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In the interpersonal communication process, the messages exchanged are
simultaneous and mutual.
What term is used for events that cause strong, often negative, emotional responses?
People who speak out constructively about differences of opinion are most likely to have
high relationship management skills.
Which of the following is characteristic of learner mind-sets?
viewing differences of opinion as normal
Matt and LaRita grew up in communities that view authority in very different ways, so they have difficulty understanding each other at times. The problem is being caused primarily because of
a filter of lifetime experiences.
Which of the following employees is most likely to be a hub?
Cho works at coordinating the efforts of the whole team.
Why does emotional hijacking occur?
People are hard-wired to feel emotions about a situation before they reason it out.
Which of the following is a solution-oriented question?
How can we reduce our expenses for office supplies to meet our budget goals?
Frank is having difficulty hearing the point his coworker is making because of loud hammering outside the window. What type of noise is Frank experiencing?
When you are trying to read another person’s nonverbal clues, which of the following should you focus on the most?
the eyes
Which of the following employees is most likely to have a blue motivational value system?
Darwin focuses on encouraging the growth of coworkers.
Which of the following is a strength of introverts?
asking thoughtful, important questions
In tense and emotionally charged situations, it is important to
hold judgment.
Which of the following is a sign of a person paying attention?
a nod to indicate acknowledgement
What is the process of interpreting messages from others into meaning?
On the day after her boyfriend broke up with her, Candace found out at work that someone else received the promotion she was hoping to get. Instead of asking her manager what she could do to improve her chances in the future, she raged about how unfair life is. What did Candace experience?
emotional hijacking
Which of the following employees is acting with incivility?
Scott usually greets female colleagues by saying, “Hello there, girls.”
What are probing questions?
Probing questions are intended to analyze a business problem from every angle in order to uncover its root causes.
Which of the following is most likely to be true about the people who exhibit high self-management?
They spend a higher percentage of work conversations on work-related topics.
Which of the following is a funnel question?
Now that we know we want to reduce the company budget, what subcategories should we consider?
Which of the following employees is most likely to be an extrovert?
Len meets everyone in the department by his third day on the job.
_____ involves favorable explanations for why others have behaved in a certain way.
Mitigating information
______ is a show of respect for the dignity and importance of others.
Asking oneself how certain emotions alter or distort one’s thinking helps improve
What is sight-reading?
intelligent observation of nonverbal communication
Which of the following is true of credibility?
It is an important basis for effective communication.
_____ refers to the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish business tasks, approach business problems, and get a job done.
Which of the following is true of competence?
A person’s reputation for competence is influenced by his or her communication skills.
One of the traits associated with competence is “a focus on action.” This specifically implies
seizing business opportunities when they present themselves.
An “emphasis on results” is a trait associated with
In the business world, caring can be demonstrated by
considering the needs of customers and employees.
A sense of caring is demonstrated by an employer who
prioritizes the development of his or her employees’ skills.
Jerry, the CEO of Turbo Inc., is a successful business leader with a reputation for caring. Which of the following statements would prove this?
He strives to understand the interests and aspirations of his employees.
A business leader can cultivate a sense of community by
having a communication style that is we-oriented, not me-oriented.
_____ refers to a reputation for adhering to high moral and ethical values.
Which of the following statements accurately describes the role played by character in the establishment of credibility?
Character is especially important in long-term, collaborative relationships.
The rules of conduct or moral principles that guide individual or group behavior are known as
What is the definition of business ethics?
commonly held principles in the business community for acceptable behavior
The dominant business ethic in corporate communications is _____, which is “a principle that allows those affected by administrative decisions, business transactions, or charitable work to know not only the basic facts and figures but also the mechanisms and processes. It is the duty of civil servants, managers, and trustees to act visibly, predictably and understandably.”
Which action demonstrates that Joaquin acts with transparency?
He shares all relevant information with stakeholders.
How can a business leader create an environment of transparency?
by acknowledging the concerns of employees
Which of the following factors reduces the incidence of unethical behavior?
a transparent atmosphere
Corporate values are
the stated and lived values of a company.
Personal values are
the values that individuals prioritize and adhere to.
When personal values and corporate values are aligned, employees have more
Which of the following is true of contemporary organizational culture?
Most organizations are moving toward flatter communication structures.
The FAIR (Facts, Access, Impacts, Respect) test is intended to evaluate
the credibility of your business communication.
In high-trust relationships
people are more willing to cooperate with each other.
In low-trust relationships, people tend to
regard the actions of other people negatively.
Laura wants to improve her employees’ engagement. To do so, she should try to increase their
emotional engagement with their work.
What is the storming stage of team development?
Team members discuss competing ideas about how the team should approach work.
Which action is most likely to occur during the norming stage of team development?
The entire team agrees on goals, individual tasks, and ways to be accountable.
Which of the following is true of high-performing teams?
They embrace differing viewpoints and conflict.
_____ is a process by which professionals accept critique of their ideas without taking it personally and becoming defensive.
_____ refers to a set of shared perceptions and commitment to collective values, norms, roles, responsibilities, and goals.
Team culture
The primary value of having diversity on teams is that it helps them
welcome new ideas.
Antonio has been appointed the facilitator of his team. His main job is to
ensure that each agenda item is properly discussed.
Which of the following should be included in an agenda?
expected outcomes
What is one technique that meeting leaders can use to encourage discussion but avoid arguments during the early part of meetings?
foster disassociation
Lupe is about to lead a problem-solving meeting. Which of the following should she ask her team to focus on first?
agreeing on a definition of the problem
Kwan is the leader of a team whose meetings are being disrupted by Liz, who dominates the discussions with long, irrelevant comments. What is the best way for Kwan to address the situation?
providing strong leadership in assigning team roles and keeping to the agenda
Which of the following should be associated with every action item that a team decides upon in a meeting?
a deadline
Which of the following is a reason in favor of using virtual teams?
Experts in different locations can pool their skills and knowledge.
Which technique helps virtual teams to remain energized while working toward their goals?
rotating team leaders
What is the “Take5” strategy for virtual teams?
the recommendation that teams start meetings with five minutes of social chat
Which of the following questions will best help virtual teams profit from diversity by capturing the perspectives of all team members?
“What do you think about this idea?”
What is the downside of privately texting a team member during a virtual meeting?
You might lose track of the larger team discussion.
When a team is assigned a group writing project, how much time should they spend together planning before delegating independent work?
at least 1-2 hours
Which of the following correctly describes how often teams should meet when working on group writing?
consistently during all stages of the project
During a meeting, Stacy’s team decides that because of their research findings, they should change the focus of their group paper. This means that Stacy’s original suggestions about the paper will be discarded. How should Stacy respond?
She should be flexible because it is a group project.
Which is the advantage of using Google Drive to store group documents?
It allows all group members to edit the document in real time.
Gisela is having a difficult conversation with Ramon, who is expressing a lot of anger. How can Gisela defuse the situation?
She can summarize what Ramon is saying about this thoughts and feelings.
A(n) ______ story involves combining your experiences, perspectives, and goals with those of others to form a common approach to work.
Which of the following statements about difficult conversations is true?
Managing difficult conversations with success requires self-awareness.
Difficult conversations are best handled by
embracing conflict as an opportunity to exchange perspectives.
_____ is a measure of your ability to work with and adapt to people from other backgrounds.
Cultural intelligence
Steve, the CEO of a chocolate manufacturing company called Sweet Splash, intends to expand his business to Asia. To facilitate this expansion, he decides to transfer one of his more experienced managers to the targeted country. He wishes to pick a manager who displays high cultural intelligence. Which of the following managers fulfills this requirement?
Jordan, who works well with people from different backgrounds
While evaluating the various courses available at the University of Radcliffe, Marcie skips over the language brochures. She believes that learning a new language is unnecessary; English is considered the global business language and she speaks it fluently. Which of the following statements, if true, makes her decision a bad one?
Learning another culture’s language helps you understand its people better.
Outgroup homogeneity effect is the assumption that
members of other groups are all the same.
Which of the following statements about stereotyping is true?
Popular culture plays an important role in the formation of negative stereotypes.
Khadija is an international student who has mixed feelings about life in Riverside. The people are helpful and friendly, but they sometimes make unflattering and incorrect assumptions about her culture. The behavior of the people of Riverside is an example of which of the following concepts?
Which of the following statements is true of cultural dimensions?
Cultural dimensions are factors that help you understand a culture’s underlying goals and motivations.
_____ deal with the levels of independence and interdependence that people in a society possess and encourage.
Individualism and collectivism
Collectivists tend to
view themselves as interdependent, forming an identity based on that of their family and friends.
Which is most likely to happen in an egalitarian culture?
The company will award stock to employees so they can share in the ownership.
Which of the following is a feature of hierarchical cultures?
Leaders expect employees to comply with their decisions because of their authority.
In societies with low performance orientation, people
hold relationships to be more important than results.
High future orientation cultures
focus more on intrinsic motivation.
The cultural dimension that deals with the level of confrontation and directness considered appropriate and productive is called _____.
In a highly assertive culture, you would be likely to observe people
using competitive language when evaluating ideas.
Which behavior would you most likely see in a low humane orientation culture?
When people form new acquaintances, they avoid physical gestures of welcome.
People from low uncertainty avoidance cultures
prefer informality in most interpersonal business interactions.
In high gender egalitarianism cultures
men and women are encouraged to occupy the same professional roles.
_____ is the belief that your own culture is superior to all others.
Why is it important to learn about the customs and etiquette of Brazil, Russia, India, and China in particular?
They are expected to become important business markets.
Which topic should you avoid discussing in both Brazil and India?
What subjects are appropriate topics of conversation in both China and Russia?
culture and history
_____ refers to a mind-set that values choice more than obligation.
_____ is the degree to which an organization or society encourages and rewards individuals for being fair, altruistic, friendly, generous, caring, and kind.
Humane orientation
Which of the following is characteristic of people from high uncertainty avoidance cultures?
They often stress orderliness and consistency, even if it means sacrificing experimentation and innovation.
Which of the following is most likely to lower a person’s credibility?
exaggeration of facts
Which of the following is typically included in the reviewing stage of writing an effective business message?
removing distractions from the message
In all business messages, communicators should ideally aim to
project concern for others.
Analyzing a business problem typically involves
uncovering relevant facts.
Which of the following is most likely to be true about excellent business writers?
They spend a significant amount of time reviewing their work.
Which of the following should ideally be one of the goals of a business communicator?
to express the message in a way that respects others
_____ are statements that can be relied on with a fair amount of certainty and can be observed objectively.
Daniel has to prepare a report outlining the reasons why his company is going to shut down two factories in the United States. How will Daniel structure the report if he wants to use the inductive method?
lay out the supporting reasons in careful order; state the primary message
While analyzing the advantages of orientation programs for new employees, Carter learns that these programs can make new employees more comfortable in their jobs and thus help them focus on their work. This in turn increases employee efficiency and reduces the likelihood that they will quit their jobs. Which of the following statements should Carter avoid making because it exaggerates the facts?
Orientation programs eliminate the likelihood of new employees quitting their jobs.
In the course of creating an effective business message, excellent business thinkers are most likely to
identify and articulate key questions and problems.
While examining the pros and cons of introducing a stress-busting yoga program for the employees of Hillock Inc., Juanita learns that the pros far outnumber the cons and decides to recommend implementation of the yoga program. Which of the following statements is most likely to increase the positivity of her proposition?
The yoga program would increase the efficiency of the employees.
To break out of the reputation of an inexperienced newcomer, you should
ask your boss for ideas about improving your professional reputation.
The deductive approach is also known as the _____ approach.
Which of the following is typically included in the planning stage of writing an effective business message?
generating the best ideas to address a business issue
The inductive approach to writing a business argument
provides the supporting reasons first before the primary message.
In order to make business messages more positive, writers should focus on actions they can accomplish and demonstrate a realistic optimism. However, they should be careful
not to exaggerate facts.
Terence works as a software developer and is very particular about maintaining the quality of his work. He has set a very high standard for himself as well as those working under him. Terence’s high ideals are referred to as
At the U.S. division of Bluebell Inc. the productivity of the employees is going down. Kinsey, the branch manager conducts thorough research and learns that most of the employees were involved in social loafing. If he wants to use the deductive approach, how should Kinsey structure his report to senior management?
state the primary message; lay out supporting reasons; conclude with a call to action
What is the most likely impact of slanting facts?
It reduces the credibility of a business message.
To build well-reasoned business positions, one should
avoid faulty cause/effect claims.
Which of the following is most likely to be included in the drafting stage of writing an effective business message?
making the message easy to read
Tulip has been asked to create an effective business message aimed at making the employees understand the benefits of working in a group. In the process of creating the business message, she studies the background of the employees and their needs and priorities. This action belongs to which step of the AIM planning process used for developing influential messages?
audience analysis
Which of the following suggestions should be followed to build a well-reasoned business position?
Use strong analogies.
Typically, in the context of developing effective business messages, the priorities of the targeted audience
tend to shift more often than values.
Which of the following techniques is most likely to make business messages more positive?
displaying a confident attitude
While conducting the FAIR test, which of the following questions will help you analyze the impact of your business message?
Have you thought about how the message will affect stakeholders?
Which of the following steps typically belongs to the reviewing process?
proofreading the document
To ensure the completeness of a business message, one should
be specific.
Typically, paragraphs in routine business messages have
40-80 words.
Writers of business messages should avoid sentences that begin with “it is” or “there are” because they
contain more words than necessary.
People are most likely to process the information in a message quickly when writers
use action verbs.
In the context of the reviewing process, the “A” in the FAIR test stands for _____.
Which of the following statements about business messages is true?
Providing required information is essential because not providing enough information can leave your reader wondering how to respond.
Which of the following is the effect of using active voice while writing business messages?
It emphasizes the business orientation of action.
Which guideline for navigational design is most likely to improve the ease of reading for business messages?
Use white space appropriately.
To help business writers make their messages easier to read, they should
use short sentences.
Which of the following statements about navigational designs will help improve the ease of reading?
Avoid formatting features that distract readers from the main message.
While conducting the FAIR test, which of the following questions will help you analyze whether your message demonstrates respect for the inherent worth of your audience?
Have you shown that you value others?
Documents with a lot of text and not much white space
make business texts look cluttered.
The use of uncommon words in a business message is most likely to
make it more difficult for readers to interpret the message.
For business documents, which of the following guidelines helps improve the ease of reading?
For complex messages, use headings.
How does the use of figures of speech (such as idioms and metaphors) in business writing affect readers?
It can confuse readers because they contain nonliteral meanings.
Which of the following is one of the advantages of using the FAIR test to review business documents?
It helps ensure that there are no logical errors in the message.
Which of the following is most likely to have a negative impact on your readers’ perceptions of your credibility
being vague
In the context of the reviewing process, the “F” in the FAIR test stands for _____.
The less specific you are while writing your business messages, the greater the possibility that your readers will
scan and skim your message.
Improving ease of reading with natural style requires that the writer
use short and familiar words.
The use of familiar words in business messages is most likely to
help the readers to process the information easily.
When writers use long paragraphs in business messages, it
shows disrespect for the reader’s time.
To keep their writing natural and engaging, business writers should avoid
out-of-place words.
Ella and Pasha work for the same company in two different locations. They need to quickly discuss and clarify issues related to a mutual project. Which of the following should they use?
phone conversations
What is the primary advantage of using word processing software to compose important email messages?
It is better at reviewing text for typos and grammatical problems than email systems.
Which statement correctly describes the current state of texting in the workplace?
Texting is a new, undeveloped form of communication in the workplace, and attitudes toward it vary significantly.
The ______ effect means that recipients are more likely to perceive messages that are intended as neutral as negative.
Rita, the head of the sales department, wants to train all of her sales people in how to sell the latest product. She wants them all to be able to see the product and its features, to hear the sales pitch the marketing department has developed, and to ask questions. Which of the following is the best communication channel for Rita to use?
a webinar
In an email, the most critical information should be placed
at the beginning of a message.
When dealing with email, many business professionals consider use of the ______ a breach of privacy.
“blind carbon copy” feature
Which of the following is an advantage of using phone conversations as a communication channel?
They are better for building relationships than more recent technologies such as email.
Which of the following, when used, is most likely to contribute to email chains?
the “forward” feature
The heavy volume of digital messages received on a daily basis makes it necessary for business professionals to perform the delicate task of balancing the
need to respond to others with their own need to focus on work.
Which of the following is most likely to be included as an attachment to an email?
a spreadsheet
Which of the following involves an act or thought process committed by the sender rather than the receiver of an email?
Which of the following involves releasing and overcoming anger and frustration so that you can make a more rational and less emotional response?
Which of the following is true of an e-interruption?
It distracts workers from immediate tasks and decreases productivity.
The first thing you should do on a business call is to
greet the other person warmly by name.
Which of the following channels of communication is low in planning, is used for team meetings, and is a richer form of interacting than conference calls but typically requires more expensive equipment and careful scheduling?
Which of the following is a synchronous communication channel that is most likely to be high in control?
a webinar
The team that is planning the annual company sales meeting has members in several offices. They need to have a conversation about the agenda for the sales meeting. Which of the following will they most likely use?
a conference call
Which of the following communication channels is low in richness but high in control?
Javier and Carol have never worked together before. When they exchange texts about setting up a time to discuss a mutual project, Javier texts, “I look forward to the meeting.” Carol replies, “Gr8. TTYL.” What would you suggest to make their communication go more smoothly?
Both Javier and Carol should adjust their style to be more like each other’s.
Flames are a form of
active incivility.
Reply email chains become especially confusing when
some recipients reply only to the sender and others reply to everyone.
Which of the following guidelines should be followed to minimize e-interruptions?
Avoid unnecessarily lengthening an email chain.
Which of the following guidelines is helpful when leading a group video call?
Send out instructions about how to use the technology in advance of the meeting.
Which statement about texting is correct?
Texting is either synchronous or asynchronous, depending on how is it used.
When stakeholders judge whether the communications and actions of an organization match their needs and interests, they are evaluating the organization’s
Which of the following would a company consider an unethical use of social media by its employees?
criticizing a supervisor by name after receiving a poor review
When a company has a public relations department, that department’s job is to influence
anyone who contributes to the company’s success or failure.
Which statement is a helpful guideline for forums?
Avoid complaining or blaming.
What are the two most common formats for public relations messages placed on a company blog?
the press release and the op-ed piece
The use of social media in companies
causes confusion over which communication channels to use.
Which of the following statements accurately describes wikis?
They decrease dependency on single employees.
Which of the following is a property of a social software system dashboard?
You can customize your dashboard to display selected features.
A reputation for being fun-loving will be sought-after in the ______ domains.
personal and private
Len has asked you to evaluate his professional blog. Which of the following aspects of his blog would you suggest that Len change because it might damage his online reputation?
About one-half of his posts detail one of Len’s accomplishments.
What is the traditional structure for a press-release style public relations message?
an inverted pyramid with the most important information first
Traditionally, a blog contains entries by:
just one or a few individuals.
Jamal’s company is committed to using its social networking platform. Which of the following is a guideline that Jamal should follow?
Focus on work projects and goals.
25. Which of the following would a company consider an ethical use of social media by its employees?
letting friends on Twitter know about a publicly posted job opening
Which of the following guidelines should people who maintain professional blogs follow in order to be responsive to their readers?
Read the comments to learn reader concerns.
Jessica wants to get ahead in her career, so she has a professional blog. Which of the following posts is most likely to damage her reputation?
a story about how much fun she and her coworkers had visiting bars after the annual sales meeting
Manuel has an active presence on Twitter. About half his tweets convey messages such as “Really excited about today’s training seminar” and “My company just launched an awesome product; check it out.” How is Manuel’s online presence likely to affect his career?
His employers will be pleased that he has so much enthusiasm for his job.
Fumiko, who works in accounting, wants her online presence to signal that she is a business professional. What would be the best profile picture to use?
a photograph of her smiling face
Cara has been participating in her company’s social networking platform for a while. Which behavior is her supervisor most likely to ask her to change?
She often inquires about her colleagues’ personal lives.
The ______ Age is an era in which people engage in networked communication, collaborate across boundaries, and solve problems communally.
User 1.0 is most likely to
depend on content creator and avoid expressing his or her own opinion.
Which of the following is an advantage of having a team blog?
It is a place to post team updates, progress reports, discussions, timelines, goals, and announcements.
Which of the following reputations is a result of sending the meta message, “You can always count on me”?
loyal and committed
Which statement correctly compares the rate that technology changes to the rate that workplaces change?
Technology can change in a matter of months, while workplaces sometimes take decades to change.
Web 2.0 communication tools are often referred to as
social media.
What are announcements?
updates, notices, and other correspondences that apply to a group of employees and/or customers
Which of the following is true of messages showing appreciation?
A sincere expression of thanks strengthens work relationships.
Which of the following are you most likely to include in a routine request?
the rationale for the request
Betsy learns that the wife of one of her main clients has just died. What should Betsy do?
Send a brief but genuine handwritten note of sympathy.
Which of the following actions is most likely to be part of the reviewing stage?
proofreading the message
Which of the following messages generally takes the least time to complete?
routine messages
In the case of a routine request, one of the primary goals of the message is to
retain the goodwill of the recipient.
In the case of routine messages, you should aim to create a helpful, professional tone during the ______ stage.
The part of a claim that makes a specific request of the recipient is known as a
call to action.
Which type of routine message should you ask a colleague to review before you send it?
when you are speaking on behalf of a team
Routine messages that include details about deadlines are most likely to be messages that
set expectations.
Which of the following is an important element of an apology?
offering commitments
Which of the following is an advantage of having a team blog?
Which of the following statements about announcements is true?
Event announcements should allow readers to gather all relevant information in 10 to 15 seconds.
Routine messages should be direct and
Which of the following is most likely to damage your credibility with the people who receive your emails?
leaving out some of the necessary information
Which of the following is true of apologies?
If you are dealing with customers or clients, an apology may imply legal responsibility.
Which of the following is an effective strategy for responding to inquiries?
Set off each question by using special formatting.
Which of the following statements is most true of a routine request?
Your tone should be direct but not bossy or domineering.
Apologies are most effective when they
are timely.
In the case of an email that is a routine message, where should you place the primary message to capture attention?
in the subject line
Which of the following is the most effective technique to use when making a claim?
Lay out a logical explanation of the claim.
Which of the following is most likely to be caused by a failure to set worker expectations in routine messages?
breakdowns in working relationships
Appreciation messages should begin with a(n)
expression of thanks.
Which of the following is an accurate statement about messages that provide directions?
Since describing step-by-step procedures is so specific, insufficient detail can frustrate readers.
Which of the following statements accurately describes the post-trust era (PTE)?
The PTE has changed some persuasive strategies but not others.
To be able to craft messages that persuade people to modify their ideas or actions, you need to spend a significant amount of time
analyzing the audience.
In the AIDA approach, after gaining attention, the next step is to
build interest and curiosity.
In an effective external persuasive message, the appreciation statement
anticipates the thoughts of skeptical readers.
In a persuasive message, what is the next task after you finish stating the need?
offering a solution
The term ______ refers to the reasons why your product, service, or idea really benefits your readers.
The principle of influence known as reciprocation refers to the idea that people
tend to feel obligated to return favors.
During the drafting stage, the process of designing the message focuses on
making the message easy to read.
Which of the following is true of the call to action in persuasive messages?
The call to action is the concluding step in persuasive messages.
External persuasive messages tend to
be based on emotional appeals.
The principle of influence known as social proof refers to the idea that people
determine what is right, correct, or desirable by seeing what others do.
Which of the following is the first task of most persuasive messages?
gaining attention
What is the main problem with using manipulation to persuade?
It is deceptive.
When statements in a business message contain full and unambiguous meaning, the business message is said to be
Which principle of influence operates on the idea that people think there is limited availability of something they want or need, so they must act quickly?
In the context of mass sales messages, what is the last step in the AIDA approach?
call to action
In the AIDA approach, “I” stands for
Internal persuasive messages are typically used to promote
Most persuasive messages are said to be implicit because they
require readers to read between lines to understand the entire meaning.
Harry is brand-conscious and has been very loyal to Revy Jeans. Leroi is a famous Hollywood star who is Harry’s idol. Leroi signs an endorsement deal with Ace, a company that sells jeans, and starts appearing in the company’s advertising. After seeing these ads, Harry shifts his loyalty from Revy Jeans to Ace. Which principle of influence has affected Harry?
Haresh writes a persuasive message that employs the I-voice most of the time. As a result, the audience is likely to infer that Haresh
is self-centered and concerned mainly about his own interests.
When writing to customers, which of the following voices will force you to consider their needs and wants?
Which of the following components is likely to be included in the structure of a mass sales message?
an attempt to generate interest
In a case study, psychologists found that horse racing fans become more confident that their horses would win after placing a bet. Which principle of influence does this example illustrate?
When a business message provides the rationale for a request before making the specific request, the message is said to be
To avoid counterproductive responses to negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anger, a person should
learn to recognize and name these emotions.
Which of the following is the richest communication channel for delivering bad-news messages?
a personal meeting
Mark, the production manager at Flying Horses Inc., has decided to lay off a few employees due to decreasing demand for the firm’s products. Which of the following will be the best way for Mark to convey his decision?
organizing a meeting with the employees and sending a follow-up memo
Which of the following communication channels should ideally be used for a bad-news message that is characterized by high severity and high controllability?
a personal meeting
Which of the following helps organizations maintain credibility when delivering bad news?
providing a clear rationale
You can help readers feel that your message impacts them on a personal level by combining specificity with
Which of the following is the best example of a company experiencing the mum effect?
In Sandman Corp., as messages move up the chain of bureaucracy, they get filtered at each level to soften bad news.
The sandwich approach to delivering bad news
softens the bad news but encourages bad performance.
Serena, a bank manager at the United Front Bank, heads the business loan department. She wants to communicate to all of the bank’s long-term customers that interest rates on business loans are increasing by a full percentage point. Which of the following guidelines should Serena follow while communicating this bad news?
She should use specific and simple language.
In delivering negative performance reviews, a focus on the ______ of an employee is least likely to provoke defensiveness or a counterproductive response.
Which of the following statements is true of reviewing bad-news messages before delivering them?
Strong emotions may affect the tone of the message, therefore bad-news messages need intense reviewing.
Which of the following is a likely consequence of a person waiting a long time to deliver bad news?
The bad-news recipients will speculate and gossip.
To keep an organization free of the mum effect, it is necessary to
foster a transparent and open work culture.
Which of the following is the best example of a buffer in a message to turn down a job applicant?
Thank you for your interest in the market research position at Bookworm Inc.
In the context of bad news, a teaser message is a message that
prepares recipients emotionally yet does not reveal specific information.
Lane has to deliver his first negative performance review. He should make sure to
focus on the unacceptable actions and their results.
Arnold was angry because he believed that his boss did not pay enough attention to his work. As a result, Arnold convinced himself that he was fine without feedback. This means that Arnold
is displaying a counterproductive response to a negative emotion.
In terms of maintaining credibility, the most important quality to convey when delivering bad news is
Which of the following is an example of a bad-news message characterized by low severity and high controllability?
one colleague rejecting another colleague’s idea
Which of the following is an example of an external partner?
a supplier
Which of the following would damage the effectiveness of a written message designed to convey bad news to colleagues or employees?
avoiding discussion of the immediate impact of the bad news on recipients
Negative performance reviews that lack measurable and realistic goals are most likely to
demoralize employees.
Which of the following is an example of reframing thoughts in order to respond to negative feedback constructively?
Getting an honest assessment of my work will help me succeed.
Which of the following questions will help you review bad-news message to evaluate the “access” aspect of the FAIR test?
Are my motives clear, or will others perceive that I have a hidden agenda?
Ideally, which of the following should a manager avoid when delivering negative performance reviews?
sugarcoating the bad news
Which source of data typically tends to score high on the parameter of adaptability?
primary research
“A survey should have response choices that are unambiguous.” This means that
only one answer choice should be appropriate.
Which type of question is designed to gain the response that the survey designer prefers and produces unreliable and unusable information as a result?
Julie is feeling overwhelmed by the number of surveys and spreadsheets of data she has compiled. When she tries to analyze them, she keeps thinking of more questions and issues. Julie can best focus her efforts by
remembering her key research problem.
Peter wants to create a chart that shows how market share is divided among the top companies in his industry. Which should he use?
a pie chart
Which of the following is a helpful guideline for formatting tables?
Arrange entries in ascending or descending order.
Octavio wants to compare the gross national product for six different countries for the year 2010. How should he display the data?
a bar chart
Which of the following statements about bar charts is true?
Bar charts are more versatile than pie charts and line charts.
Which of the following practices reduces the credibility of research?
entering into the process with preexisting assumptions
Shinobu has gathered a lot of data about how his company’s products sell in the various regions of the country. Which of the following should Shinobu use to analyze this data?
statistical software
Business and management books are typically biased toward
the latest, greatest idea mentality.
While delivering bad news in writing to customers, use
passive verbs.
Which of the following is a type of primary research?
conducting survey research
Which of the following is a helpful guideline for formatting line charts?
The scale should be about two-thirds of the range included in the charts.
One advantage of open-ended questions is that they
help researchers understand an issue in more depth than closed questions.
“A survey should have response choices that are exhaustive.” This means that
the choices should include all possible answers.
Which of the following is a good practice in the context of collecting, analyzing, and presenting research data?
focusing on full disclosure of data
Experienced writers use word processing software, spreadsheets, or databases for recording information about their research sources during the research stage to increase the ______ of their research.
Which of the following is a helpful guideline for formatting bar charts?
Bars should be arranged in ascending or descending order in most cases.
Which of the following statements about online surveys is true?
Data from online surveys can be automatically dumped into a spreadsheet.
Which of the following relates to how current and representative data is?
The first step in developing research-based business reports is
identifying what decision makers want to accomplish.
In general, survey questions should
be short enough to answer in a few seconds.
Which of the following research sources is most likely to be biased by the writers’ career objectives?
external blogs
Catherine, an economist, wants to graphically represent the prices of small cars in the United States over a period of three years. This will best be illustrated through a(n)
line chart.
Which of the following statements about paraphrasing is true?
Paraphrasing significantly alters the original words and sentence structure.
Your report is essentially plagiarized if
the majority of ideas in your report are based on just one or two sources.
If a business professional wants to increase credibility, what primary goal should he or she adopt when writing business reports?
improving decision making
What is the advantage of placing a clear statement of the business problem at the beginning of a report?
It helps establish the purpose and value of the report.
Meghan needs to analyze the demographic makeup of her company’s employees. Before conducting a survey to get the necessary employee information, she should first check to see if it is already contained in the company’s
Which of the following is a likely effect of providing a well-designed table of contents?
It creates the impression that you are organized.
Which of the following is an advantage of documenting your research sources?
It displays your thorough, detail-oriented approach.
Which of the following components of a formal report falls into the category of “back matter”?
a reference list
How long should an executive summary be for a 35-page report?
two pages
You should use direct quotations when
the quotation emphasizes the credibility of the original speaker or writer.
The best way to avoid plagiarism on a documentwide level is by
supplying your own original ideas, conclusions, and recommendations.
To avoid plagiarism on a sentence and paragraph level, writers should
document all references to the ideas of others.
Which of the following is an advantage of including bulleting and enumerated lists in a report?
They help readers rapidly process and group dense information.
Which of the following statements about cover pages is true?
A cover page is generally the most emphasized aspect of the document design.
Which of the following components in a formal report falls into the category of “front matter”?
The primary purpose of including tables and charts in a business report is to
support the story line that you have established for your report.
Most business proposals deal with
decisions about allocating resources.
Which of the following should be provided throughout a document to indicate the information you have drawn from other sources?
To use another person’s ideas and pass them off as one’s own is known as
Which of the following aspects of writing business reports relates to the component of credibility known as competence?
providing facts that help decision makers
Petra is an efficiency consultant. QuikPro Manufacturing has contacted her about improving its assembly line. Petra submits a document that analyzes the causes of the problem, outlines a way to address the issue, estimates the costs of the changes, and provides a timeline for the work. What has Petra submitted to QuikPro?
a business proposal
Which statement is a helpful guideline to use in creating business reports?
Business reports should project objectivity first and positivity second.
Jamie has finished writing her business report. Before she submits it officially, she should
try to get others’ perspectives on it first.
The purpose of an executive summary is to
represent briefly the most important elements of your report, including key findings and conclusions.
Which of the following is most likely to be included in an appendix?
financial statements and marketing materials
What is an advantage of using charts and diagrams in presentations?
They help simplify complex data relationships.
Which of the following is true of kinesthetic learners?
They need group activities or hands-on activities.
As with written reports, successful presentations rely on
well-developed takeaway messages.
If you choose to include the background of your company in your presentation, you must make sure that the story of your company
connects to the needs of your audience.
Which of the following is true of visual learners?
They learn well from illustrations and simple diagrams.
The positioning statement in a presentation should be
as concise as possible.
Ladonna is giving a presentation on how summer hours programs—which allow employees to work an extra half-hour a day so they can take every third Friday off—affect morale. She begins her presentation with a funny story about how she lost her room key on her last vacation. Everyone in the audience laughs. How appropriate was this as an attention-getter?
It was inappropriate because it did not engage the audience in thinking about her ideas.
In the AIM content planning process, how do you develop your ideas?
by identifying key facts and conclusions related to your topic
About how long should the review be compared to the whole presentation?
about 5 percent
If you want your presentation to appeal to professionals with a hub motivational value system, you should
stress the benefits to different stakeholders.
When reviewing her presentation, Dahia realizes that she needs to add source lines to her charts and graphs. What aspect of the FAIR test does this decision relate to?
Most audience members expect your presentation to include
a preview, view, and review.
Which of the following makes presentation slides appear uncluttered?
plenty of white space
Which component of a presentation is analogous to the conclusion in a written document?
the review
Which of the following is the last step of the PREP method for justifying your views in a presentation?
restating your position
Which of the following guidelines should be kept in mind while designing presentation slides?
Recall that the slides exist to complement your presentation.
Which of the following helps to make presentation slides more readable?
using high-contrast backgrounds and colors
The story line approach is useful for various types of presentations because it
allows the listeners to engage on a deeper level intellectually.
Which of the following is the function of a review in a presentation?
gaining buy-in on specific actions
Shawn likes to open his presentations with jokes in order to grab the attention of his audience. Which of the following should Shawn keep in mind while doing so?
He should tie his jokes to his key messages.
If you want your presentation to appeal to professionals with a red motivational value system, you should
discuss immediate goals.
Which of the following helps the audience grasp the content of your presentation within 10 to 15 seconds?
limiting the amount of information on any given slide
Which of the following guidelines should be kept in mind while designing an electronic slide presentation?
Create a storyboard with your slide titles.
In the story line approach to business presentations, what is a resolution?
a solution to the challenges or tensions
When you are giving a presentation, the audience will judge you as competent if you
clearly know what you are talking about.
Which of the following raises the credibility of a report?
supplying the facts with precision

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