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Exam 4 Chapters 13-16

In designing compensation systems, the philosophy of “thinking globally and acting locally” means that:
pay plans should be designed to support the overall strategic intent of the organization and also provide enough flexibility to customize certain policies to meet the needs of employees in specific locations.
The source of overseas employees that provides the advantages of less cost and greater facility in the language is:
host-country nationals.
When an American MNC hires an employee from Italy to work in its office in Bombay, this employee is referred to as a/an:
third-country national.
The first step in selecting individuals for an international assignment is:
Because employees are more involved in their work within a high-performance work system, they are likely to:
find their growth needs more fully met.
Passage of the _____ Act spurred the huge growth in unionization during the 1930s and 1940s.
One of the primary benefits of cross-training employees is that:
cross-training helps employees identify trouble spots that cut across several jobs.
The employee complaint process that is most similar to a grievance procedure under a union contract is the:
step-review system.
Which of the following would most likely help managers develop a strong relationship with a union in implementing high-performance work systems?
involving them early in the design process
To keep organizational rules effective, employers should do all of the following except:
make certain that all rules are communicated orally to all employees.
To invest in employee knowledge development, all of the following HR practices would be appropriate except:
evaluating employees based on task performance.
To enhance the degree of rareness in employee skill and abilities, organizations should develop competencies in their employees that:
are not equally available in the labor market.
Egalitarian work environments reduce or eliminate _____, while increasing or improving _____.
status and power differences, collaboration and teamwork
One of the best ways to help employees see the need for change is to:
show a gap between the present and future.
Which of the following would not support a high-performance work systems in a small-sized organization?
relying upon outsourcing arrangements to attract high-quality employees
Termination meetings should be held:
in a neutral location, such as a conference room
If you were developing a performance appraisal system for individuals on international assignments, it would be best to base individuals’ appraisals on information from:
both home- and host-country evaluations.
One of the biggest motivators for international expansion is:
labor costs
A very high level of worker participation in management is found in Germany, where national law requires that labor be part of the boards of directors of companies. This participative arrangement is called:
In collectivist societies such as Japan and Taiwan, pay plans focus on:
internal equity and personal needs
Bargaining on all matters concerning rates of pay, wages, hours of employment, and other conditions of employment falls under:
mandatory subjects
Pickets may prevent trucks and railcars from entering a struck business because:
unions often refuse to cross another union’s picket line
Louis, a union organizer, needs what minimum percentage of signed authorization cards before the National Labor Relations Board will hold a representation election?
30 percent of all eligible employees
Efforts to design high-performance work systems in line with external fit issues such as competitive challenges and company values:
focus the design on strategic priorities
Which of the following is not an exception to the employment-at-will doctrine?
established protection
In a dispute, it is the arbitrator’s responsibility to:
ensure each side receives a fair hearing
Prior to their merger in 1955, the AFL represented primarily _____ unions, whereas the CIO generally represented _____ unions.
craft; industrial
To achieve internal fit, organizations should use the following HR practices together except:
morale testing.
Unions have a legal obligation to provide assistance to members who are pursuing grievances under:
the fair representation doctrine
The creation of a relationship for the future based on trust, understanding, and mutual respect is the basis of:
interest-based bargaining
Which of the following questions would be the least likely to be asked during a process audit?
“Are employees making more money than in the past?”
Which of the following is a core skill for expatriate manager?
Which of the following is not an organizational benefit from using arbitration to resolve an employer-employee discrimination complaint?
tendency for organizations to win a higher percentage of cases than employees do
Strikes are largely prohibited in the public sector because:
the services provided by these employees are considered essential to the well being of the public
Apprenticeship training in Europe directs a large number of youths into:
vocational training.
Building commitment to high-performance work systems is:
an ongoing activity.
An employer-paid decision-making leave:
gives an employee time to consider whether he or she wishes to remain with the organization.
Carmen, a new supervisor, wants to correctly document the poor performance of an employee. Which of the following would she not have to do?
perform a current performance appraisal of the employee
Employers have the right to monitor messages and materials created, received, or sent for business reasons:
and they may also monitor employees’ e-mail, the internet, and voice mail
An employer has 150 employees. A certification election was held and 125 employees actually votes. To be granted exclusive representation over all bargaining unit members, the union must receive at least _____ votes.
Employers are prohibited from retaliating against employees under all of the following except:
the Workers’ Adjustment Retraining and Notification Act
An Open-Door policy:
identifies various levels of management above an employee’s immediate supervisor that an aggrieved employee may contact
In using the balance-sheet approach to compensating expatriate managers, the term “differentials” refers to the concept of:
offsetting the higher costs of overseas goods, services, and housing.
Which of these labor organizations is most likely to investigate and process member grievances, negotiate the local labor agreement, and monitor the employer’s compliance with the labor agreement?
UAW local #135
The bargaining power of a union may be exercised by:
striking, picketing, or boycotting
Management rights within a labor agreement include:
the conditions of employment over which management is able to exercise exclusive control
Federal and state courts generally view the privacy rights of employees as:
The cornerstone and major benefit of mediation is:
that the parties involved maintain control over the settlement outcome.
Which of the following questions would be the most important to ask if you were concerned about maximizing your career benefits with a foreign assignment?
How many executives within my organization have a foreign-service assignment in their background?
Explicit contracts typically include restrictions over activities of ex-employees regarding future employment such as:
non-compete, intellectual property, and nonpiracy.

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