that were previously seperated by decision using a(n):
Which of the following can be shown in the system sequence diagram:
~A receiver actor
~object classes
~system outputs
=/= no optional steps
What defines how many instances of one object class can be associated with one instance of another object class?
If an object class outlives the execution of the program it is said to be:
Which of the following is NOT a technique for assessing economic feasibility?
=/= All are true
~time value of money
~payback analysis
~return on investment
~net present value
An entity is in third normal form if:
values of nonprimary key attributes are not dependent on any other non primary key attributes.
Which tool provides a ranking system of candidate systems?
feasability analysis matrix
What is an advantage of prototyping?
~Prototypes are active, not passive, model that end-users can see, touch, feel, and experience
~Prototyping can increase creativity because it allows for quicker user feedback, which can lead to better solutions
~Prototyping accelerates several phases of the life cycle
~Iteration and change are a natural consequence of systems development. Prototyping better fits this matural situation because it assumes that a prototype evolves
Which emphasizes the drawing of pictorial system models to document the technical or implementation aspects of a new system?
model-driven designs
What is the purpose of the procurement and decision analysis phase?
~Identify and research specific products that could support our recommended solution for the target IS
~Solicit, evaluate, and rank vendor proposals.
~Reverse engineer and draw system models for each of the vendor’s proposals.
~Contract with the awarded vendor to obtain product
What is NOT a type of Class Relationship in an Object Oriented System model?
A motorist stops at the self-service gas station to fill up her car, paying by credit card at the pump. In this use case, who is the primary business actor?
the motorist
What is NOT a factor used in the use case ranking and priority matrix?
potential to decrease costs
What is the criteria for making a good data model?
~A good data model is simple
~A good data model is essentially nonredundant
~A good data model should be flexible and adaptable to future needs
~Each data attribute should describe at most one entity.
A constraint on the state of the system before the use case can be executed is called a(n):
List 3 properties of Object Oriented Systems:
Define/Explain Cohesion:
The degree to which the attributes and behaviors of a single class are related to each other.

A module that accomplishes one activity only.

Define/Explain Coupling:
The degree to which one class is connected to or relies on other classes.

Modules that is minimally dependent on one another.

Define Encapsulation:
the packaging of several items together into one unit.
Define Inheritance:
Concept of methods and/or attributes defined in an object class can be inherited or reused by another object class.
Define Polymorphism:
The concept that different objects can respond to the same message in different ways.

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